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University of South Wales

4.1 out of 5 (28 ratings / 19 reviews) Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
The University competes equally for students and reputation with the UK’s major regional universities. We help our region compete head to head for investment and growth with major city regions such as Bristol, Manchester, London and Tyneside.

Master's Programmes

Medicine & Health (51)
Business & Management (28)
Social Sciences (26)
Computer Science & IT (13)
Arts, Design & Architecture (12)
Engineering & Technology (12)
Education & Training (10)
Hospitality, Leisure & Sports (7)
Applied Sciences & Professions (6)
Humanities (6)
Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (5)
Law (5)
Natural Sciences & Mathematics (4)
Journalism & Media (2)
Agriculture & Forestry (1)



  • The University of South Wales was formed in 2013 by the merger of the University of Glamorgan and the University of Wales, Newport.
  • Both the institutions that have come together to create the University of South Wales have a rich and varied history, and can each trace their roots back more than 100 years.


  • The Chancellor the Rt Revd and Rt Hon Lord (Rowan) Williams has said that the University is “both a substantial presence in Britain and in the global higher education community, and a major force for change in Wales.”
  • The University hosts a number of public lectures per year as part of its Global Choices series, which invites leading artists, diplomats, politicians and campaigners to address some of the most complex and pressing challenges facing the world today.


  • Research at the University of South Wales is focused on providing solutions to problems that affect society and the economy.
  • Researchers are increasingly working across disciplines, either within their own Research Centres and Groups or interdisciplinary. The big problems society faces require researchers who are knowledgeable and experts at extracting impact from their research.


  • As a USW student or graduate, the University can help you find your career direction, you can get your CV checked, book a mock interview, explore your freelancing options, secure a placement, build your experience, develop your network, be employable and get inspired.
  • USW Careers is here to encourage you, to guide you and to assist you throughout your time as a student at USW and after you graduate. 

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University Ranking

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801 -200
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Student services

  • The Immigration & International Student Advice team’s main area of expertise is in the immigration law and rules and offer specialised advice and information for international students and their dependants. 
  • The University offers a dedicated advice service for non-academic, welfare-related matters and endeavour to provide opportunities that improve the international student experience and promote internationalisation both on and off campus. 

Housing services

  • Live and study in a friendly, community atmosphere that our students love. Not only is it convenient, but it's competitively priced too.
  • There are nearly 1,200 rooms of different sizes, and 20 self-contained studio flats. All our accommodation is self-catering, so each kitchen is well-equipped with microwaves, ovens, toasters and fridges.

ICT services

IT and media resources are a common thread behind many of the activities which help to enhance your learning experience, such as your online student account (giving you access to email, printing and payments and more), Blackboard (your online learning environment), open access to computers on each campus, printing services, and media equipment.

Medical services

The University Health Service offers free health advice and support to all USW Students. We form part of your overall healthcare provision, alongside your GP, pharmacist, dentist, the National Health Service and other parts of the University.

Student Life

Campus life

  • Pontypridd (Treforest)
  • Pontypridd (Glyntaff)
  • Cardiff Campus
  • Newport City Campus
  • Usw Sport Park
  • Dubai Campus

Sports facilities

  • The University of South Wales has a strong sporting background, an excellent reputation for sport degrees, and impressive facilities for our students to study and train in. We have some of the best facilities in the UK, offering clubs, courses and qualifications.
  • The USW Sport Park is our purpose-built site, designed to train and develop our students to their highest potential. Our largest campus hosts the Treforest Sport Centre, with facilities and programmes that cater for top-class elite performers and students who want to want to keep fit and healthy. 

Student Reviews

Incredible experience
Anonymous rated 4 out of 5 stars

Going on Erasmus exchange gave me the opportunity to be independent and experience a different way of living than my own. Everyone was friendly and welcoming both inside and outside of university and I had the precious chance to practice my English. The modules I took in university were easy to follow and similar to the ones I did at home, but gave me a new, valuable...

University of South Wales MBA review
Anonymous rated 1 out of 5 stars

Some of the lecturers can't speak proper English, or they do not have a proper business education. (I had a civil engineer teaching us how to do a business research and a lecturer from Asia with a horrible accent). Yet, our course leader is amazing but it doesn't really make a big difference for the other things. The quality of teaching is poor in general, yet the Uni...

Minor kinks but great program
Anonymous rated 3 out of 5 stars

I love my program. It is truly unique and no other school offers anything like it. It is however the only program offered via distance education and therefore there are communication gaps that need to be worked out - particularly regarding fees.

Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom