International School of Management (ISM)

The International School of Management (ISM) ranked as a top university in the categories ‘overall study situation’, ‘contact with real situations during bachelor’s courses’, ‘academic program’, ‘support and assistance for new students’ and ‘support and assistance for studying abroad’.

Top reasons to study here

  • The International School of Management (ISM) cultivates outstanding young professionals.
  • The International School of Management (ISM) enhance applied research and promote young researchers.
  • The International School of Management (ISM) foster the regional integration and transregional reputation of ISM.



The International School of Management (ISM) Dortmund was the only private German business school featured in the rankings top group in Germany. In comparison with universities of applied science throughout Germany, ISM is rated the second best.


The ISM offers its students a comprehensive international education. Thus, international bachelor’s students must combine their business studies with a second foreign language either German, French or Spanish. Students complete one or two semesters of study abroad in a European or overseas country.


Besides its teaching activities, ISM conducts research and development projects in various academic areas.

Furthermore, high-quality, practically-relevant and comprehensive teaching are based on theoretical ideas complemented with knowledge gained from application-oriented research. 

Participation in research projects additionally teaches and encourages students to use their theoretical knowledge in a practical way. After graduating, they are faster at organizing tasks independently and efficiently than graduates from other universities. ISM academics, ISM students and ISM partners all profit from the scientific discourse.


The Career Center is your central service center for your application, career entry and perspectives, as well as the set-up of your own network. It’s the interface between students, alumni and companies.

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GSSA 2019

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Student services

The International Office helps ISM students to arrange their stay abroad and looks after them while they are away. The office team assists students in finding the most appropriate partner university and they are always there to help students who are currently studying abroad.

Library services

Students looking for a quiet working environment can use the library's reading room and study areas. The Dortmund Campus also offers a magazine reading room and a group study area. Each library is stocked with a wide range of business literature as well as the latest study and research findings.

The library also subscribes to a number of daily and weekly newspapers. A comprehensive range of online media rounds off the library resources. 

Student Life

Campus life

  • Dortmund Campus
  • Frankfurt Campus
  • Munich Campus
  • Hamburg Campus
  • Berlin Campus
  • Stuttgart Campus
  • Cologne Campus

Sports facilities

ISM students also enjoy participating in sports. The ISM Sports Club, for example, organizes tournaments in soccer, tennis or other activities, not only within the ISM, but also in competition with other universities. 

Student clubs

ISM students have founded a number of student clubs, ranging from consulting (AK ConsultISM) and tourism (AK TourISM) to politics (AK PolitISM) and finance (AK Banking). AK Support, for example, is involved with social projects. Its members support charitable organizations by distributing food to needy people. 

Participating in these clubs and activities is an excellent way to gather experience. Students meet new friends, practice teamwork skills, and make valuable contacts in the business world. More information on these clubs and their activities is available in the ISM-Net Community.


ISM International School of Management is a private university of applied sciences that has been awarded unlimited state recognition by the Ministry of Innovation, Higher Education and Research of North Rhine-Westphalia. Therefore, the study degrees awarded through ISM are equivalent to study degrees of public universities.

Student Reviews

Right choice
Anonymous rated 4 out of 5 stars

One of the leading private management universities in Germany, strong practice focus, well-experienced lecturers – almost all with own management background. International study options full time as well as next to the job – highly recommendable.

Anonymous rated 3 out of 5 stars

Tht they think very good what are they about to do and they not accept the Wihoga residence as an option. I will do it all over aain but livin gin a different place Was ok, it's quite expensive but not that much The city in spcil i will not recomended it. It's a very ugly city with nothing special to do.

Anonymous rated 5 out of 5 stars

Bachelor program German and English language for exchanges. Really good.

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