Loma Linda University

Loma Linda, California, United States
Loma Linda University uniquely integrates health, science, and Christian faith. Our students influence the lives of those they serve in powerful ways. Launch your career path with one of our 100+ health-related and science careers.



In 1906, The Loma Linda College of Evangelists was established. The 1910 Seventh-day Adventist Yearbook enters the school as 'Loma Linda College'.

From 1905 to 2005, the unwavering dedication of those who promoted healthful living and provided care for the sick has shaped and sustained one of the leading health-sciences educational institutions and hospitals in the nation.


The University respects its faculty, staff, and administration who through education, research, and service create a stimulating learning environment for our students. They contribute to the development of new understandings in their chosen fields. They demonstrate both Christian values and competence in their scholarship and professions.


The office of the Vice President for Research Affairs facilitates and promotes high quality research conducted at Loma Linda University, Loma Linda University Medical Center and all affiliated entities. We partner with the research community at Loma Linda University to develop a shared responsibility for the ethical conduct of research and compliance. Our mission is to make it easier for researchers to carry out their research.

Master's Programmes

Applied Sciences & Professions (3)
Education & Training (2)
Humanities (2)
Business & Management (1)
Law (1)

University Ranking

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Student services

The university's primary responsibility is the education of students, who come from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, enabling them to acquire the foundation of knowledge, skills, values, attitudes, and behaviors appropriate for their chosen academic or health-care ministry.

Housing services

Loma Linda University offers residential housing for students in Lindsay Hall and Daniells Residence Complex. The university is committed to providing affordable housing and programming that reflects the school motto, "To Make Man Whole." Both halls are on campus and within walking distance of most resources, such as the library, laboratory facilities, the bookstore, exercise facilities (Drayson Center), dental and medical facilities, and classrooms.

Medical services

Operating under the Loma Linda University Center for Health Promotion, Student Health Service is committed to providing quality health care to the students within our University community. The university's healthcare providers and staff are dedicated to promoting a lifestyle that encourages a balance of physical, spiritual, emotional, and social well being.

Student Life

Campus life

As a Christian instituion of higher education, the university seeks to support its community with their spiritual growth while living out the mission of Loma Linda University to continue the teaching and healing ministry of Jesus Christ. There will be challenges to find time for every activity and aspect of living a healthy, whole life, however we believe that a vibrant, healthy and growing spiritual life is essential.

Loma Linda, California, United States