NOVA Information Management School (NOVA IMS) is the School of Statistics and Information Management of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa. NOVA IMS’s strategy for the medium term is to develop and expand its current academic and scientific projects whilst at the same time maintaining its values and strategic guidelines. 

Top reasons to study here

  • Excellence in teaching, learning and research.
  • Contributing to the advance and promotion of the field of Information Management.
  • NOVA IMS intends to maintain a working environment which recognises, encourages and values quality, flexibility and dedication in the workplace.



It was founded in 1989 in response to a large number of graduates who specialized in Information Management and the growing need for the use of new information technologies.


Today NOVA IMS provides education at the highest level to more than 1000 students including undergraduates, post-graduates, masters and PhD degree students.


NOVA IMS intends to increase the number of high level researchers, both assistants and full time, in its research centre. This objective can be achieved by expanding the Doctoral Programme and by incentives that encourage excellence in investigation. These two initiatives will contribute to a greater visibility of the research in recognized international scientific publications. The research centre will seek to increase the financial return from investigation and development contracts.


Student services

The Students’ Support Office (SSO) is an independent structure that works with the NOVA IMS Management and the Degree’s Coordinators, in order to strength the relationship between the NOVA IMS and its Students.

Housing services

The Campolide Campus has one Hall of Residence – the Alfredo de Sousa Hall of Residence.

The Alfredo de Sousa Hall of Residence is situated on the Campolide Campus.

Library services

Specialized in the areas of Statistics and Information Management, NOVA IMS Library aims to provide students, teachers and researchers access to documentation and information necessary for the development of their scientific and academic activities.

Here you can access about 5,000 books, theses and dissertations in paper and electronic version.

ICT services

Helpdesk support is provided by IT Department to every NOVA IMS enrolled student, IT Department also offer a software set from ESRI, Clarck Labs, Microsoft, MicroStrategy, OutSystems, QlikView, SAP, SAS and SYBASE for teaching and research purposes.

Medical services

NOVA IMS students can use medical and social facilities at the Medical Center of SASUTL, in Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo, nº 25-1º, open to the public everyday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with the following specialisations: medical clinic, gynaecology and family planning, ophthalmology, psychology, psychiatry and nursing.

Student Life

Campus life

The Campolide Campus is a university campus where some of the faculties of the New University of Lisbon can be found. The NSBE, the Faculty of Law and the NOVA Information Management School (NOVA IMS). Besides the faculties, the Rectorate of the Universidade Nova de Lisboa is also situated here, together with Social Welfare Services (SAS – UNL) and the Alfredo de Sousa Hall of Residence. The Campolide Campus is a wide and pleasant area, promoting well–being between the students and the university.


  • NOVA IMS' programs are accredited by A3ES (Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education)
NOVA IMS holds the 1st European Degree in Information Systems accredited by ABET , a North American accreditation agency, a world leader in quality certification and innovation promotion in academic programs in applied science, computing, engineering and related fields with technology.