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Business Administration is a branch of Business & Management that will teach you how to lead a company or business venture, keep track of performance and make crucial decisions that will result in developing a better and profitable business.

Business Administration degrees are some of the most interdisciplinary academic programmes, seeing as they combine theoretical knowledge and practical solutions with notions of Finance, Economics, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Information Systems, Accounting, and more.

While studying a graduate degree in Business Administration you’ll get the opportunity to develop skills that will be very useful in selling products, managing the financial health of your company, interpreting performance data, keeping employees motivated, keeping efficiency high, and making impactful business choices that drive results.

A Business Administration programme offers a lot of benefits and development potential, but will also demand a lot from you. Most MBAs require significant work experience for admission, and you will most likely have to provide GMAT exam grades as part of the application process. Universities are looking for determined, motivated students who will become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.

As a graduate of a Bachelor’s or Master’s in Business Administration (B.B.A. or M.B.A.), your job offers will be varied and quite impressive, allowing you become a Business Owner, Risk Management Consultant, Financial Planner, Purchasing Agent, Research Analyst, Marketing Representative, Quality Assurance Specialist, or Office Manager.

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Check out our list of Master's degrees in Business Administration. Keep in mind you can also study an online Masters in Business Administration.

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Best Universities for on MastersPortal

Universities Location Shanghai Jiao Tong University Ranking (2017)
Philadelphia, United States 1
Evanston, United States 2
Rotterdam, Netherlands 3
Cambridge, United States 4
University Park, United States 5
Tilburg, Netherlands 5
New York City, United States 7
Minneapolis, United States 8
Austin, United States 9
Vancouver, Canada 10
Stanford, United States 11
Ann Arbor, United States 12
Durham, United States 13
Ithaca, United States 14
College Park, United States 15
Bloomington, United States 16
Toronto, Canada 17
Edmonton, Canada 18
Gainesville, United States 19
Los Angeles, United States 20
Melbourne, Australia 21
New York City, United States 22
Chicago, United States 23
Atlanta, United States 24
Cambridge, United States 25
College Station, United States 26
Columbia, United States 27
Pittsburgh, United States 28
Hong Kong, Hong Kong (SAR) 29
Tempe Junction, United States 30
Chapel Hill, United States 30
Groningen, Netherlands 32
Singapore, Singapore 33
Los Angeles, United States 34
Charlottesville, United States 35
Toronto, Canada 36
Seattle, United States 37
Melbourne, Australia 38
Madison, United States 39
Leuven, Belgium 40
London, United Kingdom 41
Athens, United States 42
Boulder, United States 43
East Lansing, United States 44
Berkeley, United States 45
Houston, United States 46
Urbana, United States 46
St. Gallen, Switzerland 48
Maastricht, Netherlands 49
Newton, United States 50
Birmingham, United Kingdom 101
Milano, Italy 101
Fort Collins, United States 101
Philadelphia, United States 101
University Park, United States 101
Shanghai, China 101
Fairfax, United States 101
Jouy-en-Josas, France 101
Seoul, South Korea 101
Lancaster, United Kingdom 101
Bethlehem, United States 101
London, United Kingdom 101
Baton Rouge, United States 101
Palmerston North, New Zealand 101
Montréal, Canada 101
Singapore, Singapore 101
Brisbane, Australia 101
Nijmegen, Netherlands 101
Beijing, China 101
Shanghai, China 101
Dallas, United States 101
Syracuse, United States 101
Tel Aviv Yaffo, Israel 101
Canberra, Australia 101
Tuscaloosa, United States 101
Auckland, New Zealand 101
Helotes, United States 101
Buffalo, United States 101
Bochum, Germany 101
Davis, United States 101
San Diego, United States 101
Cincinnati, United States 101
Storrs, United States 101
Chicago, United States 101
Lawrence, United States 101
Lexington, United States 101
Leeds, United Kingdom 101
Columbia, United States 101
Pamplona, Spain 101
Lincoln, United States 101
South Bend, United States 101
Nottingham, United Kingdom 101
Adelaide, Australia 101
Tampa, United States 101
Knoxville, United States 101
Salt Lake City, United States 101
Nashville, United States 101
Vienna, Austria 101
Saint Louis, United States 101
Waco, United States 151
Cardiff, United Kingdom 151
Shanghai, China 151
Clemson, United States 151
Eindhoven, Netherlands 151
Barcelona, Spain 151
Southport, Australia 151
Wuhan, China 151
IE University Segovia, Spain 151
Ames, United States 151
Baltimore, United States 151
Bordeaux, France 151
Daejeon, South Korea 151
Taipei, Taiwan 151
Raleigh, United States 151
Corvallis, United States 151
Kingston, Canada 151
New Brunswick, United States 151
Guangzhou, China 151
Seoul, South Korea 151
Zürich, Switzerland 151
München, Germany 151
Jerusalem, Israel 151
Reading, United Kingdom 151
Sheffield, United Kingdom 151
Arlington, United States 151
Barcelona, Spain 151
London, United Kingdom 151
Fayetteville, United States 151
Irvine, United States 151
Orlando, United States 151
Köln, Germany 151
Newark, United States 151
Erlangen, Germany 151
Exeter, United Kingdom 151
Iowa City, United States 151
Lausanne, Switzerland 151
Amherst Center, United States 151
Münster, Germany 151
Norman, United States 151
Odense, Denmark 151
Glasgow, United Kingdom 151
Enschede, Netherlands 151
Valencia, Spain 151
Milwaukee, United States 151
Zürich (Kreis 1), Switzerland 151
Utrecht, Netherlands 151
Plymouth Meeting, United States 151
Pullman, United States 151
Seoul, South Korea 151
Helsinki, Finland 51
Pittsburgh, United States 51
Kowloon, Hong Kong (SAR) 51
Copenhagen, Denmark 51
Tallahassee, United States 51
Washington, D. C., United States 51
Atlanta, United States 51
Fontainebleau, France 51
Boston, United States 51
Philadelphia, United States 51
Fort Worth, United States 51
Hong Kong, Hong Kong (SAR) 51
Hong Kong, Hong Kong (SAR) 51
Columbus, United States 51
Sydney, Australia 51
Tucson, United States 51
Cambridge, United Kingdom 51
Mannheim, Germany 51
South Miami, United States 51
Montréal, Canada 51
Coventry, United Kingdom 51
Blacksburg, United States 51
Amsterdam, Netherlands 51
University of Western Ontario London, Canada 51
New Haven, United States 51
Oslo, Norway 76
Boston, United States 76
Provo, United States 76
London, United Kingdom 76
CUNY Baruch College New York City, United States 76
Montreal West, Canada 76
Hanover, United States 76
Atlanta, United States 76
Gent, Belgium 76
Stillwater, United States 76
Beijing, China 76
Houston, United States 76
Burnaby, Canada 76
Singapore, Singapore 76
London, United Kingdom 76
University of Calgary Calgary, Canada 76
Hong Kong, Hong Kong (SAR) 76
Manchester, United Kingdom 76
Brisbane, Australia 76
Richardson, United States 76
Amsterdam, Netherlands 76
Bath, United Kingdom 76
Frankfurt am Main, Germany 76
München, Germany 76
Oxford, United Kingdom 76
Sydney, Australia 76
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