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Innovation management is a sub-discipline in the general field of management that implies creating, planning and supervising new organisational trends, to support business growth. It deals with discovering new niches, imagining new services and technologies, testing breakthrough corporate practices, establishing brand extensions and foreseeing market trends. Innovation management involves aspects from other organisational business areas such as business intelligence and analytics, quality management, project management, marketing, IT, human resources or sales.

Specialisations and concentrations in the innovation management field include entrepreneurship and innovation, technology and innovation management, enterprise and innovation management, global innovation management, management of information systems and digital innovation, among others. Students following innovation management courses have a chance to acquire in-depth knowledge on business development, practice innovation management techniques (IMT) and models. They also develop their creative thinking, communication abilities and presentations skills.

Examples of careers in innovation management include product manager, strategy consultant, business analyst, operations manager, business development specialist or CEO. Innovation managers typically have strategic positions in corporations, IT firms, governmental agencies and financial institution. They may also practice in the investment-banking field, or may choose consultancy positions, as well as careers in research or academia.

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Suggested Masters in Innovation Management

M.Eng. Innovation Engineering

Engineers are responsible for the greatest innovations that sustain us every day. Innovative engineering can address many global challenges such as providing adequate access to resources as well as addressing environmental concerns. It can extend the possibilities of healthcare research and advance the technologies to support medical interventions.

United Kingdom
Master Business Innovation

Only one out of 50 ideas becomes successful. It is time to develop real business innovation practices to drive the transformation of THE idea into a valuable customer proposition. For this reason, the Business Innovation program is offered by CREA - INSEEC U..

Master Design - Innovation, Strategy and Product - 1st Level Master Degree - IED Milan

The Design - Innovation, Strategy and Product - 1st Level Master Degree - IED Milan programme from Istituto Europeo Di Design (IED) aims to prepare a new generation of designers ready to consider any variable as a design problem, either through an analysis of the market and the needs of contemporary users, either imagining future scenarios, in favor of innovative solutions. 

M.Sc. Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship

This exciting Master’s course in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship at University of Portsmouth will provide you with the knowledge and understanding to develop and launch new products and services, manage small enterprises and generate new ideas and opportunities. 

United Kingdom