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Risk management is the business discipline that deals with anticipating, evaluating and addressing possible consequences of strategic actions within an organisation. Risk managers are financial experts that have the necessary knowledge, skills and experience to identify and evaluate risk factors, and to implement strategy plans to prevent or minimise losses. They are required to protect an organisation's assets and incomes, employees, reputation and shareholders.

Some business schools and colleges offer degrees, diplomas and certificates specifically in risk management. Others offer students the possibility to specialise in areas that suit their preferred career path by combining risk management with related disciplines including administrative studies, business continuity, security and risk management, risk management and organisational continuity, investment and financial risk, risk management for banking, and many more. Students acquire fundamental knowledge of predictive models and risk management systems, learn how the decision making process works, and train their quantitative skills and critical thinking, among others.

Typically, graduates in risk management are already young professionals working in small or large national companies, corporations, banks, audit firms, insurance companies, financial consultancy agencies or governmental agencies. Career prospects include titles such as financial business risk analyst, risk manager, director of corporate risk management, market risk quantitative analyst, etc.

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Suggested Masters in Risk Management

M.B.A. Master of Business Administration

Develop and master core competencies in support of your management and leadership ambitions. The Staffordshire University Master of Business Administration is designed to accelerate your professional and personal development and to contribute to the journey of being the best you can be.

United Kingdom
M.Sc. Quantative Finance and Risk Management

The Quantitative Finance and Risk Management MSc from Newcastle University will develop your understanding of generalist finance issues. You'll also develop specialist practical skills in quantitative methodology and risk management.

United Kingdom
M.Sc. Management

Designed and delivered by world-renown faculty, the Management programme offered by the Duquesne University positions you for success as a leader.

United States
M.Sc. Master of Science in Banking and Finance

The Master of Science in Banking and Finance is the flagship programme of the Luxembourg School of Finance, University of Luxembourg. It offers a comprehensive curriculum encompassing both classic and more recent areas of the finance discipline as well as the principal functions of banking.