What is a Master in Marketing Management?

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Marketing Management teaches you to promote services and products, increase brand awareness, and expand into new markets using various strategies and tools. You will learn how to create and implement campaigns and take actions based on analytics and the company’s marketing priorities.

During a Bachelor’s or Master’s in Marketing Management, you can expect to take classes on buyer behaviour and ethics, marketing analytics, project management, brand management, business culture, etc.

As a future marketing manager, you may be in the position to manage teams, assign tasks, provide assistance and evaluate the performance of your colleagues. Your work will revolve around doing market research, formulating effective marketing plans, and managing budgets, among others.

In addition to marketing and analytical knowledge, successful marketing managers also own communication, negotiation, delegation, and planning skills.

Marketing Management graduates work for Public Relations (PR) and advertising agencies, companies of all sizes, financial institutions, NGOs, etc. Other related job titles include market researcher, advertising manager, social media manager, PR manager, etc.

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Check out our list of Master's degrees in Marketing Management. Keep in mind you can also study an online Masters in Marketing Management.

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