Top 5 Destinations for Pakistani Students Who Plan to Study Abroad

Out of the millions of international students worldwide, Pakistani students are among the ones who prevail when it comes to enrolling in a foreign university. Due to an unstable education system with a low number of universities that don’t provide too many specialisations and few employment opportunities in their own country, students from Pakistan choose to enlarge their horizons and study abroad.

The top five countries from Studyportals where Pakistani students choose to go abroad are: Germany, Canada, Australia, Austria, Sweden.

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1. Master's degrees in Germany

Apparently, Pakistani citizens have a long history of migrating to Germany and currently, many students and adults study and work in Germany. Pakistani students prefer German universities, particularly if they are interested in science and technology fields.

Top advantages for Pakistan students who want to study abroad in Germany

Enjoy free-tuition

Germany is known for its public universities that charge no tuition fees to international students worldwide. Universities only request a semester administration fee that is around 100 – 200 EUR. Although some universities may have tuition fees for certain study programmes, these are far lower compared to those charged by universities from western countries or even Nordic European countries.

Study among other Pakistani students

Most major German universities have Pakistani student societies, making them feel welcome and a little closer to home. Pakistani students meet, discuss about their challenges of studying and living in Germany, but they also share their acknowledgements and academic performance.

Read the experiences of these Pakistani students who pursued a degree in Germany:

Choose from numerous study options

Since the official and educational language of Pakistan is English, and German is also the main foreign language taught in school, naturally, students from Pakistan have wide study options in Germany. Based on their preferences or availability within universities, they can choose either English or German-taught degrees.

Popular study options in universities in German universities:

Examples of top-ranking universities in Germany:

Don't forget to check out visa information for Pakistani students going to Germany. 

2. Master's degrees in Canada

What are the top advantages for Pakistan students who want to study abroad in Canada?

Access to numerous scholarships

The Canadian government offers a wide range of funding and financial aid opportunities for international students, while several Canadian universities also offer scholarships.

Here are a few examples of Canadian scholarships:

English is the official language

English is one of the official languages of Canada and it is also the medium of instruction in most Canadian universities. Because Pakistani students are English literate (as many have received their education in English), they can find their desired study degree taught in English.

Get a globally recognized degree

Canadian universities are known worldwide for their quality education and a degree completed in Canada brings numerous benefits for your career. A degree or certificate from a university in Canada is recognized and often considered equally valuable as one obtained from a university in the U.S. or Commonwealth countries.

Popular study options in Canadian universities

Examples of top-ranking universities in Canada

Don't forget to check out visa information for Pakistani students going to Canada.

3. Master's degrees in Australia

What are the top advantages for Pakistan students who want to study abroad in Australia?

pakistan students australia.jpg

Attend one of the top-ranked universities worldwide

Several Australian universities compete with some of the leading and top-ranked institutions in the U.S., and the UK. At least one Australian university is rated among the best ones in fields like natural sciences and mathematics, medicine, pharmacy, physics and more.

Surrounded by internationals

Australia has a large cosmopolitan environment and you will always be surrounded by many diverse people, within your university, as well as on the streets of any Australian city. You’ll get to meet people coming from the UK, Ireland, China, Sweden, etc.

Australia’s cities are some of the best for students

According to an annual ranking make by QS, some of the best student cities in the world are in Australia. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and Canberra are in the top 30 of the best student cities, revealing their popularity among foreign students. Best student cities relate to the overall students’ experience that includes university environment, quality of study degree, accommodation and facilities as well as leisure and entertainment.

Popular study options in Australian universities

Examples of top-ranking universities in Australia:

Don't forget to check out visa information for Pakistani students going to Australia.

4. Master's degrees in Austria

What are the top advantages for Pakistan students who want to study abroad in Austria?

Pakistani students can feel welcomed in Austria

Austria and Pakistan have old social and political ties that go back to 1976 when the Austro-Pakistan Society was set in Vienna. As a result, the two countries have many close connections and seldom collaborate for social, cultural and scientific events.

Naturally, coming from Pakistan, you’ll feel welcomed and you’ll also encounter plenty of Pakistan immigrants in Austria.

Live in one of the safest countries in the world

Safety may be an important issue and criteria for prospective international students. Well, if you’re looking for a safe country to live in, Austria is the place to be. With a very low crime rate, Austria manages to keep a peaceful and serene environment that’s visible in people’s attitude as well. Although Austrians are not particularly friendly, they are certainly helpful when needed.

Public universities charge low tuition fees

Austrian public universities charge some of the lowest fees in Europe, around 1,500 EUR/year. Despite their low tuition, universities offer high standard education, particularly in fields like medicine, pharmacy, natural sciences and social sciences.

Popular study options in universities in Austrian universities

Examples of top-ranking universities in Austria

5. Master's degrees in Sweden

What are the top advantages for Pakistan students who want to study abroad in Sweden?

pakistan students sweden.jpg

Swedish universities welcome a large number of Pakistani students

Universities in Sweden are quite accustomed to having a large number of Pakistani students. You will find special education consultancy agencies in Pakistan promoting and offering advice on higher education in Sweden.

On the list of international students coming to Sweden, students from Pakistan rank on the 3rd place.

Chances to study for free

The Sweden government provides numerous scholarship opportunities to foreign students so search thoroughly, read the requirements carefully and make sure you don’t miss the deadline for a scholarship application. This is your chance to study in Sweden for free.

Check some examples of scholarships for studying in Sweden:

Study some innovative study programmes

Swedish universities offer many innovative and research-based study degrees, especially in areas like engineering, computer science or natural sciences. So you will find many study programmes that specialise in UX design and IT architecture, biodiversity, solar energy engineering, tourism development, or oceanography.

Masters in 5 destinations for Pakistanis

Popular study options in universities in Swedish universities

Examples of top-ranking universities in Sweden

Other student destinations for Pakistani students

Apart from the countries mentioned above, other popular destinations for students from Pakistan are the United Kingdom, the U.S., and Italy. Here are some details about the visa process in these countries: 

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