Best Countries Where to Study Abroad in Europe -

Best Countries Where to Study Abroad in Europe

All of you who ponder on the idea of studying abroad should definitely consider a country from Europe, even if you’re a European yourself. Why? Because Europe is one of the oldest continents, each country is quite unique, steeped in history, and there is always something new and interesting to discover, regardless of the study destination you will choose.

In addition, if you study a Master's degree in Europe, you will inevitably learn a new language, uncover the secrets of a new and different culture and what’s probably most exciting than anything, visit some of the world’s most appealing and iconic attractions.

In terms of the educational benefits, many countries from Europe are home to some of the top-ranked universities worldwide. Students benefit from a highly supportive and multicultural academic environment and you can find a plethora of English-taught programmes. In some cases, you don’t even have to pay tuition fees. But which are the best countries for studying abroad in Europe?

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Except for UK universities, known to offer only English degrees, along with the increasing number of international students worldwide, many other European universities deliver study programmes that are either partially or entirely taught in English. The good news is that each year, more top universities from many European countries introduce English-taught courses.

Check out this list including some of the most popular countries and cities from Europe where you can enjoy your international study adventure:

1. Study a Master's degree in Germany

Whether you want to study in Berlin, Munich, Koln, Frankfurt, or any other German city, you are guaranteed to receive a high standard of education combined with world-class research.

German universities are well-known for their academic performance, modern student facilities and graduates’ high employability rate. Germany has some of the highest ranked universities worldwide in terms of excellent teaching as well as student satisfaction.

In addition, an important factor that adds to the popularity of Germany among international students is the fact that most public universities don't charge tuition fees.

Universities we recommend in Germany:

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2. Study a Master's degree in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is one of the European countries that is truly committed to welcoming a large number of international students. In the Netherlands, you will find more English-taught degrees than study programmes conducted in Dutch and many universities use the same grading system as American colleges and universities.

Higher education in the Netherlands is based on innovation, creativity and study degrees integrate a curriculum that is 100% adapted to the current events, issues and discoveries in the field; so whatever you study, you are bound to receive a proper training that will make you an expert in your chosen field. Many of the Dutch universities hold high positions in international rankings.

Universities we recommend in the Netherlands:

Learn more about tuition fees in the Netherlands.

3. Study a Master's degree in Austria

If you want to live and study in one of the safest countries in the world, take advantage of low or even no tuition fees, embrace a unique mix of German, Italian and Hungarian cultures, then Austria is your answer. In Austria, your study experience at some of the best universities in the world will be enriched by the overall high class and elegant environment.

Whether it’s Vienna, Salzburg or other cities in Austria, you will be surrounded by exquisite architecture, embrace the typical coffee culture and can even attend one of the famous dance balls. In Austria, you can pursue a degree in Music, especially in Vienna – nicknamed the music capital of the world, Psychology, since Freud laid the foundations of psychoanalysis here, Business and more.

Universities we recommend in Austria:

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4. Study a Master's degree in Spain

Spain is known for its friendly environment, warm climate, affordable living expenses and tuition fees. Although many students who choose to come to Spain are highly interested in learning the Spanish language, you will find numerous Bachelor's, Master's and even PhD degrees that use English as a medium of instruction.

You can study Social Sciences, Journalism, Hospitality and of course, Business, as Spain is home to some of the most distinguished and renowned business schools.

Universities we recommend in Spain:

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5. Study a Master's degree in Italy

One of the most popular European destinations, Italy welcomes thousands of foreign students and tourists alike at any time of the year. If you’re interested in arts, architecture or world history – some of the most searched study fields in this country, Italy would definitely be the ideal spot for you.

There are so many reasons to choose Italy to pursue your degree abroad, such as excellent teaching, beautiful cities, fantastic cuisine, low living costs, and the numerous and remarkable attractions.

Universities we recommend in Italy:

Learn more about tuition fees in Italy.

6. Study a Master's degree in the Nordic countries

Universities from Nordic countries - Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Finland are some of the most prestigious worldwide, known for their study programmes that focus on problem-solving learning and state-of-the-art research work.

Study in Denmark and you will love finding yourself lost among more bicycles than people, choose Norway and you can combine study with plenty of interesting outdoor activities, or go to Sweden and experience the teachers’ friendly approach. Above all, you'll enjoy a high quality of life in these thriving, stable, and happy Nordic countries.

Regardless of which of these countries you select, you will enjoy a vibrant multicultural environment, study for free and even get to see the amazing Northern lights.

Apart from the fact that you can study in English, in all of these countries you can easily communicate with anyone by simply addressing in English.

Universities we recommend in the Nordic countries:

Learn more about tuition fees in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland.

7. Study a Master's degree in Poland

Poland is a top European country in terms of the literacy rate of the population, the number of people enrolled in higher education institutions exceeds 1,5 million.

Polish universities hold a long tradition and reputation in terms of quality education and particularly Medicine, Engineering, Architecture and Information Technology graduates are highly appreciated by employers worldwide.

Anywhere you’ll go to Poland, you can easily live on a low budget. In Poland, you will embrace a fascinating culture, blending a medieval, fairytale-like atmosphere with a bustling city life.

Universities we recommend in Poland:

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8. Study a Master's degree in Portugal

Similar to Spain, Portugal covers a lively, friendly and laid-back atmosphere, enough reasons for many foreign students to come and study here.

Additionally, Portugal is home to some of the oldest universities in the world, particularly hunted by students who prepare for a career in Social Sciences, Journalism, Law and even Medicine. Lisbon and Porto welcome the largest number of international students.

Take advantage of low fees and costs of living, listen to fado, and delight your taste buds with some of the best wines and delicious cuisine in the world.

Universities we recommend in Portugal:

Learn more about tuition fees in Portugal.

9. Study a Master's degree in Switzerland

Switzerland is not just the land of the finest chocolate, luxury watches and home to some of the highest mountain peaks in Europe.

Swiss universities are incredibly career-focused and due to Switzerland’s reputation in groundbreaking research, the country manages to always attract numerous talented scientists.

Applying for a degree in Switzerland is quite easy, but you will have to carefully manage your monthly living costs.

Universities we recommend in Switzerland:

Learn more about tuition fees in Switzerland.

10. Study a Master's degree in France

The typical cliché about studying abroad in France is living “la vie en rose” or experiencing a truly Bohemian lifestyle. While that may be true, France is still home to several worldwide famous universities, present in international rankings.

French business schools are also greatly acclaimed for their exceptional teaching style and unique features and if you’re interested in specializing in Fashion, you should give French institutes and universities a serious thought.

Apply for a degree in Paris, Bordeaux, Marseille or anywhere in France, prepare to become an expert in your study field and visit some of the greatest and outstanding museums in Europe.

Universities we recommend in France:

Learn more about tuition fees in France.

You can find with Studyportals a degree from one of our partner universities in France.

11. Study a Master's degree in Belgium

Located in the centre of Europe and home to the United Nations headquarter, Belgium covers a highly multicultural environment.

Although French, German and Dutch are equally acknowledged official languages, many Belgian universities still offer high-quality English-taught programmes. So, it is no wonder that Belgium counts for a significant number of foreign students, over 100,000 annually.

Universities we recommend in Belgium:

Learn more about tuition fees in Belgium.

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12. Study a Master's degree in Ireland

Ireland is one of the obvious choices when it comes to study destinations in Europe that provide English programmes. The Republic of Ireland is known as one of the countries with the friendliest locals, and universities are truly focused on helping foreign students adjust easier as they integrate many student services and student organisations.

Recently, Ireland has announced clear intentions to enlarge the number of foreign students attending its universities. EU students who apply to undergraduate degrees in Ireland are exempt from paying tuition fees and some of the most popular degree programmes are Information Technology, Business, and Life Sciences.

Universities we recommend in Ireland:

Learn more about tuition fees in Ireland.

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Widen your study perspectives from Europe...

The list may continue as there are many other countries in Europe where you can have both an intellectually and culturally enriching study abroad experience.

You can also take into account Slovenia, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Greece, Romania and others. Just search thoroughly and take note of all the advantages and disadvantages you will have to deal with in a certain country. 

Start browsing, take notes and see how the search will guide you through selecting the best place in Europe where you can begin an exciting chapter of your life. 

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