Top-Quality Cheap Master’s Degrees in Europe

Europe is home to some of the world’s most prestigious universities, but you can find high-quality Master’s degrees that are also affordable, almost anywhere on the continent. A quarter of the 31,000 European Master's degrees on our site cost less than 5,000 euros.

A Master’s degree in an international setting will impress future employers. Additionally, your time in Europe will undoubtedly broaden your horizons with new possibilities and opportunities. But, of course, although getting a higher education is an excellent accomplishment, sometimes high costs get in the way.

However, fear not because, in this article, we’ll explore affordable study programmes in Europe to help you pursue your Master’s degree and benefit from low tuition fees. Are you a prospective Bachelor’s student? Then, check out our guide on the top-quality Bachelor’s degrees in Europe that are also cheap.

What do we mean by cheap? Well, we had a look over our Master's programmes list and there are more than 7,800 degrees that cost under 5,000 euros. 

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The best news is that half of these Master's programmes have tuition fees of less 1,000 euros. 

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What Makes Europe Attractive for International Students?

Europe is the epitome of culture, history, and politics and has been a leading player in global affairs for centuries. Everywhere in Europe, you can encounter stunning, well-preserved architecture, delicious cuisine, dozens of languages, and richness in civilisation. Moreover, Europe is the epicentre of Western culture and a world leader in international relationships.

As a result, no matter where you choose to study for your Master’s degree, there’s something for everyone. Check out our guide on 7 affordable EU countries to study for a Master’s abroad in 2022. Here are some of the most important benefits that make Europe an attractive destination for international students worldwide:

  • A huge variety of institutions to choose from
  • Affordable education
  • Reputed universities
  • Travel opportunities
  • Quality of education and life
  • Rich culture and incomparable heritage
  • Multiple language-learning opportunities
  • Stellar career preparation

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Cheap Master's Degrees in Europe for 2022

1. International Business Management

This International Business Management Master’s Degree is free for European citizens and lasts 1½ years. If you see yourself as a future business leader and want to work on your business development skills, this affordable study programme is the right one for you. Study at Arcada University of Applied Sciences in Helsinki, and find work as a business specialist after graduating.

Helsinki is the capital city of Finland, with more than 70,000 students. The city is safe, has a vibrant social scene, and you’ll never run out of things to do. The average living costs are 975-1.584 EUR/month with funding possibilities.

2. Marketing

The Marketing Master’s degree from Stockholm University prepares students for marketing and management positions by teaching them innovative thinking skills. The programme revolves around marketing theories, buyer behaviours, branding, and e-commerce. So if you’re looking for a free master’s in Europe for international students, this 2-year programme is for you.

Stockholm University is ranked among 10% of the world’s top universities. Additionally, Stockholm is home to more than 15 universities, making it a pole of attraction for students. The average living costs are 901-1.607 EUR/month with funding possibilities.

3. Economics

The Economics Master’s Degree from the University of Helsinki prepares you for a career as an economist in financial markets, business and the public sector. Get profound knowledge of economic theory, research, and econometric methods and launch your career as an economist.

The 2-year programme is free for European citizens and is taught in English. Moreover, the University of Helsinki ranks among the top 35 European universities. Therefore, quality education is guaranteed. Helsinki’s living costs range between 975-1.584 EUR/month with the possibility of financial support.

4. Art and Media Studies

Next on our list of cheap master’s in Europe for international students is the Art and Media Studies programme from Tilburg University in the Netherlands. Specialise in art, literature, and the entertainment culture in a modern, digitalised era. Learn to understand and analyse cultural performances and communicate about them professionally. 

This 1-year Master’s Degree costs 2.205 EUR/year and is taught in English. Tilburg has a rich student life with more than 40 student organisations, stellar sports facilities, and endless bars, pubs, museums, and cinemas. The average living costs range between 700-1.100 EUR/month. 

5. Business and Technology, Industrial Engineering and Management

We’ll conclude our list of cheap Master's Degrees in Europe with a Master’s in Business and Technology, Industrial Engineering and Management. This 2-year free programme from Tampere University is intercultural and business-oriented. Taught in English, it focuses on business processes combining theory and practice.

Tampere is a vibrant city in Finland with a great student atmosphere and frequent student events. The average cost of living is 869-1.289 EUR/month.

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Overall, Europe has some excellent cheap Master’s Degrees to offer with limitless possibilities and fields of specialisation. In addition, European universities offer world-class education for international students and opportunities to learn new languages while indulging in the most memorable student experiences. So check out more affordable European Master’s degrees and start applying today!

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