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10 Top European Universities with the Best Job Prospects in 2024

Finding a job quickly after completing your Master's studies has a lot to do with the prestige of the university or college you graduated (in addition to your actual skills and knowledge). This weighs heavily on student choices for a university abroad.

Each year, The Times Higher Education Ranking (THE) reveals a list with the best universities based on the employability rate of their graduates. The list is made after compiling answers of several recruiters, chief executives and business managers from top companies in 20 countries.

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Even if your decision should not rest entirely on the employability factor, if you’re considering studying in Europe, you might want to have a look at some top European universities that were present in the latest Times Higher Education Global University Employability Ranking.

1. University of Cambridge, UK

The University of Cambridge has a long history (precisely 800 years) of academic excellence and is one of the most reputed British universities. Present in most rankings of the world’s best universities, University of Cambridge has proven brilliant academic achievements and extensive and original research work. With such a track record, what employer would think twice before hiring you?

Cambridge proudly hosts the oldest publishing house in the world and it is a well-known provider of international school qualifications, including for English language proficiency.

The university has various collaborations with the local government, international NGOs and academic institutions, seeking to provide students with a holistic study perspective and to help the society benefit from its research discoveries.

University of Oxford

2. Technical University of Munich, Germany

The Technical University of Munich counts around 40,000 students each year, and over 20 % are international students. Highly supporting international network, the university collaborates with many companies and scientific institutions around the world, such as EAIETop Industrial Managers for Europe and more. In addition, TUM has several offices and research centres in Africa, America, Asia and Europe.

The Technical University of Munich was among the first universities in Germany named a University of Excellence and provides Bachelor's, Master's and PhD programmes in a wide range of disciplines such as Engineering, Communications, Natural Sciences, Food Technology, Biosciences, Design, Information Systems, MBA, Medicine, and Education.

3. University of Oxford, UK

The University of Oxford was the first university in the English-speaking world and today, it focuses on numerous research projects. Due to its notable and outstanding work, the University of Oxford has been continuously ranked in fields like Medicine, Engineering, Life Sciences, Social Sciences, the Arts and Humanities.

The University of Oxford currently engages in global research in areas like quantum physics, healthcare bioethics, migration, ageing society, environmental changes, and more.

4. ETH Zurich, Switzerland

ETH Zurich - Federal Institute of Technology is dedicated to making important contributions to the sustainable development of science, the economy and society. More than 400 professors teach and conduct research in Engineering, Architecture, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Management and Social Sciences.

ETH Zurich trains future specialists who can work in areas like world food systems, cities of the future, climate change, energy, information processing, new materials, climate change, world food supply and human health.

5. Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne, Switzerland

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) is one of Switzerland's main innovation forces, thanks to its researchers, ambitious entrepreneurs and the international professional networks established there. The university prepares its students for successful future careers by doing practical work in state-of-the-art facilities, with studies that place a heavy emphasis on lab sessions and hands-on workshops with direct applications. 

6. HEC Paris, France

HEC Paris is a well-known Business and Management school in France with an innovative study approach. Interested in attracting young talents that are keen in developing their management skills, HEC Paris accepts students that have graduated from a Bachelor’s degree in any field. Students can apply to several MBAs and special Master's programmes that focus on Marketing, Strategic Management, or dual degrees like Management and Public Affairs, Business and Law, etc.

HEC Paris has partnerships with over 100 prestigious universities and colleges worldwide and encourages students to partake in international exchange study programmes.

7. IE University, Spain

IE University is committed to offer students professional advancement, while also connecting them to recruiters to hire the best students. The university aims to match the needs of the employer with those of the graduates so that both parties get what the want. The Career Management Center at IE also offers students career counselling for a stand out CV, online presence and personal branding.

IE University offers programs in its learning centres: IE Business School, IE Law School, IE School of Architecture and Design, IE School of Human Sciences and Technology, and IE School of International Relations.

8. Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, Germany

LMU Munich prides itself with courses that promote creative thinking, problem-solving and ambitious research in disciplines like Humanities, Law, Economics, Social Sciences and Natural Sciences.

In order to give its graduates a career edge on the job market, LMU Munich’s career services offer orientation, extra qualifications, and practical experience in professional fields. The university maintains close relationships with the employment market.

edinburgh university-1.jpg

9. Imperial College London, UK

Imperial College London is a modern educational institution that supports a multidisciplinary education, innovation and international collaboration. Imperial College encourages the development of a strong network of alumni, academic staff and students to endorse exchange of ideas, and has several partnerships with business, and government institutions across the world.

Students can apply to undergraduate and graduate degrees in Medicine, Engineering, Business, Finance and can also join clinical research groups that tackle hot topics or challenges the society faces today like cancer, hybrid vehicles, robotics, nanomaterials.

10. Ecole Polytechnique, France

Ecole Polytechnique values and promotes academic excellence and offers top support to future professionals and researchers. Almost all Engineering students who graduate at Ecole Polytechnique find a job within half a year of graduation.

The generous internship opportunities offered during studies at the university create proven entry opportunities on the job market, after graduation. Degrees offered at Ecole Polytechnique are created in collaboration with industry representatives and alumni, increasing the relevance of the taught materials.

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Whatever your choice may be, remember that having a diploma from a famous university or college is not enough to grab a good job. You’ll have to show very good academic results, extensive skills and that you have undergone at least one internship or volunteering work during your studies. Do your best during your studies and you will eventually achieve your dream job. You can also check out the QS Graduate Employability Rankings 2020 for more university suggestions.

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