Top Universities for Indian Students Heading to Australia to Study Computer Science

The combination of great universities and a fantastic climate makes studying in Australia a popular choice for international students looking for Computer Science degrees. And although Australia has some strict entry requirements for expats, it has several policies, including a generous visa, to encourage people to earn their Bachelor’s degree, or higher, "Down Under."

What makes Australia great for Indian students?

Australia has some of the world’s leading universities. Its top research universities, known as the Group of Eight, are considered among the best in the world, with most featuring in the top hundred in rankings like the QS or Times Higher Education.

However, every Australian university offers a high standard of education, and the federal government’s Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency provides quality assurance to guarantee the standards of education and qualifications offered by Australia’s universities.

List of Computer Science Bachelor’s in Australia

Australia’s history as an immigrant nation means it has a high degree of diversity which, in turn, attracts students from around the world. With over 400,000 international students, over a quarter of Australian students are not native Australians, with Indians making up the second-largest group (after Chinese students). This does not only create a vibrant student community but also means universities are well-equipped to address the needs of their international students.

The Australian student visa (known as a "subclass-500" visa) covers the length of the study programme and allows work for up to 40 hours per two weeks.

Why study for a Computer Science degree in Australia?

Australia is a well-established centre for tech, and thus a good place to get a Computer Science degree. The sector is currently worth around AU$122 billion (£70 billion) a year, contributing around 6.6% of the nation’s gross domestic product.

Find your Computer Sciences Master’s in Australia

The country also forms a natural point for US and European companies that are looking to expand or launch in the Asia and Pacific regions, creating more opportunities for students both for enhancing their studies in Australia and for pursuing a career afterwards.

Some great universities for Computer Science

Australia’s leading universities have all joined networks that reflect and help develop their strengths or focus. This selection includes a group of eight universities, but also universities from the Innovative Research Network and The Australian Technology Network, and all are among some of the world’s best universities to get a Computer Science degree.

Monash university

Monash University

Monash University has a global presence, including a research academy in India, although most of its 46,000 students are studying for a Bachelor’s degree on one of its Australian campuses.

Monash is one of the top 100 universities for Computer Science, with an incredibly high post-graduation employment rate. Their four-year Software Engineering degree, for example, starts with a common engineering year, offering a solid foundation in Engineering before specialising. The programme utilises the university’s links with industry to create a solid academic and practical course and qualification.

Perth, Australia

Curtin University

Curtin University is part of the Australian Technology Network, a group of universities with a background in innovation and strong links with industry. Their Bachelor of Computing is a three-year programme that will equip graduates with a solid theoretical and practical understanding of computing. The final year includes industrial placements, and there is the option for those with a strong performance in their first year to transfer to the Advanced Science (computing) programme.

The largest university in Western Australia, Curtin offers dedicated support to international students. This does not include only practical and study support but also confidential support to help with any other difficulties international students might face.

Victoria Australia

La Trobe University

La Trobe University has several campuses, including one in Sydney, but is based in Melbourne, Victoria. It is one of the informal groups of "verdant universities" in Australia, so called because they were frequently next to bushland. La Trobe has taken the category to heart and manages a wildlife sanctuary and a conservation reserve from its main campus.

Part of the Innovative Research Universities network, La Trobe has a strong academic reputation and features in most independent university rankings. It also offers a range of ground-breaking courses; an example is the Bachelor’s in Cybersecurity and Psychological Science, alongside more traditional Computer Science degrees.


University of Canberra

The University of Canberra gives you the opportunity to study in Australia’s capital. Founded in 1967, the University featured in the Times Higher Education Top 20 list of young universities. Although a relatively small university, it has been growing rapidly and is a member of the Innovative Research Universities network.

The university works with industry to drive its research programme, giving it a practical edge to research into areas like the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. This is mirrored in the courses on offer. For example, the Bachelor’s in Interaction Design considers both the human and technical aspects of design, focusing on interface and experience to shape technologies.

Sydney Australia

University of Technology, Sydney

Unsurprisingly, given its name, the University of Technology is part of the Australian Technology Network. Tracing its origins to the nineteenth century, it became a university in 1988 and is 11th in the QS World Rankings of Young Universities. It has over 50 research centres, including for Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Software.

The university has international recognition for its industry focus, with its Computer Science degrees ranking in the world’s top 100 for the subject, with many courses rated by the Australian Research Council as above world standard.

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