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University of Hohenheim

4.5 out of 5 (60 reviews) Ostfildern, Germany
On November 20, 1818, Hohenheim became the site of an important agricultural institution, founded by King William I of Württemberg for teaching, experimentation and demonstration. The first director was Johann Nepomuk Schwerz, and it was located in the castle built by Duke Karl Eugen.

Master's Programmes

Agriculture & Forestry (5)
Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (4)
Social Sciences (4)
Applied Sciences & Professions (3)
Natural Sciences & Mathematics (3)
Business & Management (2)
Engineering & Technology (2)



In 1847 the institution was designated as holding the rank of an "Academy of Agriculture and Forestry". In 1904 the name was changed to "Agricultural College". Hohenheim College was awarded the right to confer doctorates in 1918 and habilitations in 1919. This school was renamed Universität Hohenheim in 1967.


Over the next few years the most interesting research findings are going to come not from the core scientific disciplines, but from the peripheral areas affected by these disciplines. The University of Hohenheim has six central scientific institutions which coordinate inter-disciplinary research, support this with specific scientific equipment and act as catalysts for inter-faculty research.

  • Research Center for Bioeconomy
  • Research Center for Global Food Security and Ecosystems
  • Research Centre for Health Sciences
  • Food Security Center (DAAD exceed Zentrum)
  • Hohenheim Gardens
  • Competence Until for Plant Breeding
  • Service Unit Mass Spectrometry


Intranet for Business The company portal offers a platform where you can present your company to the students and graduates of the Universität Hohenheim. Here you will be able to access a pool of highly qualified, potential employees. And you can use the service provided by the CareerCenter to make contact directly. For some areas, you need to log-in.

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201 50
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495 6
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Student services

Student Counselling Center:
The Central Student Counselling Center's team advises and informs prospective and current students on all questions related to starting and carrying out their studies, especially related to studying at the University of Hohenheim.
Registrar's Office:
The Registrar's Office is entrusted with all tasks concerning general study matters like advice to applicants and students, application and admission procedure, enrollment, de-registration...
Office of International Affairs:
The University’s central office and advice center for international matters provides answers to questions relating to foreign study for regular University students and possible funding of scholarships.

Housing services

Among international students, there is a high demand for rooms in our residence halls. There is only a limited number of rooms (so-called “quota rooms”) reserved for international students, and that is why only a small number of Hohenheim students can get a room. We have put together an overview of the residence halls in Hohenheim.It is much more difficult for international students to look for accommodation while they are still in their home country. Almost all new international students can get a room in the residence hall. The room can be rented for a maximum of one year, and afterwards our accommodation mentoring will help you with finding accommodation on the private market.

Library services

  • HohSearch (Catalogue)
  • Library account
  • WLAN (WiFi)
  • Computer rooms
  • Literature research

Student Life

Campus life

The Universty of Hohenheim campus lies in the south of Stuttgart and provides a wonderful facility based around the late-Baroque Palace, which Duke Carl Eugene had built towards the end of the 18th century, and which has grown organically and now has the most modern teaching and research facilities. The extensive grounds of the Hohenheim Gardens, as well as its research and training facilities, make the grounds of the University one of the most attractive campus universities in the whole of Germany. Eateries on the campus

  • Dining Hall
  • Cafeteria
  • Denkbar
  • Vending machines
  • TMS-Cafete

Sports facilities

The sports hall and the outdoor complex is reserved for the groups for the designated time. In case of cancellation, the sports office is to be immediately informed.

  • As a rule, official activities of the Uni sport have primary booking rights.
  • If a course/activity has to be cancelled for internal reasons (e.g. bad weather, (special) activities of the Uni sport, force majeure, etc.), the persons concerned do not have to right to an alternative date or location.
  • Sport activities and the use of the sport facilities during the allotted time is at participants own risk. The Uni sport assumes no liability.
  • In case of damage to sport facilities, furniture, or equipment, the Sport Office has to be notified immediately.

Student clubs

  • AIESEC in Stuttgart & Hohenheim (807)
  • AIMS
  • AK Ökologischer Landbau
  • AStA Filmgruppe
  • AStA Kulturgruppe
  • BCC Hohenheim
  • Campusmagazin Hohenheim
  • Controlling & Acounting Club Hohenheim
  • DLG Hochschulteam Hohenheim
  • Debattierclub Hohenheim e.V.
  • Enactus University of Hohenheim
  • Food Revitalization Eco-gastronomic Society Hohenheim (FRESH)
  • Global Campus Hohenheim
  • Greening Hohenheim
  • IAAS
  • Interkulturelle Univariate Hochschulgruppe der Universität Hohenheim
  • International Students Organisation Hohenheim e.V. (ISO)
  • Jongliertreff Hohenheim
  • Juso - Hochschulgruppe an der Uni
  • Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Hochschulgruppe
  • Kreditwirtschaftliches Colloquium Hohenheim e.V. (KCH)
  • RCDS Hohenheim
  • ROCK YOUR LIFE! Hohenheim
  • SMD Hohenheim
  • and more

Student Reviews

Great time
Anonymous rated 4 out of 5 stars
Had fun enjoyed a lot, experienced a lot of new things in field and in class, had ups and downs, field study was the best
Prajwal R B rated 4 out of 5 stars
I am a fresh candidate to enter the university so hoping for the best.
Study experience
Anonymous rated 4 out of 5 stars
I am not finished my study yet.But the teacher and other stuff of my university they are very friendly. Everything we can find very easily. Class lecture are very good.