University of Macedonia

The University of Macedonia is a modern, extravert, flexible and dynamic institution with ten undergraduate academic departments covering top scientific fields, eight of which are located in Thessaloniki, one in the city of Edessa and one in the city of Naousa.



The University of Macedonia is the second and “youngest” University of the city of Thessaloniki and it specializes in economic and social sciences. It was founded by the Greek State under the Presidential Decree. In the past it was widely known as Graduate School of Industrial Studies of Thessaloniki which was founded in 1948 and started its first operation during the academic year 1957-1958.


The University of Macedonia constitutes an internationally recognized hub with an uninterrupted contribution to the country`s scientific community as to the educational, cultural and economic life of Northern Greece.


The University gives particular emphasis on research which it is enhanced and promoted through all the University's available means. Close cooperation has been established with the industry and businesses of the private and public sector. For this reason, courses are often designed as part of either undergraduate or postgraduate study programs, with a view to meeting their specific needs, incorporating the latest developments in Greece and internationally, while members of the Research and Teaching Staff of the University’s Departments implement educational and research programs in collaboration with large businesses and organisations.


The Career Office offers the following services:

  • individual Study and career-related consultancy services.
  • organizing  events providing information and networking with the labour market.
  • implementing group counseling and workshops for the development of social skills and the enhancement of the professional readiness of students and graduates of the University.
  • posting announcements related to the academic and professional choices of its beneficiaries (postgraduate programs, scholarships, competitions, job openings, job opportunities etc.)
  • Continuous communication and investigation of prospects of graduates of the University

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Student services

The Career Office (CO) has been operating since 1994, focusing on immediate, accurate and effective services to students and new graduates of the University of Macedonia, assisting those who receive its services to manage their knowledge, experience and skills, in order to achieve personal and professional development.

Housing services

Accommodation is an important consideration while you are living away from home. University of Macedonia is not a campus University and due to the shortage of housing (there are only 3 dorms available), almost all the exchange students will be accommodated off campus. This can be a not so cheap option, so sharing with fellow students helps to spread the cost.

Library services

The Library of University of Macedonia is a modern academic library which aims to offer essential educational and reference work, responding to the demands of a dynamically arising academic institute, such as the University of Macedonia.

ICT services

Computer and Network Operations Center (CNOC) is available for student practice and for the use of the faculty and is located on the first floor of the University. The CNOC supports the teaching and research activities of all University Departments as well as the University administration.

Medical services

Students with special needs are treated the same as all other students. They have the same rights to health services (at the Student’s Welfare Office), the University dormitory and the access at any student’s activities organised from the Student’s Association and ESN.

Student Life

Sports facilities

The Physical Education Unit of the University of Macedonia gives Erasmus students the possibility to familiarise themselves and participate in the various sports and physical activities. The objective of these activities is to develop students' physical, emotional and intellectual abilities in a balanced and harmonious way and to adopt a more healthy and active life-long attitude.

Student clubs

Incoming students can participate actively in many actions like the recycling program (paper, aluminium, batteries), help in the design of the informational and promotional campaign for UOM’S recycling program and support it, help in the design an awareness campaign by UOM’s students for UOM’s students, help in the training of university’s personnel and students relevantly to hygiene and safety issues etc.

Student Reviews

University of Macedonia Evaluation
Anonymous rated 4 out of 5 stars

University of Macedonia is a really inspirational and dynamic university which can give you really strong bones and make you really competitive in the world of Business!

My personal experience
Anonymous rated 5 out of 5 stars

University Of Macedonia was really helpful for me as was helped me to acquire a lot of knowledge and experience about bussiness and finance.However i belive that UOM need to upgrade educational staff.

Success is not giving up.
Anonymous rated 5 out of 5 stars

The studying was partly good. We had more theoretical knowledge. So I think I need more practical knowledge.

Ágios Pávlos, Kentriki Makedonia, Greece


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