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University of Nairobi

4.1 out of 5 (139 ratings / 122 reviews) Nairobi, Kenya
The University of Nairobi, a body corporate established under the Universities Act 2012 of the laws of Kenya and the University of Nairobi Charter, is the pioneer institution of University education in Kenya and the region

Master's Programmes

Medicine & Health (46)
Natural Sciences & Mathematics (28)
Agriculture & Forestry (18)
Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (17)
Social Sciences (17)
Engineering & Technology (10)
Business & Management (6)
Applied Sciences & Professions (5)
Education & Training (5)
Arts, Design & Architecture (3)
Computer Science & IT (2)
Journalism & Media (2)
Humanities (1)



The University of Nairobi owes its origin to several developments in higher education within the country and the region. The idea of an institution for higher learning in Kenya goes back to 1947 when the Kenya Government drew up a plan for the establishment of a technical and commercial institute in Nairobi.


The only institution of higher learning in Kenya for a long time, the University of Nairobi responded to the national regional and Africa's high level manpower training needs by developing and evolving strong, diversified academic programmes and specializations in sciences, applied sciences, technology, humanities, social sciences and the arts. To date, the range of programmes offered number approximately two hundred.


The university is proud of its distinguished record of achievements in teaching, research, development and consultancy while strategizing for a greater future as the centre of academic, research and professional excellence

University Ranking

QS World University Rankings by TopUniversities
801 -100
QS World University Rankings is one of the top international rankings measuring the popularity and performance of universities all over the world.
World University Rankings by Times Higher Education
1001 -200
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Student services

The University of Nairobi offers you many opportunities and challenges that are all aimed at providing you with an environment within which to grow and realize your full potential

Library services

The Mission of the University of Nairobi Library is to provide quality information services that will empower the University in carrying out its core activities of teaching, learning, research, community services and consultancy to the highest international standard. The University of Nairobi Library System is composed of twelve libraries grouped into six college libraries plus a central library

ICT services

The University has several well-stocked computer labs established on all campuses, which are specifically tailored to address computing needs for students. An extensive intercampus WAN and Campus Wide backbone network enables the labs to tap to several network based services, including 24x7 Web access, E-mail facilities, file-sharing services, library services among other shared server services

Medical services

University Health Services was established with the following clear mandates:

  • To provide health care services: curative, preventive as well as rehabilitative services.
  • To advise on health matters generally to the university community.

Student Life

Sports facilities

Several sports and games are offered at the University of Nairobi. These sports and games are categorized as indoors and outdoors. Available indoor activities include table tennis, scrabble, chess, darts, just to mention a few. Outdoors sports include track or field athletics, football, rugby, basketball, hockey, handball, volleyball, netball and others.

The University has an excellent team responsible for coaching, managing and supervising and administering sport activities in various colleges and the University at large.

Student clubs

The University has various students' bodies, which represent students’ interests. Through the various representatives, students access all decision-making levels from the halls to the Senate, all the way to the Council. SWA recognizes organized student governments and encourages students’ participation in decision-making, planning and implementation of the plans

Student Reviews

Medical anthropologist in Kenya
Anonymous rated 5 out of 5 stars

The experience helped me understand how culture influence the experience of illness, the practice of medicine and the process of healing for the individual or community. It helped have an overview of the contribution of non-Western medical experience and/or plural ‘mixed’ medical systems in our understanding of health care systems. The experience helps one know how the...

UoN, school of pharmacy , the place to be
Anonymous rated 5 out of 5 stars

Received excellent training in all fields related to pharmacy and pharmacy practice and equipped with all the moral, professional, and technical tools to enable me practice the profession. The university offers an integrative learning environment with the best and well equipped lecturers who always strive to give the best training to the learners. The university as a whole...

meru university of science and technology review
daniel kamau rated 5 out of 5 stars

nice experience, cool lecturers and the physics laboratories are well equipped

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