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Project management deals with the planning and organising of resources of a company or organisation in order to achieve specific goals following a usually time-constrained schedule. Project management is often described as the science or the art of organizing the components of a project, usually supported by various IT based project management tools.

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182 Project Management Master's degrees in United States

Master Project Management

Successful project managers are capable of consistently executing complex projects on time and on budget. There are key components that make this possible, such as the ability to motivate and lead a team, formulate effective plans, understand risk, and communicate effectively with stakeholders.

Postgraduate Certificate Project Management

The Boston University Online Graduate Certificate in Project Management is an opportunity to study alongside motivated professionals as you master tools and techniques to help you deliver solutions on time and within budget—and to achieve the career advancement you seek in today's competitive project management environment.

Postgraduate Certificate Business Process Management (Healthcare)

Villanova University’s business process management program reveals a strategy to prioritize core business processes that will have the greatest impact on an organization's key business objectives. This 100% online Master Certificate in Business Process Management is a dynamic new member of the Villanova online educational programs.

M.B.A. Management

Review production and operations concepts and the techniques used in their management. Examine the interaction of the operations functions with other primary functions such as marketing and finance. 

M.B.A. Management

The Management program offered by University at Albany is an innovative and fully accredited, two year, four semester program leading to a professional business degree. Students from a variety of backgrounds are welcome. 

Pre-Bachelor Undergraduate Certificate in IT Project Management Essentials

The world of Information Technology is replete with projects that were abandoned because of runaway scope and cost. On the other hand the trend in the world economy is shrinking budgets and shorter deadlines; all this while projects are getting more complex. This certificate focuses on meeting industry needs for IT Managers that can manage cost, time, scope, quality, risk.

Postgraduate Certificate Information Technology Project Management

The online Graduate Certificate in IT Project Management is particularly valuable for project managers, systems analysts, designers, programmers, research managers, and others engaged in the administration of technical projects.

M.Sc. Information Technology (IT Project Management)

This degree program is market driven and prepares learners to exploit the high demand for IT professionals in various market sectors. It focuses on the development and implementation of information systems and includes topics such as database systems, object-oriented analysis and design, IS architectures, IT project management, security, and computer forensics.

M.B.A. Project Management

You don't just want to lead in business—you want to plan and execute the initiatives that help your company grow. For you, there's our Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Project Management (Certificate Track). Study a solid core curriculum covering project management, risk management, organizational leadership and more.

M.Sc. Technical Management

The Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals Technical Management program prepares professional scientists and engineers to lead complex technical projects and advance their careers in management. Technical Management focuses on developing specialized managerial skills for working professionals.

Postgraduate Certificate Engineering Management

The Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals Engineering Management program will prepare you to succeed in high-level leadership positions as you take on increased technical responsibilities.

M.Sc. Nonprofit Management

Facing the threat of privatization and for-profit competition, nonprofit organizations are challenged to find leaders who not only possess keen business and managerial skills, but can also effect change at a community or social level.

College of Professional Studies
M.Sc. Project Management

The Master of Project Management (MPM) program is designed to prepare technically qualified individuals for responsible management roles in the construction and operation of major engineering projects.

Postgraduate Certificate Project Management

Technical and managerial employees at all levels of organizations are being asked to manage small and large projects. Many of these professionals have not been specifically trained to effectively and efficiently manage projects.

College of Professional Studies
Master Project Management

Corporations rely on project managers to oversee all aspects of a project so that everything flows seamlessly and the timeline, scope, and budget goals are met. As more organizations use project-based methods to accomplish tasks, experienced project managers are in higher demand. 

M.Sc. Construction Management

The Master of Science degree in Applied Engineering and Technology Management has been planned for those individuals who are interested in careers in industrial, technical, construction, or network security management.

Postgraduate Certificate Applied Project Management

Once you’ve earned either a Villanova online Master Certificate in Project Management, PMP® certification or CAPM® certification, enhance your knowledge and gain continuing education credits by obtaining an Advanced Master Certificate in Applied Project Management — online.

M.Sc. Management

Appropriate for all students regardless of their undergraduate degrees. The M.S. in Management is especially suited to recent graduates but works equally well for working professionals.

M.Sc. Project Management

Your CityU project management master’s degree can help you achieve senior-level jobs in government, manufacturing, healthcare, information technology and other industries. Many alumni shift or grow into rewarding, lucrative careers as project or program managers, business analysts or consultants shortly after graduation.

M.A. Business

In the Business program offered by Rider University you will learn to how to understand and leverage communication strategies to achieve organizational goals in your area of focus. The program will introduce you to best practices and engage you in “real life” current issues and scenarios faced by professionals on the job.

Master Administration (Leadership)

This online Master's degree offers several Emphasis areas. The purpose is to offer a degree designed for mid-career professionals who desire a comprehensive understanding of administration and seek to strengthen and update their administration skills.

M.B.A. Business Administration (Management emphasis)

This emphasis studies the science and art of managing the human and capital resources of an organization for strategic and operating purposes using analytical and intuitive applications of the concepts of organizational theory and behavior in complex, dynamic, global, and technologically sophisticated environments. 

College of Business and Economics
M.Sc. Project Management

Walden University’s 100% Online M.S. in Project Management program enables you to gain the analytical, theoretical, and practical skills to constructively manage projects across multiple domains and industries.

M.Sc. Finance

The Finance program offered by Pamplin School of Business at the University of Portland has a rigorous and quantitative curriculum that integrates theories and applications from economics, accounting, mathematics, strategy, and other fields. This is a STEM designated programme and it is available in the University of Portland main campus and in the Pamplin School of Business Westside Campus.

M.B.A. Project Management

The MBA’s Concentration in Project Management is designed to build on your expertise and hone your skills in competency areas needed to become an effective decision maker and leader of projects. 

Pre-Master Managing Nonprofit Organizations

The Managing Nonprofit Organizations Pre-Master's Program offered by Roosevelt University,  provides on-campus MBA preparation, MPA preparation, master's in marketing communications preparation, and HRM master's preparation to international students at Roosevelt University in Chicago.

Roosevelt University International Study Centre
M.Sc. Management

The Management program offered by Clark University efficiently gives you a firm foundation in sound management practices and corporate accountability.

M.Sc. Project Management

Offered on the Charles River Campus as well as online, Metropolitan College’s Master of Science in Project Management (MSPM) degree program serves as a comprehensive introduction to the world of project management.

M.Sc. Human Resources

Manhattanville College’s Master of Human Resources Management and Organizational Effectiveness program trains students to become successful HR professionals. Employees are said to be an organization’s greatest asset and competitive advantage. It’s critical to attract, train, develop, and retain the best people.

M.Sc. Project Management

More than ever before, companies today are recognizing the value of team members who specialize in managing projects from conception to completion on time and on budget.

M.Sc. IT Project Management

Designed for working professionals who want to develop skills and acumen in leading Information Technology programs and projects, the MS in IT Project Management provides students with the foundation necessary for a career in managing all aspects of Information Technology projects as well as the larger programs.

M.P.M Project Management

Western Carolina University’s Master of Project Management program is designed primarily to assist those involved with project management initiatives and requires relevant work experience of at least two years.

Master Public Administration (MPA)

The Master Public Administration (MPA) prepares qualified individuals, both entry-level and mid-career, for advanced professional positions in the administration of public and non-profit programs. It is also appropriate for individuals in the private sector who have responsibility for public sector contracts, regulatory compliance, or other liaison and oversight activities.

M.B.A. Project Management

Examine business project management methodologies used to effectively plan, direct and control project activities to achieve schedule, budget and performance objectives.

Postgraduate Diploma Project Management IDP

Join the Project Management certificate at University of California, Berkeley and gain the skills to keep complex projects on task, on time and on budget. As you learn to develop and lead projects in a cross-cultural environment, you also develop proven techniques for successful teamwork. The programme is part of the International Diploma Programs of UC Berkeley Extension.

M.Sc. Project Management

This program prepares students for career paths and duties as:Project Manager – Prepare and implement detailed project plans for developing new products and services.Risk Manager – Analyze and plan responses to known and potential risks

Pre-Master Management (Studies - Science)

The Management (Studies - Science) Pre-Master's Program offered by Roosevelt University, provides on-campus MBA preparation, MPA preparation, master's in marketing communications preparation, and HRM master's preparation to international students at Roosevelt University in Chicago.

Roosevelt University International Study Centre
Master Administration (Custom)

This online Master's degree offers several Emphasis areas. The purpose is to offer a degree designed for mid-career professionals who desire a comprehensive understanding of administration and seek to strengthen and update their administration skills.

M.B.A. Management

The Master of Business Administration in Management online program gives you the skills to advance your career in a variety of management positions, along with adaptable decision-making tools and problem-solving techniques.

M.B.A. Project Management

New England College’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) program in Project Management is designed for project management professionals who want to have a competitive advantage by adding value to their organization. 

M.Sc. Information Systems Technologies - Technology Project Management

The Master of Science program in Information Systems Technologies provides and advances the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed by perspective and current Information Technology (IT) professionals. The knowledge, skills, and abilities gained in the MS-IST Program can be immediately applied to support and enhance the operation of complex IT systems within a business’s infrastructure.

M.Sc. Construction Project Management

Construction project management is the branch of civil engineering tasked with transforming engineering design into reality, whether that design is for a 40km long underwater tunnel crossing, a 500m high dam, a 300km long high-speed railway line, a 100-storey office building, or an offshore wind farm.  

Postgraduate Certificate Leadership

Today's cross-functional teams and organizations require a leadership style that capitalizes on the collective expertise and capabilities of the group. The development and mastery of collaborative leadership skills are not typically part of one's focused discipline preparation, hence leadership requires deliberate development by those who assume leadership roles.

College of Professional Studies
M.Sc. Project Management

Project management skills are applicable to a growing range of industries, including consulting management, construction and housing industries, government, information systems and management, healthcare and financial industries, commercial organizations, public relations, and many more.