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Studying Fashion Design

Fashion design degrees train future professionals to create original pieces of clothing and related accessories, keeping true to seasonal fashion trends or setting their own. Fashion design incorporates technical and artistic abilities that enable designers to send a message through their work.

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Studying in Italy

Italy is a highly-developed country with the 7th-highest GDP and the 17th-highest Human Development Index rating in the world. It is a member of the G8 and a founding member of what is now the European Union (having signed the Treaty of Rome in 1957), of the Council of Europe and of the Western European Union.

27 Fashion Design Master's degrees in Italy

Master Fashion Brand Management

The Master’s Course in Fashion Brand Management at Accademia Del Lusso aims to shape students into competent professionals who are skilled in brand management. This role requires a well-rounded individual with transferable skills, who operates as the link between creative ideas and the market, and who is capable of coordinating creative talent with business objectives. 

Master Accessory Design

Today, accessories make fashion. Shoes, jewerly, handbags and hats are the icons of style and taste, symbols of distinction and identity but also witnesses of the made in Italy quality. For this reason the major fashion brands always give more importance to accessories requiring dedicated  professionals. The Accessory Design programme is offered at - Milan (Italy).

Master Fashion Design

Accademia del Lusso's, Master in Fashion Design shapes a fashion designer who can easily enter the product area of fashion and luxury goods businesses. 

Master Fashion Tech

The athletic gesture comes out of the stadiums and inspires everyday life, while new interactive technologies and materials are changing lifestyles and consumption patterns. Fashion is permeated by sport and sport is inspired by fashion for garments that combine performance and style. The Specializing Master in Fashion Tech programme is offered at - Milan (Italy).

Master Fashion Design

Today the fashion designer needs to be both a manager and an art-director, able to manage the project all the way up to its final production, including the communication and retail aspects.Learn all this with the Master in Fashion Design at Domus Academy.

Fashion Department
Master Fashion Design - IED Milan

The Fashion Design - IED Milan Master offered by Istituto Europeo Di Design (IED) forms creative practitioners, able to combine theoretical knowledge, insights and innovative capacity of experimentation to design stylish collections.

Milan, School of Fashion
Master Fashion Styling and Visual Merchandising

The Master in Fashion Styling and Visual Merchandising at Domus Academy provides you with the skills and expertise necessary to be exactly the kind of experienced talent that companies need to grow their business.

Fashion Department
Master Fashion Management

The Master in Fashion Management at Domus Academy provides you with the skills and expertise necessary to be exactly the kind of experienced talent that companies need to grow their business.

Fashion Department
Pre-Master Pre-Masters Program

The Domus Academy Pre-Master’s Program is a four-month intensive post-graduate course where you can improve your preparation in order to enter a Master’s Program at Domus Academy or NABA.

M.Sc. Design for the Fashion System

The Design for the Fashion System degree programme at Politecnico di Milano trains fashion designers: not isolated artists expressing their talent, but designers who are inspired in their projects and in their profession by the relationship with the fashion system and its protagonists. 

School of Design
Master The Art and Craft of the Costume Designer for Opera and Ballet

The Master’s “The Art and Craft of Costume Designer for Opera and Ballet”, only degree in Italy recognized by MIUR, directed by Maestro Andrea Viotti, credited for their curriculum, competence, creativity and craftsmanship level, and of service to the most important international film, theatre and tv productions, representing the highest “made in Italy” heritage and experience.

Master Fashion Jewelry

The Master’s degree in Fashion Jewelry, coordinated by Marina Valli, is in partnership with the Polo Orafo Romano. The Master’s aims to provide to the students the conceptual knowledge and technical skills and tools needed to understand new languages and new trends in the jewel and bijou sector.

Master Fashion Science

The Masters Programme in Fashion prepares students for high-level responsibilities in the world of fashion, as well as its relations with figurative arts, communications and entertainment, or for independent careers in the fashion industry and a wide range of related fields.

Faculty of Humanities
Master Creative Knitwear Design

The Master’s degree in Creative Knitwear Design in collaboration with more than 40 companies from the Italian manufacturing district, aims to train designers and industry professionals with skills both in illustration and technique useful for designing complete collections and models. 

Master Accessory Design

Jewellery and Accessories Designer constantly analyzes the motivations coming from society, translating them in pure style studying the methods of production, industrial processes and transforming creative concept technically. The Accessory Design course is delivered by Accademia della Moda.

M.A. Accessories Design, Luxury Gadgets and Digital Fabrication

The objective of the Master in Accessories Design, Luxury Gadgets & Digital Fabrication is to train future managers Creative specialize in the luxury market, which is highly specialized figures that can create objects able to establish themselves as true icons of style and elegance, captivating generations, thanks to their refinement and essential oneness.

Pre-Bachelor Fashion Design

The Fashion Design course offered by Instituto Marangoni, provides a tailor-made university knowledge for international students hoping to enter the fashion industry.

Istituto Marangoni International Study Centre
M.A. Scenography and Costume Design for Opera

Musical theatre is one of the most challenging for a scenographer and a costume designer. From complex scenic machines and illusionism of the Baroque theatre to recent light design and multimedia, scenography and costumes have always been a visual counterpart of music.

Post-graduate courses and masters activated
Master Alta Moda, Fashion Design

The Master’s degree in Fashion Design is aimed to graduates who want to complete or deepen their knowledge and cultural and professional training in this unique and exclusive sector of the fashion industry. from research to experimentation in decorative arts, to innovation in design, to the realization of a final project.

M.A. Design and Applied Arts

The Creative Academy Master Program shares its extensive know-how of design through professional experience and top-level training. Students are accompanied through the entire process, from conception to design, on to production and communication. Learning takes place through workshops and constant interaction with the Maisons of the Richemont Group.