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Fashion design is an applied art, especially dedicated to designing clothes and accessories. The field is represented by the implementation of a concept into a sketch, a pattern or a piece of clothing. In fashion design, artistic principles combine with applied graphics. Branches of fashion design include: clothing design, footwear design, accessories design, costume design.

Fashion desing courses pcover topics such as costume design and construction, designer sewing, fashion drawing, fashion history, bride wedding design, contemporary perspectives of fashion and culture. Students will acquire knowledge about textiles and the textile industry by learning fashion theory and taking practical classes. They will also learn how to create complex clothing units and how to make changes in patterns. This field will encourage and enable future fashion designers to draw upon the creative and artistic problem-solving solutions in mastering silhouettes, structures and materials of clothing. Fashion design studies develop artistic and technical skills, visual sensibility and imagination.

Careers that graduates can pursue include: clothing designer, fashion designer, fashion journalist/writer, fashion merchandiser, patent maker, product manager.

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Suggested Masters in Fashion Design

M.A. Fashion and Textiles

This career-focused Fashion and Textiles Masters program at University of Portsmouth   emphasizes the importance of adaptability and social and environmental awareness within the future of the fashion and textile industries. 

United Kingdom
Master Fashion Management - IED Barcelona

Fashion is part of our society. The act of “getting dressed” is part of our culture, covering functional needs of human beings and, more important, satisfying the necessity of communication. Istituto Europeo Di Design (IED) offers the postgraduate program called Fashion Management - IED Barcelona.

Master Fashion Design - IED Milan

The Fashion Design - IED Milan Master offered by Istituto Europeo Di Design (IED) forms creative practitioners, able to combine theoretical knowledge, insights and innovative capacity of experimentation to design stylish collections.