What is a Master in Fashion Design?

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Fashion Design is the field where you will learn to make styling decisions, from clothes to accessories. Fashion Design is ideal for creative people, who like matching and playing with colours, textures, and materials.

You will learn how to combine artistic principles and applied graphics, in order to transform an idea into an appealing product. Some of the branches you can specialise in are: clothing design, footwear design, accessories design, and others.

Courses will combine various aspects of theory and practice, all in the search of the perfect aesthetic. You will explore and master sewing, drawing, fashion history, as well as the textile industry. Afterwards, you will apply what you learned in a practical setting, by creating your own high-end fashion objects.

A Bachelor's or Master's in Fashion Design will help you become a successful fashion designer, retail buyer, retail manager, stylist, or textile designer.

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Check out our list of Master's degrees in Fashion Design. Keep in mind you can also study an online Masters in Fashion Design.

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