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Art History is a specialised branch of history that studies the evolution of culture through artistic productions such as paintings, sculptures, architecture, and the graphic and decorative arts. One of the broadest fields in Humanities sciences, the Art History discipline studies methodologies and critical theory, analysing contemporary issues in the practice and display of art. Art History is related with other disciplines like History, Philosophy, and the Visual Arts.

Some subjects of Art History courses cover Greek art, medieval art and architecture, topography of modern Rome, history and aesthetics of photography, as well as contemporary artistic movements.

Art History students develop skills in the critical analysis of art works. Students cultivate visual literacy and appreciation for aesthetics. You will be able to determine the period a work of art belongs to and will gain insight into detecting fake creations. You will also gain interpretative skills and technological abilities related to visual communication.

Art History graduates pursue diverse careers in settings such as: colleges and universities, archives and libraries, museums, auction houses, art galleries, preservation firms, or historical societies. They can engage in jobs like artist representative, museum curator, art advisor, gallery archivist, and more.

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