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Graphic design is the art or creative process of visual communication that combines images, words, ideas to convey information to an audience. In this area of design, technology goes together with art. A graphic designer is responsible for organising and using elements belonging to different types of media. Main instruments used for the act of creation include images and typography. The field of graphic design is related to disciplines like art and journalism.

Sub-disciplines of graphic design include: interior design, product design, machine design. Graphic design students will learn in-depth information on colour techniques, photography, artistic illustration, advertising design, geometric drawing, as well as logo design. This discipline will offer students visual creativity skills and the ability to integrate colour theory and design processes. They will also have the opportunity to learn specific creative software programmes, web design elements and layout optimisation. Graphic artists must be creative and have the ability to communicate different messages through images, colours, or different texts.

Graduates can find work in many domains such as: design consultancy companies, branding agencies, advertising, marketing, communications or publishing. They can find jobs in the field as graphic artists, web designers, copywriters, advertising designers, logo designers, visual artists, or technical illustrators.

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