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Imagine an old-timey pocket watch with a clear dial. You can already see the elegance of the gears, the way the bronze shines, and how the small connections between the springs and pallets make seconds go by. Now imagine that the design of this small trinket was left to a gruff, no non-sense person: what would the mechanism look like, then? Well, just ask the experts in Industrial Design, whose keen eye for detail and precision are used on these devices every single day.

Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in Industrial Design focus on combining utility with appearance, teaching students to research, design, innovate and solve arising issues. Students of Industrial Design gain an understanding of technology and innovation, as well as problem solving skills, becoming creative thinkers, engineers, and tortured artists all at once.

Career options for Industrial Design graduates are rather designer-centric, but the fields and specialisations range wildly. For instance, you can work in the:

• Automotive Industry
• Software Industry
• Consumer Products Design
• Exhibition Design
• Special Effects Field
• Marketing Department
• Logistics and Supply Chains

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Suggested Masters in Industrial Design

M.Sc. Instructional Design and Technology

Learn to create effective technology-based courses and instructional programs for a variety of environments, including higher education; community college education; corporate and nonprofit workforce development; and healthcare, military, and government education.

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Master Neoindustrial Design

The Neoindustrial Design program offered by the Ural Federal University is developed and implemented in collaboration with UrFU Institute of Humanities and Arts.