Master's Degrees in Management of Creative Industries in France

Management of Creative Industries degrees

Take a degree in Management of Creative Industries and learn the skills you need to successfully manage businesses or institutions in industries such as arts, media, film, architecture, fashion and crafts. You can expect to take classes on entrepreneurship, business and organisational management, law, and marketing. As a Creative Industries Management graduate, you may become a manager, consultant or strategist in creative industry business.

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Study in France

France is a study destination whose romance, academic environment, and style of life charm thousands of international students every year. Students can enjoy the best of both worlds: the chance to enrol at top-ranked European universities while paying some of the lowest tuition fees worldwide. The Hexagon, a local nickname for France, is a multicultural hub, allowing you to meet, get to know, and develop friendships with people from all over the globe. There’s also a significant number of English-taught degrees (over 1,500). You can also learn French, the language of love, which will allow you to enjoy even more the local cuisine and touristic attractions and will make you a stand-out applicant on the job market.

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