Master's Degrees in Applied Mathematics in Netherlands

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Studying Applied Mathematics

Applied mathematics quantifies and explains observed physical, social or business phenomena, but also to predict possible outcomes. By using mathematical methods and models, applied and computational mathematics can solve real-world issues, such as materials analysis and processing, weather forecasting, financial services, network management or optimisation.

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Studying in Netherlands

The Netherlands (also known as Holland) was the first non-English-speaking country to offer degrees in English. Therefore, various programmes are taught in English and are very internationally oriented.

7 Applied Mathematics Master's degrees in Netherlands

M.Sc. Applied Stochastics

The Master’s in Applied Stochastics will train you to be a mathematician that can help both scientists and business people make better decisions, conclusions and predictions. In a country known for its research into stochastics, and in a stimulating and multidisciplinary environment, you will gain the theoretical knowledge and technical and communication skills you need to succeed.

Faculty of Science
M.Sc. Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics is concerned with the development and exploitation of mathematical tools for the analysis and control of technological problems. The Applied Mathematics programme is offered by the University of Groningen.

Faculty of Science and Engineering
M.Sc. Applied Mathematics

The Applied Mathematics programme offered by the University of Twente is as much about attitude and motivation as it is about pure mathematics. Applied mathematics has largely developed in response to the need to formulate and solve problems in a diversity of fields. In short, it is the language of scientific communication par excellence.

Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science
M.Sc. Mathematics

The Master’s programme in Mathematics offered by the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam focuses on both pure and applied mathematics. We perform research in algebra, number theory, geometry, analysis, dynamical systems, probability, statistics, and operations research.

Faculty of Sciences
M.Sc. Mathematics: Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics is the research specialisation aimed at students who wish to become thoroughly acquainted with mathematics as it is applied in various aspects of the life sciences.

Faculty of Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Computer Science