Non-English European Countries with Most English-Taught Degrees

In 2015, Studyportals gathered information from 1,000 universities worldwide in order to offer students all the information they need to make the right choice for their education future.

The universities have been selected from the top 1,000 Webometrics university rankings and all English-taught Bachelors and Masters (as well as many courses in other languages) have been included in the databases of Bachelorsportal and Mastersportal. Learn more about the study.

Using this data, Studyportals managed to create a list featuring the top universities offering the most English-taught degree courses in non-English speaking countries in Europe to support international better weigh their study abroad options.

International students no longer have to restrict their search to English-speaking powerhouses like the U.S., the UK, or Canada but have more options than ever to pursue good undergraduate and graduate degrees in other non-English international destinations.

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Advantages of studying at a university with more English-taught degrees

Many universities around the world offer English-taught degree programmes, but you may be wondering why you should choose a university offering a lot of international courses. Here are a few important reasons we thought may provide some insight:

  • Diverse study options mean better chances of finding a course that perfectly fits you.
  • More English courses mean more international students which universities will work harder to accommodate and make them feel right at home.
  • Cities or towns where the universities are situated will likely have a more international feel, with a student-friendly vibe and more fun activities.
  • Better chances of meeting other people from your home country. It’s always nice to have a bit of home away from home.
  • More English taught courses result in more teachers with an international mindset and a more global vision.
  • Easy access to English study materials, libraries, labs, etc.
  • Possibly more funding options for international students.
  • More industry connections with big companies looking for interns or fresh employees.
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Top 5 non-English countries offering the most English-taught courses

Based on the gathered data, find the top 5 European countries and respective first 3 universities offering the most English-taught courses. For each university, you will find the total number of English-taught courses provided and its ranking in the prestigious Times Higher Education (THE) European Rankings 2016. Click on the name of the universities to find more details about the study options and environment there.

1. The Netherlands (12 universities in top 1,000 offering 1034 English-taught degrees including 104 Bachelors and 930 Master’s programmes). The Netherlands is a great place for international students because most of the population speaks perfect English, creating a welcoming, multicultural study environment.

2. Germany (58 universities in top 1,000 offering 835 English-taught degrees, including 109 Bachelors and 726 Master’s programmes). Germany is constantly increasing its English-taught study offer, while providing tuition-free higher education at public universities to all international students.

3. Sweden (12 universities in top 1,000 offering 550 English-taught degrees, including 24 Bachelors and 526 Master’s programmes). Sweden provides high standards of living with education focused on self-development nurturing student independence.

4. Denmark (7 universities in top 1,000 offering 482 English-taught degrees, including 428 Bachelors and 54 Master’s programmes). Denmark offers innovative teaching methods and quality living conditions with a local population that’s considered the happiest in the world.

5. Spain (42 universities in top 1,000 offering 404 English-taught degrees, including 115 Bachelors and 289 Master’s programmes). Spain is a friendly, multicultural society dedicated to building curious minds, positive attitudes and creative spirits.

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