Top 5 Countries in Asia Offering the Most English-Taught Courses

When considering English-taught education most international prospective students think of study options provided by universities in the U.S. or Europe. However, a lot of universities in Asia are investing in developing new degree courses for international students, offered fully in English.

Teachers with extensive education and experience abroad share their knowledge with students coming from all over Asia, the Middle East, Russia, Australia, but also Europe and the Americas. An increasing number of affordable and attractive undergraduate and graduate degree options such as global MBAs, Masters of Science, PhDs and other research programmes provide esteemed and quality higher education for students all over the world, competing with the most well-regarded universities in the States or the UK.

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In 2015, as part of its top 1000 universities worldwide initiative, StudyPortals has made a list of the top five countries with the most English-taught courses, and the first three university providers in those respective countries, proving once again that the future of education has no borders. StudyPortals has included all English-taught study programmes from the universities in top 1,000 Webometrics university rankings in the databases of Bachelorsportal and Mastersportal, in order to offer students a comprehensive way to find and compare their preferred study abroad options. Learn more about the study here.

An English-taught degree in Asia is perfect if you’re dreaming of getting a higher education abroad while also getting an unforgettable and unique cultural experience.

Here is the list of countries and universities where you can take a higher education degree while discovering the mysteries of the Orient:

Countries and universities in Asia with the most English-taught courses

Find the total number of English-taught degree courses for each country, and the individual number of study programmes for each top university in that country.

1. The People’s Republic of China
  • 105 universities in top 1,000, offering 327 English-taught degrees, including 143 Bachelors and 184 Master’s programmes

Given China’s continuous economic development international companies are looking for graduates that have been exposed to Chinese higher education, especially in the field of business administration (MBAs) but also other areas of science and technology.

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Popular study options in China:

2. Malaysia
  • 6 universities in top 1,000, offering 239 English-taught degrees, including 142 Bachelors and 97 Master’s programmes
International students choose Malaysia for its multicultural study environment, rich culture as well as affordable living costs and tuition fees.

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3. Taiwan
  • 31 universities in top 1,000, offering 216 English-taught degrees, including 51 Bachelors and 165 Master’s programmes

Universities in Taiwan have been actively recruiting international students while the government offers numerous generous scholarships to attract students from abroad.

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Popular study options in Taiwan

4. Hong Kong 
  • 6 universities in top 1,000, offering 196 English-taught degrees, including 108 Bachelors and 88 Master’s programmes
Hong Kong universities attract talent, uphold academic freedom, and promote academic exchange, resulting in increased hong kong.jpg

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Popular study options in Hong Kong

5. Japan 
  • 29 universities in top 1,000, offering 141 English-taught degrees, including 27 Bachelors and 114 Master’s programmes

Universities in Japan provide great expertise in scientific research, supporting innovation and creative ideas and challenging international students to reach their true potential.

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