Top 10 Non-English European Cities with the Most English-taught University Degrees

While universities in many cities in the UK and the U.S. provide a great variety of degree course offers to international students, there are also many other cities in Europe which maintain an attractive international atmosphere through diverse course options for students coming from abroad.

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Based on the results, we have created a list of the top 10 cities from non-English speaking countries (out of 700 cities total) where you’ll have a rich offer of courses to choose from. Why is this list important? Because a city with a diverse academic offer is almost guaranteed to attract a large international population while the local universities will provide excellent services for incoming students and a welcoming study entertainment. However, if you care more about the country you are going to study in, you can also check top European countries with English-taught Bachelors.

Non-English cities in continental Europe with the most English-taught degree courses

Here are the top 10 cities and the universities providing the most degree programmes for international students.

1. Amsterdam, The Netherlands (230 courses)

The small but colourful capital of the Netherlands is also the country’s educational centre, remarkable for its rich culture, tolerance of beliefs and openness to foreigners. Students won’t have any trouble of communicating with the locals as almost everyone in the capital speaks fluent English.

The top degree course providers in Amsterdam are:

2. Leiden, The Netherlands (220 degree courses)

This cosy university-city offers a wealth of social, academic and student housing options close to the university grounds. Students enjoy the wonderful social activities organised by student societies, the great student support and facilities while the fast connections to other major cities in the country provide great mobility.

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3. Zürich, Switzerland (195 degree courses)

A leading global city and one of the largest financial centres in the world, Zürich is also a rewarding study destination for foreigners especially when it comes to top academic research and prestigious PhDs. A home for top European business and flourishing economy, Zürich attracts ambitious international students to a multicultural city with great quality of life

The top degree course providers in Zürich are:

4. Stockholm, Sweden (189 degree courses)

Almost 30% of the population of Stockholm was born outside Sweden, and statistics show that international students from over 60 countries come to study at universities in Stockholm. The excellent study offer, great government supported research and entertainment guarantee a fulfilling international study experience in Stockholm.

The top English degree course providers in the city are:

5. Barcelona, Spain (171 degree courses)

Barcelona mixes the fantastic city life with Mediterranean beauty, amazing architecture (that’s the product of over 2000 years of culture) and affordable living for all. Students can interact with the friendly locals and enjoy the fiestas in a famous destination for quality business studies at leading universities in Europe, ranking high in European education statistics.

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6. Copenhagen, Denmark (153 degree courses)

Copenhagen is one of the best Nordic cities for studying abroad, densely packed with museums, parks, cafés and shops to visit. Higher education in Copenhagen focus on research, innovative and analytical teaching, attracting a multinational population, global business, and high-value investment.

Find the most English-taught courses in Denmark at:

7. Odense, Denmark (121 degree courses)

The hometown of writer Hans Christian Andersen is the third largest city of Denmark. Internationally focused classes have small student groups paying detailed attention to individual learners. You’ll be able to travel easily anywhere by bike and enjoy the great offers available at bars in town.

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8. Berlin, Germany (260 degree courses)

As the main business, cultural and education powerhouse of Germany, higher education institutions in Berlin feature industry connections with construction and engineering companies in Germany. International students can find anything from architecture, music, literature and contemporary art in this city that takes culture very seriously. Students can benefit from a long tradition of globally oriented education and research.

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9. Aalborg, Denmark (113 degree courses)

Students can join insightful research activities and have the opportunity to study without tuition for EU students. Research in the city is especially focused on science and medicine, using problem-based learning. Aalborg maintains a high level of living, specific of cities in Denmark and attracts plenty of successful European businesses.

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10. Helsinki, Finland (113 degree courses)

Institutions in the capital of Finland ensure international student satisfaction by supporting top research, friendly competition, and professional growth. The city is highly multicultural welcoming nationals from over 100 countries worldwide. While studying in Helsinki you’ll only have to worry about the weather as the city offers all you’ll need in terms of entertainment, sightseeing, business, fashion and of course self-development through top higher education.

Check out the study offer in Helsinki, the city with the most English-taught higher education degrees in Finland at:

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