ArtEZ University of the Arts

ArtEZ Institute of the Arts provides training for more than 3,000 students in the fine arts, fashion, design, architecture, music, dance and theatre in the Netherlands. It is located in Arnhem, Enschede and Zwolle, and maintains a broad and varied range of Bachelor’s and Master’s courses and degree options. The quality of our education has been recognised throughout the working field, both at home and abroad.



ArtEZ provides a coherent range of preparatory courses, Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes in visual art, architecture, fashion, design, music, theatre, creative writing, dance and art education for more than 3000 students in Arnhem, Enschede and Zwolle.


Research is a recurring subject within the programmes. Master’s students conduct applied research in the last year of their programme.

Bachelor’s students can choose to apply for the Honours Programme in addition to their regular studies in order to gain further theoretical knowledge or to perform research. Lecturers and students are involved as much as possible in the research projects of the professorships. Students reap the rewards of this research and innovation focus.

This is exemplified by the School of Dance working with an innovative training programme that significantly reduces the risk of injuries.


From fashion designers to musicians, from choreographers to architects, more and more artists are establishing themselves as independent entrepreneurs or opting for mixed professional practice. Employed graduates are also expected to demonstrate entrepreneurial behaviour.

Master's Programmes

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Student services

The Student Affairs Department consists of the Student Administration and the student counsellors.

Housing services

Unfortunately, at ArtEZ we cannot provide with accommodation for students. You will have to find yourself a place to live. The International Office can advise you in looking for accommodation and sometimes it receives an offer for rooms available from ArtEZ students going abroad for an exchange or internship.

Library services

The books published by ArtEZ Press help stimulate research and theory development in the various art education disciplines. The publications offer the opportunity to demonstrate existing knowledge and skills in art, culture, and education. Some books may serve as teaching material, both nationally and internationally.

Student Life

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