ISARA (France Agro³)

ISARA is part of France Agro³, a leading French network of education and research in life science that sets itself as a comprehensive and dynamic collective of higher education. Research and professional cooperation are at the heart of our activities, giving students first-hand experience and a competitive advantage on the global job market: 95% of our graduates are employed within 6 months.

Top reasons to study here

  • ISARA is internationally well-known and recognized for agroecology and sustainable food systems.
  • ISARA has a strong networks of partners: 40 government institutions in Agriculture, 225 Companies, 150 Universities worldwide!
  • ISARA is member of France Agro³: 26 research units, access to other members schools in 5th year, 95% of our graduates find a job in 6 months after graduation!

Master's Programmes

Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (2)
Agriculture & Forestry (1)
Applied Sciences & Professions (1)



ISARA is a French "grande école" (graduate college) specialized in agricultural, food, and environmental sciences. It is recognized by the French Ministry of Agriculture.

ISARA was created in 1968 by Lyon’s Catholic University, in collaboration with agriculture professionals in order to train managers in agriculture, food industry and environment.


ISARA proposes bachelor and master level curricula, with a very specific pedagogy combining theory and practices, covering the following subjects:

  • Agriculture, environment & natural resources management,
  • Agrifood, food & industrial management,
  • Sustainable rural development,
  • Markets & corporate management,
  • Wine production


Research in agroecology is focused on 3 main objectives involving interdisciplinary activities: 

  • Low input agriculture and organic agriculture as prototypes for a sustainable agriculture 
  • The concerted management of hydrosystems combining agricultural and fish production with natural resource conservation
  • The quality control and the recognition of the identity of traditional fermented products.


ISARA Engineers are found in management positions in France and abroad, in research and development, production, marketing and project coordination in the agriculture and food sectors. They work in industries, supplies, services, professional organizations, rural development, local authorities, and the environmental sector.

  • Rural development project manager
  • Project manager - agro-environment and biodiversity
  • Manager of a waste management unit
  • Head of laboratory
  • Sensory analyst
  • Assistant professor
  • R&D director
  • Engineer in quality
  • Marketing Director
  • Farmer
  • Animal production manager
  • Plant breeder
  • Enologist
  • Commercial engineer
  • Exportation manager


Housing services

ISARA-Lyon can pre-book rooms in students' residence halls, thus facilitating the administrative process.

  • Public residence Allix Public Residence
  • Public residence Benjamin Delessert Public Residence
  • Public residence La Madeleine Public Residence
  • Résidence GARIBALDI – 360 rue Garibaldi 69007 Lyon
  • Résidence Les QUAIS – 96 rue Pasteur 69007 Lyon
Application for pre-booking shall be made by ISARA-Lyon

Library services

The Documentation Service provides a wide range of resources in the domains of agriculture, alimentation and environment. Irrespective of your status (students, employer or other) you can freely consult our collection.

Services include:

  • Research and documentaries
  • Formations
  • Bibliometrical studies 

ICT services

ISARA provides computers during working days in the IT rooms.

Student Life

Campus life

Situated at the heart of Lyon Biopôle (an international gathering of life sciences), ISARA-Lyon has been established since 2007 on the AGRAPOLE site, which includes over 50 professional organizations in the agricultural and food sectors.

Located in the Gerland district, ISARA-Lyon is:
  • 5-minute walk from Gerland Park
  • 15 minutes from the city centre (with the metro)
  • 1h55 from Paris and 1h40 from Marseille (with the TGV High Speed Train)
  • Close to the Alps and the Mediterranean Coast, the ski resorts and the sea

 With its 11,500 m2 of premises, ISARA-Lyon has:

  • 2,500 m2 of laboratories equipped with high tech equipment, at the disposal of students and professionals
  • A food production line of 600 m2

Student clubs

  • ISAR'RIVENT: International students welcome team from Airport arrival to life in Lyon and buddy system.
  • ISARAZIK: Music
  • SKISARA: Mountain and ski
  • ISARAQUATIQUE: Fish keeping
  • BOTAN’ISARA: Botanic
  • ISAR'ABEILLES: Beekeeping
  • ISAROSE / ISAROMES: Wine production and enology
  • Student centre
  • ALTAÏR : Association for a human development respectful of its environment. It aims to inform citizens on agriculture and food related hot points and challenges and is active at national and international level. 
  • APE Junior-Company
ISARAMAP: Community Supported Agriculture


  • CTI

Student Reviews

Anonymous rated 3 out of 5 stars

A small and specialized university - excellent if you are interested in agricultural studies.

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