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International Relations in Japan

International Relations
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Study in Japan

Japan is a hub of scientific and technological innovation, as well as cutting-edge research discoveries in biomedicine. This island nation places a very high emphasis on education, which is showcased by a literacy rate of almost 100%. By studying at a Japanese university, you will come in contact with a rich culture that has fascinated the Western world for centuries. International students will find various degrees taught in English, with Mathematics and Sciences among the most popular disciplines. Don’t miss the opportunity to learn Japanese, which will make you stand out on the job market if you decide to settle down here or work for an international company. To relax and unwind, students can have fun visiting attractions like the Imperial Palace, the Osaka Castle, Mount Fuji, etc.

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Explore your International Relations degree

International Relations (IR) studies global interactions among countries, including diplomacy, security, governance, political economy, and conflict resolution. Specialisations include Diplomacy and Foreign Policy, International Security, Global Governance, International Political Economy, and Conflict and Peace Studies. Core courses explore theories of international relations, globalisation, international law, contemporary world politics, and diplomacy. Graduates can pursue careers as diplomats, foreign affairs analysts, international journalists, policy advisors, or researchers in think tanks, contributing to global understanding and change. IR degrees are valuable for those interested in global politics, offering skills applicable across various sectors.

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