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Studying Civil Engineering & Construction

Civil engineering deals with the design and development process in the built environment building infrastructure such as bridges, roads, dams or buildings. A civil engineer gets involved in the whole construction process, from development to evaluation and also develops a maintenance system of the construction project.

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Applying to a Master's in United Kingdom

If you want to study a Master's degree at a university in the United Kingdom, you will have to get the right documents to prove that you fit the university requirements. Provide complete personal information, previous qualifications, financial information, and a personal statement. You'll be asked to present supporting documents including:

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To show that you have the right English skills, you'll have to also present a IELTS, TOEFL or C1 Advanced language certificate, and in some cases provide an additional test such as UKCAT, BMAT or LNAT. The deadlines for applying to a Master's in the UK are usually during the summer (June), or in winter (January). Many universities have rolling applications, which means you can apply whenever you are ready.

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275 Civil Engineering & Construction Master's degrees in United Kingdom

Pre-Bachelor International Year One (IY1) – Engineering

This one-year (3 term) International Year One (IY1) – Business programme can offer successful students progression to Year 2 of a number of Business; Art and Design; and Engineering degrees at Coventry University. You will study your foundation programme at the ONCAMPUS Centre based at the heart of the Coventry University campus with easy access to TheHub, library and the city centre.

M.Sc, PgDip Quantity Surveying

The Quantity Surveying course from London South Bank University is intended for non-surveying graduates working, or intending to work, in the construction industry offering advice on project feasibility, methods for financing and procuring construction work and financial management of the design and construction process within consultant firms, client organisations or contracting companies.

M.Sc. Structural Engineering

This is an advanced postgraduate course from London South Bank University specialising in Structural Engineering covering advanced structural analysis and design, structural computing simulation and also offering units linked with steel, concrete, timber and other structural designs.

M.Sc. Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering programme is offered at London South Bank University. This is a broad based civil engineering course covering the areas of structures, geotechnics, water engineering and water transportation.

PgDip/MSc/Top-up Building Surveying

The Building Surveying programme from London South Bank University is for those involved in the maintenance, refurbishment, alteration and extension of existing buildings, or in project management and design for public bodies, commercial organisations and professional practice firms.

M.Sc. Building Services Engineering

The Building Services Engineering programme from London South Bank University provides a broad basis of advanced understanding in the technological areas of building services and energy engineering, with particular emphasis on those areas that are relevant to the interaction between the built and natural environments, modern industry, and the analysis of developing technologies.

M.Sc. Civil Engineering

This Civil Engineering master's at University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) will equip you with advanced capabilities and in-depth knowledge across a range of civil engineering disciplines - from materials and structures, to geotechnics, water and construction management.

M.Eng. Engineering (Civil)

This four-year programme builds on the knowledge and experience offered in the Civil Engineering BEng programme with a final-year design project and advanced courses, and is a direct route to Chartered (CEng) Status. You are advised to apply for the MEng programme initially, as this offers more flexibility.

Engineering Sciences
Postgraduate Diploma International Construction Law

The International Construction Law course at University of the West of England (UWE Bristol) aims to provide opportunities for you to gain an understanding of global issues affecting construction law and practice and to gain knowledge, understanding and the requisite skills in preparation for employment in international construction legal practice and commercial organisations.

M.Sc. Airport Planning and Management

The Airport Planning and Management programme from Cranfield University was created to meet a demand clearly stated by employers for graduates skilled and qualified in airport business development, planning, design, operations and environmental management. 

Transport Systems
Postgraduate Certificate Construction Project Management

This Construction Project Management PG Cert at University of Wolverhampton is the initiator and comprises 60 credits of study towards the MSc Construction Project Management course.

School of Architecture and Built Environment
M.Sc. Construction Management with BIM

The Construction Management with BIM programme offered by the Coventry University is designed to have a wide appeal – for architects, engineers, surveyors, construction managers, facilities managers, legal practitioners or any construction professional seeking a management career in the industry.

Coventry University Online
M.Sc. Advanced Engineering Management - Construction Management

The Advanced Engineering Management - Construction Management programme from University of Birmingham introduces students to core management concepts in semester one before selecting one of four specialist pathways in semester two. Students also have the opportunity to choose a mixed pathway route, tailoring the course to their requirements. 

School of Civil Engineering
M.Sc. Civil and Geoenvironmental Engineering

This course is designed to provide specialist postgraduate professional development in this emerging and inclusive discipline, which recognises that many environmental challenges cannot be solved by one traditional discipline alone. The programme encompasses areas traditionally within civil engineering, earth sciences and biology.

Cardiff School of Engineering
Pre-Bachelor Civil Engineering

With EIC, you'll be studying on the University campus, but you'll be in much smaller classes than you would in your first year in the mainstream university programmes. You'll get the extra care and support you need to ensure you succeed in you studies in the UK.

Edinburgh International College
MSc./PGDiploma Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering programme from University of Birmingham is designed for civil engineering graduates and graduates with related degrees wishing to study a general Masters-level course rather than specialise in one subject area.

School of Civil Engineering
MSc/PG Dip/PG Cert Energy and Sustainable Building Design

This Energy and Sustainable Building Design at De Montfort University is designed for students who wish to understand the ways new and renewable energy can be harnessed in buildings, gain the ability to undertake the simulation and modelling tasks essential for credible building performance analysis, and work creatively within a multidisciplinary design team.

School of Engineering and Sustainable Development
M.Phil. Civil Engineering (Environmental)

Environmental engineering uses science and engineering principles to assess and mitigate pollution for the benefit of human health and the environment. This research programme requires an understanding of biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, socio-economics and legislation to develop solutions for the sustainable provision of clean air, land and water for humankind.

School of Engineering
Pre-Bachelor Historic Building Conservation

Historic Building Conservation programme from Kingston University is an integrated two-year foundation degree and a one-year BSc(Hons) top-up degree for those who have successfully completed the foundation degree and wish to supplement their studies.

MSc./PGDip./PGCert. Civil Engineering and Management

The Civil Engineering and Management programme offered at the University of Birmingham is designed for civil engineering graduates and graduates with related degrees, this programme allows you to study project and construction management within a technical civil engineering context. 

School of Civil Engineering
M.Sc. Civil Engineering (Part time)

Our Masters in Civil Engineering is aimed at engineers who want to broaden and deepen their technical knowledge of specialised civil engineering areas and develop a wider perspective on the issues facing the civil engineering industry. 

M.Sc. Low Energy Building Services Engineering

As graduates of the Low Energy Building Services Engineering MSc programme at Loughborough University, you will gain a holistic understanding of the principles of low energy building and building services design, and will be able to contribute to the global transition to a future low energy built environment.

Civil and Building Engineering
M.Sc. Civil Engineering

The Civil Engineering MSc offered by the University of Surrey is delivered by leading academics, together with practising engineers from consultancies and local authorities. It will equip you with first-class analytical and technical skills across a range of civil engineering disciplines, which will aid you in pursuing a highly successful career in the field of civil engineering.

Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
M.Sc. By Research Civil Engineering

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M.Sc. Construction Project Management

The Construction Project Management MSc programme at Loughborough University is tailored for construction professionals looking for a more holistic perspective of construction project processes and the challenge of project management in complex building and infrastructure projects.

Civil and Building Engineering
M.Sc. Infrastructure Engineering and Management

This unique and fully accredited programme draws on our many years of experience in delivering advanced postgraduate programmes and helps graduates to have a holistic decision-making overview in infrastructure systems. The programme is delivered by University academics with a keen interest and track record in infrastructure issues, together with industry and government professionals.

Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences
M.Sc. Tunnelling and Underground Space

Our MSc in Tunnelling and Underground Space at University of Warwick can be studied as a full-time one-year course or part-time over two years. It is supported by the British Tunnelling Society and endorsed by the International Tunnelling Association, and 20% of teaching is delivered by guest lecturers from industry.

School of Engineering
M.Sc. Civil Engineering

The MSc Civil Engineering course is ideal for those wishing to switch to a career in civil engineering or graduates looking to advance their career towards Chartered Engineer status. The flexible course offers two professional pathways, and the option to carry out a research project while undertaking an industrial placement.

Civil Engineering and the Environment
M.Sc. Civil Engineering & Management

The Masters in Civil Engineering & Management at University of Glasgow introduces you to contemporary business and management issues while increasing your depth of knowledge in your chosen civil engineering speciality.

School of Engineering
M.Sc. Construction Project Management

The MSc Construction Project Management course at University of West London aims to advance your knowledge and skills in construction project management, helping support and enhance your career development within the changing globalised construction industry.

M.Eng. Civil Engineering

A career in civil engineering demands a combination of technical knowledge and creativity to solve problems and carries the responsibility to change our environment and improve the lives of millions of people. The University of Exeter offers the MEng in Civil Engineering degree course.

College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences
M.Sc. Civil Engineering

Deepen your knowledge, increase your understanding, and develop skills in Civil Engineering, in preparation for a career in industry, commerce or academia. The Civil Engineering programme University of Dundee.

School of Engineering, Physics and Mathematics
M.Sc. Structural and Fire Safety Engineering

This Structural and Fire Safety Engineering programme at The University of Edinburgh allows more interesting and functional architecture but challenges traditional concepts of fire safety. To respond to these demands takes specialist knowledge and advanced skills in engineering analysis.

School of Engineering
M.Eng. Civil Engineering(Hons)

From the delivery of energy systems and iconic structures to water storage and provision, civil engineers create the large-scale infrastructure that makes our daily lives possible. The integrated masters degree is designed to create civil engineering graduates who can display professional judgement and in depth knowledge.

M.Res. Smart Cities

The MRes in Smart Cities focuses on the core research challenges that relate to the infrastructure of smart cities from their operational functions and planning through to management and control and optimisations to explore the notion of a city as a laboratory for innovation.

The Bartlett Development Planning Unit
MSc./PGDip. Structural Engineering

The Structural Engineering programme offered by the University of Birmingham is offered to civil engineering and mechanical engineering related graduates wishing to study structural engineering within a civil engineering context.

School of Civil Engineering
M.Sc. Construction Management

The Construction Management MSc programme at Loughborough University enjoys a great heritage, being the longest established in the UK and the second oldest in the world. 

Civil and Building Engineering
M.Sc. Architecture and the Sustainable Environment

The MSc in Architecture and Sustainable Environment offered by the University of Kent is a taught course aimed at professionals and academics world-wide with an interest in sustainability in the built environment, including architects, engineers, geographers, surveyors, historians and urban designers.

Kent School of Architecture
M.Sc. Civil and Environmental Engineering with Internship

The M.Sc. in Civil and Environmental Engineering with Internship at the University of West London is designed to advance analytical skills in the core subject areas of Civil Engineering including Structural Analysis, Sustainability and Hydraulics. Application of modern IT techniques to complex problem solving is a theme that runs through the course.

School of Computing and Engineering
MArch Architecture

In a world constantly in flux there’s a greater need for more coherent, sustainable cities. You’ll gain advanced understanding of how architecture can engage with and improve our changing world. Hone your skills, knowledge and thinking to RIBA and ARB Part 2 level.

M.Sc. Civil and Environmental Engineering

This Civil and Environmental Engineering course at the University of West London is designed to advance analytical skills in the core subject areas of civil engineering including structural analysis, sustainability and hydraulics. Application of modern IT techniques to complex problem solving is a theme that runs through the course. 

School of Computing and Engineering
M.Sc. Construction Commercial Management

This innovative postgraduate construction course is aimed at graduates who are already in, or have been in, construction-related employment, and who aspire to senior positions in the field of commercial management. The course aims to develop your awareness of the importance of construction projects to clients, and the context and constraints within which projects are procured and undertaken.

M.Sc. Construction Management

Our construction business management degree equips you for a management career in major construction projects. The MSc Construction Management is delivered at City, University of London.

School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
M.Eng. Civil Engineering

This programme has been designed to enhance our existing Bachelor degree provision and to provide prospective students the opportunity to further develop and fine-tune their skills. The programme incorporates specific skills and knowledge for a career within the civil engineering sector and has used guidance from appropriate professional bodies. 

M.Sc. Civil Engineering

The MSc Civil Engineering offered at University of Nottingham Civil  provides a comprehensive programme of civil engineering study across a range of subject areas.

Faculty of Engineering
M.Eng. Civil and Coastal Engineering (Hons)

Study at one of the world's leading centres for coastal engineering research for a professionally accredited civil and coastal engineering degree. Explore a wide range of topics from storms, climate change and coastal defence, to structural design, hydraulics and geotechnics.

M.Sc. Structural Engineering

Structural engineers shape the world with their problem-solving abilities. The Structural Engineering programme at Coventry University is offered to UK and Overseas civil engineering and cognate science/engineering graduates wishing to specialise in structural engineering.

Coventry University - Faculty of Engineering and Computing
M.Sc. Civil Engineering Structures

Develop your knowledge, design and analysis skills, engage with modern challenges in structural engineering and transform your professional profile with this accredited technical MSc in Civil Engineering Structures from City, University of London.

School of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences