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Business administration degrees involve various aspects of managing scarce resources in a business entity and supporting a business by production/planning, decision making, project management as well as allocating human resources and finances while, at the same time, carrying out organisational goals, policies and procedures.

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The UN consistently ranks Norway as having the highest standard of living in the world based largely on average levels of education and income, combined with expected length of lifetime.

20 Business Administration Master's degrees in Norway

M.Sc. Master's in New Business Development

Technological advancements and globalisation challenge organisations, industries and national economies needs to be on constant alert to explore, develop and exploit new business opportunities. This requires an understanding of processes in innovation and entrepreneurship in all stages of new business development.

M.Sc. Business - Logistics, Operations and Supply Chain Management

Digitalisation, globalisation, climate change, increasing cost pressure, and customer demands require companies to work with their partners to develop optimal supply chains. Logistics, operations and supply chain management are among the competencies most needed in almost all industries, including manufacturing, retail, health, and consultancy.

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M.Sc. Strategic Marketing Management

The Strategic Marketing Management programme at BI Norwegian Business School could be your path to a leadership career in marketing management. Your understanding of digital platforms and new ways of reaching the market will be highly sought after.

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M.Sc. Business - Economics

Economics is the study of how societies, governments, businesses, households, and individuals allocate their scarce resources. You will learn a framework for analysis that can be applied to a great variety of areas, ranging from international trade, unemployment and inflation, to retirement funds, or controlling pollution.

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M.Sc. Business - Marketing

The Marketing major provides a rigorous academic programme for students pursuing both general business careers, including consulting and business development, as well as marketing manager and analyst positions.

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M.Sc. Master's in International Business

The Master's in International Business is offered by the NHH Norwegian School of Economics. The forces of globalisation have brought people, firms and markets across the world closer together than ever before. Modern companies need to master both international and local dimensions to succeed in an increasingly competitive setting. 

M.Sc. Finance

The Master of Science programme in Finance at BI Norwegian Business School will provide you not only with the required education for a career in finance and consulting, but also a strong basis for management positions in a broad range of industries.

Full-Time Master's Programmes
M.Sc. Business - QTEM Masters Network

The Business - QTEM Masters Network at BI Norwegian Business School provides a major either in Economics or in Finance. The major offers you with the opportunity to customise your programme with a specific focus that will prepare you for your chosen career path.

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M.Sc. Business - Finance

Finance is ultimately about taking optimal and strategic decisions in an uncertain environment, which applies to all areas of business. A modern manager requires insight into the drivers of the financial situation of an enterprise, which is intimately connected with its success.

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M.Sc. Business

You have the opportunity to customise your own Business programme at BI Norwegian Business School by selecting a concentration area or ‘major’ in addition to choosing free electives from other fields.

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M.Sc. Business - Strategy

The strategic insight you will acquire through this major will enable you to understand industry and market conditions, learn about appropriate strategic decisions, and learn how to implement these decisions in a firm.

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M.Sc. Business Administration

Do you wish to work in banking, finance or insurance? Or is perhaps the transport, consultancy, telecommunications or energy sector more tempting? The MSc in Business Administration is one of the most multifaceted programmes internationally, leading to extensive career opportunities within the private and public sectors.

Master's Degree Programmes
M.Sc. Business

Learn to lead change. Learn to lead for success. Learn to lead your own business or to succeed in investing or consulting. The Master of Science in Business at Nord University lays the foundation for a huge range of career opportunities.

Bodø Graduate School of Business
M.Sc. Business - Leadership and Change

A major in Leadership and Change gives you the skills you need to lead change, innovation, and development efforts in organisations. It has relevance for a broad range of future roles, including those who lead change from below. The major combines an orientation to organisational excellence with psychology, fostering a dual attention to growing business and people at the same time.

Full-Time Master's Programmes
M.Sc. Master's in Economics

The Master's programme in Economics offered by the NHH Norwegian School of Economics teaches tools to analyse markets and industries and the economic challenges facing private business, public institutions and international organisations.