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The Graduate Diploma (Grad.Dip.) is a postgraduate qualification that is particularily popular in anglo-saxon countries and offering a degree between Bachelor's and Master level. A postgraduate diploma can be normally started after the completion of a bachelor's degree and is typically to be completed in half the time of a comparable Master's programme.

Most graduate diplomas can be extended towards achieveing a full Master's degree such as a Master of Science or Master of Arts at a later time. Graduate Diplomas are gaining popularity as they are more affordable than a Master's degree and saving time.

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From literature to landscape, from innovation to internationalisation, Ireland offers a lot of opportunities in education and research… and the warmest of welcomes from the world’s friendliest nation!

40 Postgraduate Diploma Master's degrees in Ireland

Postgraduate Diploma TESOL

The Graduate Diploma in TESOL at University College Dublin  is aimed at experienced TESOL teachers.

Postgraduate Diploma Sustainable Energy

This is a one-year postgraduate course designed to provide civil engineers and other suitably qualified professionals with a good understanding of energy management and efficiency as well as sustainable energy generation. The course will further advanced knowledge in efficiency techniques, sustainable energy technologies and energy management systems and strategies.

School of Engineering
Postgraduate Diploma Music Technology (Higher Diploma)

The course is creativity-driven, with emphasis on musical aspects of computer programming and audio technology. It offers full use of computer resources at the Music Technology Labs at Maynooth University; access to studio space, with the possibility of working towards recording and production projects; expert advice on musical and technical issues is provided by composers and researchers at the cutting edge of their fields.

Faculty of Arts, Celtic Studies and Philosophy
Postgraduate Diploma Midwifery

This course is taught by the School of Nursing and Midwifery, Trinity College Dublin in partnership with The Rotunda Hospital, Dublin and The Coombe Womens’ Hospital, Dublin. The course is designed to develop midwives with the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to become competent, analytical and reflective practitioners, thus enabling them to provide care in a manner that benefits women and their families.

School of Nursing and Midwifery
Postgraduate Diploma Irish History (Higher Diploma)

This programme enables students to examine and research the rich subject area of Irish history from the earliest times to the present day, and to assess the major events which led to the emergence of modern Ireland.

Faculty of Arts, Celtic Studies and Philosophy
Postgraduate Diploma Chemical Engineering

Are you thinking about broadening your career prospective by becoming a chemical engineer, even though your first degree is not in chemical engineering?

Faculty of Science and Engineering
Postgraduate Diploma Clinical Speech and Language Studies (Dysphagia) (P.Grad.Dip)

This one year part-time course offers qualified speech and language therapists who already have a license to practise an opportunity to develop specialist skills in all aspects of dysphagia (swallowing disorders) in both adult and paediatric populations. Classes are timetabled to facilitate speech and language therapists in employment and overseas students.

School of Linguistic, Speech and Communication Sciences
Postgraduate Diploma Accounting

Applications are invited for this intensive one year full time programme for non-accounting graduates wishing to pursue a career as professional accountants.

Postgraduate Admissions
Postgraduate Diploma Children's Nursing (H.Dip.)

This course aims to develop and expand knowledge, skills and attitudes in nurses towards infants, children and their parents and family, as a unit in society. The course is designed to equip nurses to deliver primary health care, acute, rehabilitative and palliative care as required and to foster the process of continuing education and research in paediatric nursing practice. Students must be registered, or be eligible to register, in one of the three disciplines in nursing- general, psychiatry, intellectual disability nursing and 6 months post registration experience since initial registration is required. Students must have a Diploma in Nursing, or a TCD access to Nursing programme or a Degree in Nursing.

School of Nursing and Midwifery
Postgraduate Diploma Specialist Nursing (P.Grad.Dip)

The aim of these courses is to facilitate registered nurses currently practising in specialist areas to develop further their knowledge and skills, enabling the delivery of evidence-based specialist nursing care. as members of the multidisciplinary team and to contribute to the attainment of excellence in health care.

School of Nursing and Midwifery
Postgraduate Diploma Higher Diploma in Science in Computing

The Higher Diploma in Science in Computing is designed to give students a comprehensive understanding with specific abilities in the areas of computing, information technology and associated best practices, as well as to act as a basis on which to progress to higher studies in computing.

Postgraduate Diploma Accounting

This eight month Accounting programme from Trinity College Dublin gives non-accounting graduates the opportunity to fast-track their career in accountancy and provides significant exemptions from the examinations of professional accountancy bodies.

Postgraduate Diploma World Heritage Conservation

The Graduate Diploma in World Heritage Conservation from University College Dublin builds on knowledge and skills gained in the first year, developing more comprehensive knowledge and further specialisation in World Heritage Conservation.

Postgraduate Diploma Law

Please note due to the great demand for our programmes early applications are assessed when received and dealt with promptly. Therefore it is advisable to make early applications for an early response. If you do not yet have your final degree results this will not hinder your application as we are happy to issue conditional offer letters in such circumstances.

Postgraduate Admissions
Postgraduate Diploma Teaching, Learning and Scholarship, Specialist Diploma

The overarching objective of the Specialist Diploma in Teaching Learning and Scholarship is to align with the professional activities of early career academics and doctoral candidates in order to provide an accredited programme for developing high level, evidence-based competence in teaching, learning, scholarship and innovation in higher education settings.

Faculty of Education and Health Sciences
Postgraduate Diploma Conflict and Dispute Resolution Studies (P.Grad.Dip)

The postgraduate diploma in Conflict & Dispute Resolution Studies is a one-year, part-time course designed to train students in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). Taught by ISE staff and guest lecturers from a variety of academic and working backgrounds, the programme combines the research of academics with the experiences of practitioners.

School of Religions, Theology and Ecumenics
Postgraduate Diploma International Development

The Grad Diploma in International Development programme from the University College Dublin is designed to provide you with an interdisciplinary understanding of the process of development by bringing together expertise in politics, economics, agriculture, political economy and other areas.

School of Politics and International Relation
Postgraduate Diploma Politics and International Relations

The Grad Dip Politics and International Relations is designed to accommodate the scheduling needs of working professionals in government, journalism, the NGO sector and other areas who wish to deepen their education in politics and international relations whilst continuing their employment.

School of Politics and International Relation
Postgraduate Diploma Economic Science

This is a one year Full-time programme. The course provides an accelerated route to the equivalent of an honours degree in Economics. A performance of 60% or better in the diploma guarantees a place on our Master’s programmes.

Faculty of Social Sciences
Postgraduate Diploma Applied Behaviour Analysis

The Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is a one-year full-time course. The aim of this course is to ensure that students become proficient to a high degree in the understanding and practical application of the principles of applied behaviour analysis with particular regard to persons with autism, intellectual and developmental disabilities, traumatic brain injury, children and adolescents in care or special programmes, and persons presenting learning and/or behavioural challenges in school.

School of Psychology
Postgraduate Diploma Special Care Dentistry

The Postgraduate Diploma course provides training in clinical special care dentistry to enable dentists to deliver primary care both safely and independently to this patient group. In addition, it aims to deliver a comprehensive education in the theoretical principles of special care dentistry and develop an ability to critically analyze professional literature. The course leads to the award of Postgraduate Diploma in Special Care Dentistry (P.Grad.Dip. in Special Care Dentistry).

School of Dental Science
Postgraduate Diploma Clinical Dentistry

This course is designed to fill the need, identified by the Dental Council, for a continuing education programme forthe Dental Profession. The course aims to combine a 'hands-on' approach with theory.

School of Dental Science
Postgraduate Diploma Professional Diploma in Architecture

The Professional Diploma in Architecture course from University College Dublin is the final professional examination for architectural graduates, leading to entry to the Register for Architects in Ireland and recognition in 27 European Union States under the Qualifications Directive.

Postgraduate Diploma Physical Planning

This Postgraduate Diploma course is designed to enable those who have some role in the planning and designing of the physical infrastructure, particularly those working for county councils and local authorities, to acquire a sound basic knowledge of planning and understanding of the role of all professional bodies involved in planning the physical infrastructure.

School of Engineering
Postgraduate Diploma Finance

This programme will be offered on a full-time basis (mid-September to end May). It is designed for honours (2H2 or higher) graduates of disciplines other than Finance. It is a conversion programme and no previous knowledge of finance is required or assumed.

Postgraduate Admissions
Postgraduate Diploma Philosophy (Higher Diploma)

The Diploma and the Higher Diploma in Philosophy are part-time postgraduate programmes in Philosophy and provide students who already possess a third level qualification with a qualification in Philosophy. The courses are open to any student who satisfies the entry requirements: a third-level qualification in any subject or combination. For the Diploma the programme of study will extend over one year and its modules are drawn from the first and second year of the BA Philosophy programme.

Faculty of Arts, Celtic Studies and Philosophy
Postgraduate Diploma Applied Building Repair and Conservation

The M.Sc. in Applied Social Research is a taught Masters programme which can be completed on a one year, full-time or two year, part-time basis. It is designed for graduates in the social sciences who want to develop their research skills and gain employment in the area of research.

School of Engineering
Postgraduate Diploma Old Irish

The ‘Postgraduate Diploma in Old Irish’ and the ‘MPhil in Early Irish’ have been running now for over ten years in the Department of Irish and Celtic Languages, Trinity College, Dublin, and have proved very successful.

School of Languages, Literatures and Cultural Studies
Postgraduate Diploma Medicine (M.Sc./P.Grad.Dip)

This Masters in Medicine course is offered to medical graduates in training who wish to develop their research skills, broaden their research interests, and develop advanced knowledge in selected areas of clinical and scientific practice. The course syllabus and curriculum have been developed following consultation with medical trainees in Ireland in order to ensure that the course fulfills their needs in terms of higher medical training at national and international level.

School of Medicine
Postgraduate Diploma Cognitive Psychotherapy (P.Grad.Dip)

Cognitive therapy is a collaborative, structured approach to helping individuals with psychological difficulties. It views key beliefs and assumptions which an individual holds as being pivotal to maintaining their distress and rendering them vulnerable to recurring difficulties.

School of Medicine
Postgraduate Diploma Business

The Higher Diploma in Business is designed for graduates with a non-business primary degree who wish to gain a comprehensive understanding of business. The Business programme at American College Dublin is designed to provide students with skills and competencies in doing business across a wide range of disciplines

Postgraduate Diploma Computing

The objective of the Graduate Diploma programme is to provide participants with the skills necessary for the analysis, design, testing, implementation and maintenance of computer based information systems in a commercial or industrial environment. Since its inception in 1979 it has been highly successful in achieving this aim.

Faculty of Science and Engineering