University of Lleida

The main aim of the University of Lleida is the education of its students. We provide high standards of teaching with quality services throughout the university community that reach society beyond the campus gates. Students make up most of the UdL community, and our objective is to ensure that they enjoy the teaching and learning processes involved.



The University of Lleida has its roots in the Estudi General de Lleida, which was created in 1300 by virtue of a charter granted to the city of Lleida by King Jaume II of Aragon. He based his decision on a papal bull issued in Rome on 1st April 1297, by Pope Boniface VIII.


At present, UdL degrees and certificates are divided into cycles. The short-cycle degrees, which last three years, are awarded a diploma or technical engineering certificate; and the long-cycle degrees consist of two cycles (first and second cycles) and conclude with the granting of a university degree or a degree in advanced engineering.

The University of Lleida is also currently implementing new degrees and certificates that are comply with the guidelines of the European Space for Higher Education.


The 26 departments that make up the UdL form a basic structure able to bring together the human capital needed for research. This structure is complemented by the UdL-IRTA Foundation, the IRBLleida Foundation and the Agri-food Science and Technology Park, which were jointly set up by the University of Lleida and a number of Catalan public institutions.

The University also has a research support network designed to enable research groups to work together in providing scientific technical services. Amongst the most outstanding are the electron microscopy and nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry services.

Master's Programmes

Education & Training (6)
Agriculture & Forestry (3)
Humanities (3)
Medicine & Health (3)
Business & Management (2)
Environmental Studies & Earth Sciences (2)
Social Sciences (2)
Applied Sciences & Professions (1)
Engineering & Technology (1)
Law (1)


Student services

We offer a wide range of services in order to help students in their academic life and extra-curricula activities. This guide will provide a summary of the services available to them.

Our Cultural Services organise cultural activities, and students who enjoy sport can become members of the clubs run through the Sports Service, which provides free access to competition sports and recreational activities. Our International Relations Office (ORI) and Academic Mobility Programme can facilitate transfers to other universities, not only in Catalonia and Spain, but also throughout Europe and America.

Housing services

There are several housing possibilities for students in Lleida:

  • La Vila de Lleida, University Apartments.
  • Campus University Apartments
  • Private residences in Lleida
  • Sharing a flat with other students

Library services

The UdL has libraries on each of its campuses, which offer lending services, inter-library document loans, reprography services, distance resources through the use of the virtual library and study rooms. The UdL is an enthusiastic promoter of new technological innovations; all students are provided with a personal e-mail address and are able to access our virtual campus.

ICT services

They can access these facilities through our computer rooms and via the Wi-Fi technology available throughout our campuses, with free access for all members of the university community.

Student Life

Campus life

The UdL’s four campuses are made up of schools and faculties, which teach one or more subject areas.

In the guide, students will also find information about the university halls of residence on the Cappont Campus, the university bars and dining rooms, and the photocopying services to help make their stay at the UdL easier. The Student Council (Consell de l’Estudiantat) runs the University Accommodation Service (Servei d’Allotjament Universitari), as well as the Tutoring Exchange (Borsa de Repassos) and the Exam Service (Servei d’Exàmens), both of which focus on examination and study services.