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The University of Lleida has its roots in the Estudi General de Lleida, which was created in 1300 by virtue of a charter granted to the city of Lleida by King Jaume II of Aragon. He based his decision on a papal bull issued in Rome on 1st April 1297, by Pope Boniface VIII. 


The UdL of the 21st Century is an entrepreneurial university that promotes a comprehensive educational model. It caters for the requirements of different educational contexts through its involvement in the development of initiatives to ensure all students have the basic skills, the ability to think for themselves and the tools needed to deal with life as citizens in an ever-changing social arena.

The University is working along these lines by using innovative methodologies and a course structure that is coherent with the parameters of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA).


The 26 departments that make up the UdL form a basic structure able to bring together the human capital needed for research. This structure is complemented by the UdL-IRTA Foundation, the IRBLleida Foundation and the Agri-food Science and Technology Park, which were jointly set up by the University of Lleida and a number of Catalan public institutions. The University also has a research support network designed to enable research groups to work together in providing scientific technical services. Amongst the most outstanding are the electron microscopy and nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometry services.

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Student services

The Student Support Service was set up to help students who need learning-related, psychological or emotional support. Counselling is offered in person or via e-mail.

Housing services

There are several housing possibilities for students in Lleida:

  • La Vila de Lleida, University Apartments.
  • Campus University Apartments
  • Private residences in Lleida
  • Sharing a flat with other students

Library services

The UdL has libraries on each of its campuses, which offer lending services, inter-library document loans, reprography services, distance resources through the use of the virtual library and study rooms. The UdL is an enthusiastic promoter of new technological innovations; all students are provided with a personal e-mail address and are able to access our virtual campus.

ICT services

The UdL has rooms furnished with computer equipment in each university school. They are available for use by students who do not have computers of their own or Internet connections at home, or who need to write a paper or search for information on the Internet.

Student Life

Campus life

The University of Lleida has a number of campuses scattered across the city. Each campus has been designed to create a pleasant academic atmosphere that is conducive to study, research and debate.

Lleida is located 155 kilometres west of Barcelona, the capital of Catalonia. Catalonia, one of Spain’s 17 autonomous regions, is a modern, diverse region with its own identity, characterised by a rich history, culture, language and traditions. The city has a continental climate, with cold, dry winters and very hot summers. Temperatures usually range from below 0°C in the winter to over 35°C in the summer.

Student clubs

The Student Council is the highest body of representation for UdL students. It is intended as a meeting place to debate, discuss and suggest proposals and agreements for improvement. In addition, the Council also provides a number of services, such as the University Accommodation Service, the Tutoring Exchange Service, the Exam Service, the Binding Service, the carpooling service known as Vaig i Vinc, etc. The Student Council is not associated with any political group, and students from all backgrounds are involved in it who share a single objective: to ensure that the students have a say and contribute to improving the university system.

Student Reviews

en general, está bien. El título sería 8/10. libro
Beñat Zumeta Aizpuru rated 4 out of 5 stars

en general, la ciudad está bien y tiene buen ambiente, buenas personas, por lo que la experiencia ha resultado bastante satisfacotria.

Study at UdL
Anonymous rated 4 out of 5 stars

UdL is a great university although it's not located in a big city, it has plenty of services and things to do. One of the positive things is that there aren't so many people in classes so teachers can focus on you.

Attitude goes first
Anonymous rated 4 out of 5 stars

I still have a year and a half left, but I didn't regret having decided to do the degree even having had doubts at first. I tought it wasn't something for me, but my mind has changed since that, and getting into it year after year has given me the ambition to keep wanting grow up until I get my dreamed job, my own bussines.

Lleida, Catalonia, Spain


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