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ISIT a higher education institution granting government-accredited master’s degrees.Graduates pursue a wide range of careers in a variety of fields all over the world: in the marketing, communications, human resources, sales and purchasing departments of international companies ; as translators, conference interpreters and lawyer-linguists for international organizations (the European Commission).



1957: ISIT is founded, the same year as the Treaty of Rome is signed, with a mission to train professionals capable of bridging cultural divides in a new international context.

1981: ISIT joins the Conférence Internationale des Instituts Universitaires de Traducteurs et d’Interprètes (CIUTI), which brings together the world’s most prestigious translation and interpreting programs.


ISIT, Institute of Intercultural Management and Communication, member of “Conférence des Grandes Ecoles”, trains future international company managers as well as translators and interpreters for major international organizations. Within the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, our students acquire intercultural skills and comprehensive knowledge in three or four languages.

They become high-level professionals with remarkable language proficiency thanks to the Master's degrees we offer in 6 different specializations:

  • Intercultural Management
  • Intercultural Communication and Translation
  • Intercultural Digital Strategy
  • Internationale Strategies and Diplomacy
  • Lawyer-linguist
  • Conference Interpreting,


ISIT draws on its global scientific and academic network to develop knowledge and innovation in intercultural theory and practice through its esteemed research center.

The ISITLab is a place for experimentation. Through ISITLab, research projects spanning multilingual studies as well as intercultural theory and practice are allowed to flourish. What’s more, ISITLab’s innovative practices meet the needs of society and business. ISITLab brings together a unique group of exceptional researchers. These researchers are also professionals with the ability to apply their skills to a variety of settings. Research, pedagogy and professionalism work together at ISITLab.  


After five years of training, ISIT graduates are prepared to start working right away, able to apply their multilingual and intercultural skills in a diverse array of professional settings.

Graduates find work in many sectors: large companies, small and medium-sized businesses, startups, international organizations and NGOs.Graduates pursue a wide range of careers in a variety of fields all over the world:

  • in the marketing, communications, human resources, sales and purchasing departments of international companies;
  • as translators, conference interpreters and lawyer-linguists for international organizations including the European Commission, UNESCO, the UN, and the European Court of Justice.

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Housing services

ISIT students benefit from a free, secured and exclusive access to a student housing platform: Immojeune It is a social and collaborative platform to find more easily all the student housing offers around the school, but also anywhere in France and in the world. Residences providing accommodation to students are located close to ISIT’s new site (23/25 avenue Jeanne d’Arc 94110 Arcueil).

Library services

The ISIT library provides its readers with resources whose themes are closely linked to the teaching and research areas of the school.

It houses multilingual collections in translation, linguistics, intercultural management and communication, law and international relations. 

Student Life

Campus life

ISIT Campus in Arcueil:

  • A place to work and study: classrooms equipped with interactive whiteboards, lecture halls with visioconference and interpreting booths, rooms for study groups, ISITLab (the innovation laboratory equipped with the latest interactive technologies), a 300m² Media Center.
  • A place to network: 200m² to study and to relax in the cafeteria, one floor dedicated to students’ unions, daily animations.
  • A place integrated into its environment: an ecologically responsible building, partnerships with local associations for accomodations, sports and culture.

Student clubs

Students at ISIT have access to a rich variety of organizations, among them:

  • Bureau des Etudiants (students’ association) for recreational activities and getting into the ISIT spirit, 
  • Solidar’ISIT the humanitarian club attracts a group of enthusiastic and creative students. Its goal: to introduce students to humanitarian work in a spirit of friendliness and curiosity.
  • Junior ISIT for developing professional skills: a member of the French National Confederation of Junior Enterprises (CNJE), offers primarily translation and communication services in addition to expertise in intercultural marketing and management.
  • AlumnISIT to stay in touch with classmates and join the alumni network.

Student Reviews

My advice – don't bother
Anonymous rated 1 out of 5 stars

Many classes lack a professor, or the professor changed their mind last minute and they have to find a replacement even though the year has already started. The price for this school doesn't reflect the quality of the teaching, the subjects of the classes only touch the surface of things and never go deep or offer real skills. I had to pay 18,000€ for two years of...

Paris, Île-de-France, France

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