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Henan University is located in Kaifeng, a famous historic city which used to be the capital of China during seven different dynasties. Imperial examinations were held in this place 100 years ago; the last two imperial examinations held here in 1903 and 1904 marked the end of the thousand-year-long imperial examination system. At the beginning of the 20th century, under the influence of Western culture and the impact of the Revolution of 1911, Lin Boxiang and a group of people with lofty ideals came to Kaifeng and founded the Preparatory School for Further Study in Europe and America, then one of the three major schools to prepare students for overseas study.

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For nearly 100 years since its founding, Henan University, adhering to its motto of “(to illustrate illustrious virtue; to renovate the people; and to rest in the highest excellence)”, has gradually fostered the school ethos of “Unity, Industry, Discipline and Modesty”. Generations of scholars have passed the spiritual torch down and demonstrated their willingness to accept new ideas and to step into the world, their belief in truth and ceaseless pursuit of perfection, their perseverance, determination, generosity and tolerance as well as an inclination towards a simple but fulfilling life. They are called on to accomplish themselves by contributing to the development of society, the progress of science and technology, economic development and education expansion. Many famous scholars and academicians, such as Fan Wenlan, Feng Youlan, Dong Zuobin, Feng Jinglan, Luo Zhanglong, Guo Shaoyu, Luo Tingguang, Xiao Yishan, Fan Yingchuan, Mao Lirui, Jiang Liangfu, Ji Wenfu, Ren Fangqiu and Dang Hongxin, to name a few, have taught at Henan University. Since its founding, Henan University has educated nearly 400,000 graduates for the country. Among them, there are 72 academicians and members of the Social Science Academy and nearly 150 leaders at and above provincial and ministerial level. Many graduates such as Hou Jingru, Yuan Baohua, Wang Guoquan, Zhao Yimin, Yin Da, Deng Tuo, Bai Shouyi, Yang Tingbao, Gao Jiyu, Yao Xueyin, Zhou Erfu, Wu Qiang, Ma Ke, Zhao Jiuzhang, Liang Guanglie, to name a few, are well-known experts, scholars or social activists.

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