Master's Degrees in Data Science & Big Data in Finland

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Studying Data Science & Big Data

Data science and big data deals with collecting great amounts of data and extracting relevant knowledge and information from it. Generally used in research activities, data science is a mix of statistics, computer science and attainments of data analysis and visualisation. Graduates usually engage in jobs like data mining specialist, technical support specialist or business analyst.

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Studying in Finland

Finland is situated in northern Europe and neighbours Sweden, Norway and Russia. For an international student Finland is both an exotic and a safe target country. Finnish society is credible: a networked and transparent open civic society, where education is always a top first priority.

10 Data Science & Big Data Master's degrees in Finland

M.Sc. Information Technology

The Information Technology degree programme equips you with the knowledge and skills required to succeed as a high-tech expert in Finland or abroad. Take the first step towards success and join us at TUT! This Master’s degree Programme in Information Technology from Tampere University of Technology will qualify you for rewarding careers in a wide array of industries.

Faculty of Computing and Electrical Engineering
M.Sc. Data Science

In the Data Science master’s programme at University of Helsinki, you will gain a solid understanding of the methods used in data science. You will learn not only to apply data science: you will acquire insight into how and why methods work so you will be able to construct solutions to new challenges in data science.

M.Sc. Computational Big Data Analytics

Make big sense out of big data: Analysis of data is crucial for breakthroughs in science, business and society. This MSc Programme in Computational Big Data Analytics offered by University of Tampere educates top-level experts in computational and statistical data analysis, who possess knowledge and skills for the aforementioned tasks and understand the overall processes of data analysis. 

M.Sc. Master's Degree Programme in Governance of Digitalization

Effective and efficient management of digital transformation is critical for the success of enterprises and organisations in the contemporary society. In this master's programme you learn how digitalization enables new ways to create knowledge, to create value to the customer, new ways to configure organizational processes, and new ways to organize industry level co-operation between organizations.

Faculty of Social Sciences, Business and Economics
M.Sc. Master's Degree Programme in Information Technology

The program gives the necessary knowledge and experience needed in different types of careers within the software industry (e.g. supercomputing, e-health, IT security, formal methods, embedded systems and software engineering), in the biotechnology industry (e.g. bioinformatics, computer modeling), in the data analysis industry (e.g. machine learning, customer segmentation, data-driven business).

Faculty of Science and Engineering
M.Sc. Data Science (DSC)

The Data Science (DSC) programme offered by EIT Digital Master School offers a unique two-year academic programme, whereby students study data science, innovation and entrepreneurship at two different leading European universities.

M.Sc. ICT Innovation (EIT Digital Master School) - Data Science

The EIT Digital Master School offers a two year education in which you can choose two universities in two different European countries, building a curriculum of technical courses combined with innovation and entrepreneurship studies. The ICT Innovation (EIT Digital Master School) - Data Science programme is offered at the Aalto University.