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Data Science & Big Data is, in short, the field that empowers that shadowy power that controls everything in your office and home. "Yes, come to the Data Science & Big Data side!", whispers the mysterious dark hooded IT guy. Ok, it isn’t that dramatic. Data Science & Big Data is one of the subfields of Computer Science & IT. What makes it stand out is its focus on Mathematics and Algorithmic Methods, in order to effectively solve data issues.

In simpler terms, the Data Science & Big Data graduate is the one who converts models, methods, tools and techniques, and data into information that can be understood by us, the average folk.

Data Science & Big Data students, following either Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees, can find careers in Engineering, Business or Applied Mathematics, as well as job titles like:

• Statistician
• Quantitative Analyst
• Decision Support
• Engineering Analyst

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Suggested Masters in Data Science & Big Data

M.Sc. Quantity Surveying

Capable professionals with skills in commercial management and quantity surveying are always in high demand in the construction industry. With these valuable skills, you'll play an essential role in managing costs for construction projects in the UK and overseas. The Master Degree in Quantity Surveying is offered by GCU London.

United Kingdom
M.Sc. Machine Learning and Data Analysis

Machine Learning and Data Analysis Master’s programme offered by ITMO is designed to train data scientists. It allows students to learn how to use the latest tools and analytical methods to analyze a real-world data. It is a great opportunity to study best practices for collection, storage, and data retrieval, machine learning algorithms, data mining techniques, data visualization and modeling.

M.Sc. Big Data Technologies

Big data techniques are revolutionising how organisations and industries acquire and analyse data, offering valuable insights into how people live, work, play, travel, shop and exercise. The Big Data Technologies programme is offered by the Glasgow Caledonian University.  

United Kingdom