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Geographical Information Systems (GIS)


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Geographical information systems, or GIS, focuses on improving existing technologies as well as developing new ones in order to collect, analyse, distribute, interpret, transform and visualise data about the surface of the earth and its geography. A good knowledge of informatics is required in order to succeed in programmes in geographical information systems. Specialised computer software is used to display detailed data about the earth's surface. Geographical information systems degrees gather elements from other disciplines like geography, computer sciences, earth sciences, physics and sustainable development.

Geographical information systems programmes offer knowledge on spatial analysis of geographical information systems, advanced Python scripting, cartographic design and visualisation, web mapping, space imagery and processing.

Masters in geographical information systems will enable students to use geospatial technology and to develop solutions related to spatial planning. Degrees in geographical information systems will equip students with mathematical skills required in conducting spatial analysis and evaluating data. Future geographical information specialists will learn how to gather and organise scientific information and will be able to make conclusive researches based on elements related to cartography, topology and geology.

Graduates have many possible opportunities in areas such as: agriculture, archaeology, conservation, demography, economics, emergency management, natural resource management, urban planning, or ecology. They pursue jobs like: geographical information systems specialist, civil engineer, urban planner, geologist and environmental scientist.

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Suggested Masters in Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

M.Sc. Surveying and Mapping

Are you interested in satellite positioning and laser scanning? The master's programme in Surveying, Planning and Land Management with specialisation in Surveying and Mapping at Aalborg University is targeted at science and engineering students who want to work with methods and technologies used for positioning and/or mapping of objects on or near the surface of the earth.

M.Sc. Geoinformatics

The Master of Science (M.Sc.) in Geoinformatics at Aalborg University, Copenhagen is directed at students with a Bachelor’s degree in surveying, land management, urban planning, environmental planning, geography or study programs with similar contents interested in understanding the concepts and obtaining the necessary skills to manage various kinds of digital geographic information.

M.Sc. Human Geography - Conflicts, Territories and Identities

The Human Geography - Conflicts, Territories and Identities programme is offered at the Radboud University. Understanding the interplay between (inter)national conflicts and the identities and borders in the minds of people. More particularly, we will zoom in on the wider global geopolitics related to conflicts, the sources and backgrounds of conflicts, the development on the ground and bordering.