14 Top Ranked Universities in Netherlands

Top Universities in Netherlands

With some of the oldest universities in the world, and one of the first countries in continental Europe to introduce English-taught courses, the Netherlands has started to get a lot of attention for its highly ranked, prestigious medical schools, engineering schools, law schools, and business schools. And a lot of attention for their easy-going laws, but that's another subject altogether.

Several institutions and universities all over the Netherlands have high rankings and a global reputation for scientific discovery and research. Just think of Leiden University, Utrecht University, Wageningen University and Research, Erasmus University Rotterdam, and Eindhoven University of Technology - just some of the many schools and institutions in the Netherlands that are popular and highly ranked among the best universities in the world.

Top Ranked Universities on MastersPortal

Universities Times Higher Education Ranking (2018) Shanghai Jiao Tong University Ranking (2017) QS Rankings (2018) Best Global Universities Rankings (2018)
59 101 58 55
63 151 54 164
64 101 124 88
67 88 109 79
68 47 109 57
72 73 147 73
83 59 113 94
103 201 200 167
122 101 204 101
122 101 204 101
141 301 104 290
165 101 218 85
179 301 179 319
195 - 357 491
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Ranking Explained

World University Rankings created by Times Higher Education takes into account the reputation of research done by universities and how often papers produced by universities were quoted around the world.

Academic Ranking of World Universities offered by Shanghai Jiao Tong University focuses on the number of award-winning scientists, most cited researchers from the listed universities, and their contribution to the scientific community.

QS Rankings created by TopUniversities.com surveys a large number of academic experts about the reputation of universities and also measures the quality of teaching.

Best Global Universities Rankings created by USNews.com analyses university graduation rates and how many students remain enrolled in their second year of studies. It also surveys university representatives on the performance of universities.


The Netherlands (also known as Holland) was the first non-English-speaking country to offer degrees in English. Therefore, various programmes are taught in English and are very internationally oriented.