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Special education is directed towards students with special needs or with disabilities such as: communication challenges, learning challenges, physical disabilities, emotional or mental disorders, behavioural disorders or intellectual giftedness. Special education differs from the regular type of education through the format and the delivery of the knowledge that are both designed in such a way that suits the particular needs of the student that is involved in the process.

Students of special education learn about specific instructional strategies and about alternative teaching methods that suit the category of students that the education addresses. They will develop skills like: creativity – as they will have to apply creative ideas in learning activities, good interpersonal skills, the ability to identify emotions and physical and psychological needs in order to adapt or change teaching strategy. Special education students are desirable to have native qualities, such as: patience, intuition, understanding, flexibility and adaptability.

The typical career paths for graduates of special education degree are: special education teacher, special education counsellor, social/child care worker, teacher assistant, instructional coordinator, occupational therapist.

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Suggested Masters in Special Education

M.A. Drama and Creative Writing in Education

Learn to create fictional worlds and use everyday situations to tell stories through the mediums of drama and creative writing in order to inspire young people, spark their imaginations and aid their social and emotional development through this Drama and Creative Writing in Education course at Leeds Beckett University.

United Kingdom
Master Higher Education Administration and Leadership

Higher Education Administration and Leadership Master’s Program at the Bahcesehir University is designed for those who intend to pursue a career in administrative roles in higher education institutions. 

Postgraduate Certificate Special Education Needs Co-Ordination

This Special Education Needs Co-Ordination course taught at Leeds Beckett University is highly relevant to inclusion and special educational needs leaders and managers who wish to improve the quality of inclusion and special educational needs and disability provision in their setting, whether they are working in the UK or abroad.

United Kingdom