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A famous quote says the purpose of Education is to replace an empty mind with an open one. And to teach pupils to be disciplined and make them write “I will not talk in class” 100 times, neatly, on lined paper. Mainly, education is a process of learning and acquiring information and mostly, about instilling children’s and adults’ thirst for knowledge.

Education is a broad field of study that covers teaching, training and tutoring techniques dedicated to future professionals that plan to help pupils or students develop intellectual and practical skills. A Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Education focuses on informal learning planning and managing classroom assessment and teaching. Become an expert on how to teach science and literature according to the age of pupils.

Education includes a variety of sub-disciplines, including:

• Special education
• Educational research
• Adult education
• Coaching
• Pedagogy
• Teaching

Students who graduate with degrees in Education enter into the following careers:

• Teachers
• Trainers
• Tutors
• School administrators
• School counsellors
• Education specialists

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Suggested Masters in Education

M.Sc. Health Education and Promotion - Self-Designed

In our 100% Online MS in Health Education and Promotion program, you can explore the latest health behavior theories, trends, and practices and gain the skills to design health communications; plan, implement, and evaluate prevention programs; or serve as an educator on public health issues.

United States
M.A. MA Education specializing in Jewish Education

The Blended MA in Education specializing in Jewish Education at the Melton Centre for Jewish Education at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has been designed for educators in both formal and informal frameworks who are interested in Jewish Education-related Social Sciences, Educational Philosophy, and Jewish and Israel Education. The blended program is 1 year online & 6 weeks on-campus in Israel.

M.Phil. Education, Childhood and Youth Studies

We  offer excellent postgraduate research supervision, as well as taught Master’s degrees including a significant research component. Our researchers of this Education, Childhood and Youth Studies at University of Portsmouth can provide you with high-quality research supervision in areas such as teaching and learning processes, mental health and wellbeing in childhood and education.

United Kingdom
M.A. Education

The online MA Education (Master of Arts in Education) at The University of Exeter is an innovative programme designed to equip you with the skills to succeed in a wide variety of educational contexts. It offers a rich curriculum examining theory, research, policy and practice in the field of education globally, and provides a unique student experience.

United Kingdom