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If the enthralling atmosphere of Hollywood, Bollywood (and all other “ollywoods”) is something you always dreamed of, then Film, Photography & Media is the right subdiscipline for you. As a branch of Arts, Design & Architecture, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree students in Film, Photography & Media are taught about Commercial Photography, Photojournalism, Film Interpretation, the History of Media, and more.

This degree is for people who were always eager to produce a major project from the shadows, and who wished for all the fame without the constant headache of fangirls and paparazzi.

Prospective careers awaiting graduates are found in: • Directing
• Freelance-Photography
• Camera Operating
• Film/Video Editing

Also, besides developing an eye for the beautiful, students will also learn how to understand the ways that society and culture influence media. So you could consider this subdiscipline to be perfect combination of brains and beauty out there.

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M.Sc. Creative Technologies

If you’re interested in computer animation, computer games, film and television, or music technology, then our MSc Creative Technologies degree course at University of Portsmouth is a great way to take your existing skills and knowledge to postgraduate level.

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M.A. Cinematography

The MA Cinematography course at MetFilm School builds essential and practical skills to prepare you for a role as Cinematographer/Director of Photography (DOP).

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M.Phil. Film, Media and Communication

In Film, Media and Performing Arts at University of Portsmouth ,our doctoral students (including opera directors and novelists) have specialised in practice-based research studies which have been innovative in their fields.

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M.A. Film and Television Production

MA Film and Television Production at MetFilm School is a one-year postgraduate course for the post-Netflix generation of producers, screenwriters, directors, camera people, editors and preditors.

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