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The Master of Science (M.Sc.) refers to a postgraduate academic master's degree and is nowadays awarded by most European universities as well as universities world-wide. In combination with a 3-year or 4-year bachelor programme Master programmes replace old five-year programmes such as the German Diplom or the Dutch doctorandus.

The study duration of a Master's programme differs. There are 1-year as well as 2-year Master programmes offered. According to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) on average 30 credits each semester have to be achieved.

A one-year programme has therefore typically 60 ECTS, a two-year programme 120 ECTS accordingly. In order to receive a Master of Science, the completion of a scientific thesis as part of the Master studies is required in most of the cases. The Master of Science (M. Sc.) is mainly awarded to students of universities in the areas of natural sciences, humanities (i.e. social sciences), business sciences, engineering sciences, mathematics and informatics.

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Canada has one of the strongest economies in the world, and Canadians enjoy a high standard of living, as well as an internationally renowned university system.

718 Master of Science Master's degrees in Canada

M.Sc. Computing and Data Analytics

The Master of Science in Computing and Data Analytics at Saint Mary’s is a 16-month professional graduate program designed to teach in-demand skills to meet the complex challenges associated with Big Data. The program combines two essential aspects of computing and data analytics:Software design, development, customization, and management; Data analytics and business intelligence: the acquisition, storage, management, and analysis of huge amounts of data to improve decision making, solve real world problems, and drive innovation.

M.Sc. Statistics

The Department has been offering Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy degrees since 1969 in both Mathematics and Statistics.

M.Sc. Biological and Chemical Sciences

The Master of Science (MSc) in Biological and Chemical Sciences provides an interdisciplinary approach to biological research that allows you to explore the answers to complex questions from a perspective that bridges the traditional sub-disciplines of biology, across diverse taxa, over time scales ranging from short (physiological) to long (evolutionary).

M.Sc. Environmental Studies

The Master of Environmental Studies (MES) is a two-year program offered by the Waterloo-Laurier Graduate Program in Geography. You can benefit from the breadth and depth of the expertise of our faculty and your fellow graduate students in this rich intellectual environment.

M.Sc. Mathematics

The Master of Science (MSc) in Mathematics is a unique blend of pure and applied mathematics, offering practical experience in applications to science, finance and mathematical modelling for new technologies.

M.Sc. Computer Science

For fully qualified students, the M.Sc. Computer Science program provides three routes for completing the degree requirements: thesis, project or course. Students must choose one of these routes when they apply for admission to the program.

M.Sc. Biology

We offer both Master's and Doctoral degrees in the areas of ecology and evolution, cell and molecular biology, as well as organismal physiology and biochemistry. The Biology programme is offered at University of Regina.

M.Sc. Biology

The Biology Department offers qualified students the opportunity to work toward either a Master of Science (MSc) or a Doctoral degree, which at UNB is traditionally called a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) rather than a Doctor of Science degree.

UNB Fredericton
M.Sc. Nursing

In the Advanced Clinical Nursing field students will explore the human experience of health, well-being, illness and healing within the context of individuals, families, groups and communities.

M.Sc. Educational Research

The Master of Science in Educational Research creates scholars capable of advancing their field of study, and requires intensive study through which students will move from general to specialized expertise in a focused area of science-related research.

M.Sc. Mathematics and Statistics

Brock University offers a unique Master of Science program aiming at providing students with an intensive advanced education in areas of Mathematics and Statistics in preparation for further graduate studies or the job market.

M.Sc. Microbiology and Immunology

The programs refine critical and scholarly skills in fields and areas of specialization and prepare students for a variety of careers in teaching and research both within and outside of academia, including in a governmental, clinical, or industrial setting. 

M.Sc. Mathematics and Statistics (Thesis)

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers programs that can be focused on applied mathematics, pure mathematics, and statistics leading to master’s degrees (M.A. or M.Sc.), with program options in Bioinformatics and in Computational Science and Engineering (CSE).

Faculty of Science
M.Sc. Occupational Health

The master of science (MSc) program in occupational health aims to provide students with the knowledge and skills needed to investigate and assess occupational health, to manage an occupational health service and to provide occupational health services.

School of Public Health
M.Sc. Geography

Geography has been taught at Memorial since 1946 and was raised to the status of full department in 1960. Our mission statement is to foster a spirit of inquiry about the geography of the world around us through our teaching and research, and to provide our students with the analytical tools needed to explore the questions that arise and the skills with which to communicate their findings.

M.Sc. Statistics

Our department's Master’s program encompasses three fields: Statistical Theory, Actuarial Science and Financial Modelling. Students in the Statistical Theory field will study probability, inference, statistical computing and data analysis in depth.

M.Sc. Ecological Restoration

Many ecosystem goods, services, and natural habitats have been severely impacted due to the cumulative impacts of previous and ongoing anthropogenic influences, including for example: urban sprawl, industrial expansion, invasive species, and contamination of soils and water resources. 

M.Sc. Materials Science

Materials Science is an exciting, multi-disciplinary field that investigates matter and materials across a broad range of scales, interactions, and applications. From nanotechnology to biomaterials, Materials Scientists develop new materials and techniques, and improve existing ones.

M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Science

The College of Pharmacy offers a research-intensive Master of Science degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences. This program could be an excellent choice for you if you are a graduate with a Bachelor of Sciences Honours degree or Health Profession degree including Pharmacy.  

Graduate Studies
M.Sc. Biomedical Engineering

This program is offered through the Ottawa-Carleton Institute for Biomedical Engineering (OCIBME), a multi-disciplinary joint institute with the University of Ottawa. The main objective is to enhance students’ abilities to solve problems medicine and biology through the application of engineering principles using a combination of graduate coursework, directed and individual study, thesis research work and various forms of oral and written presentations.

M.Sc. Mechanical Engineering

The graduate program in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Manitoba is well recognized amongst Mechanical Engineering Departments across and outside Canada.

M.Sc. Audiology and Speech Sciences

The MSc program offers graduates an entry-level degree to practice as an Audiologist or a Speech-Language Pathologist. At the School of Audiology and Speech Sciences, problem-solving is highly valued as an acquirable skill. The School’s thorough, theoretical approach guides graduate program coursework. This focus equips students to keep pace with the constant changes in science, practice and tech

M.Sc. Health Sciences

The Department of Health Sciences offers an on-campus thesis-based Master of Health Sciences (MHSc) program that is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skill to undertake a supervised research study in a relevant area of concern within the broad definition of health.

M.Sc. Engineering: Environmental

The MSc in Environmental Engineering provides a common curriculum to train graduates from Engineering and related Natural Sciences in providing effective solutions to environmental challenges faced by industries and communities.

M.Sc. Family Medicine (Thesis) - Bioethics

The department has developed unique and rigorous research programs for M.Sc. and Ph.D. students that advance academic excellence in family medicine and primary health care through patient-oriented, community-based research with innovative methodologies and participatory approaches.

Faculty of Medicine
M.Sc. Chemistry

Become an expert in your field, and find molecular solutions to big-picture questions. Chemistry graduate students collaborate with world-class researchers, work in highly sophisticated labs, and build the skills needed to pursue stimulating work in both research and industry.

M.Sc. Health Sciences Education

An inter-professional program designed for health professionals (i.e., physicians, nurses, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, midwives, physician assistants, etc.) and others who wish to develop mastery skills as health professions educators, scholars, and researchers.

M.Sc. Applied Health Sciences

In our program you will receive a unique educational experience which combines mentorship by a faculty supervisor and extensive small group work with fellow students and faculty from each of the five academic departments represented in the program: Community Health Sciences, Nursing, Physical Education and Kinesiology

M.Sc. Health Sciences

The master of science (MSc) program prepares graduates for research careers in one of the signature areas that either have been developed or are currently under development within the faculty including: global health; environmental and occupational health; toxicology; maternal and child health; epidemiology and biostatistics; health promotion and disease prevention;

M.Sc. Biochemistry and Medical Genetics

The department’s fundamental mission is to provide scholarship in teaching, innovative research, and best practices in patient care. This mission includes advancing the frontiers of knowledge in biomolecular research, dedication to research underpinning the prevention and treatment of genetic and other diseases, and disseminating our knowledge, discoveries, and inventions.

M.Sc. Psychology

There are 30 faculty in the Department of Psychology and approximately 87 graduate students. The department has a strong research base in the areas of Animal Behaviour , Systems and Behavioural Neuroscience, Cognition/Perception, Developmental Psychology and Evolution and Social Behaviour. 

M.Sc. Physics and Astronomy

The Department of Physics and Astronomy offers opportunities for graduate study in several experimental and theoretical fields of contemporary interest. A Master’s degree in physics normally consists of both coursework and a thesis.

M.Sc. Health - Science, Technology and Policy

Distinctive features of our MSc program in Health Science, Technology and Policy (HSTP) include an emphasis on skill acquisition, using problem-based approaches to understand health issues and sectors, and participation in collaborative interdisciplinary research projects. 

M.Sc. Biology

The Biology Department at Dalhousie University offers MSc and PhD degree programs in a broad range of specialties.

Graduate Studies
M.Sc. Rehabilitation Science

The MSc in Rehabilitation Science (MSc) program is designed for graduate students who ultimately want careers as independent scientists in health-related disciplines. It can also serves as a stepping stone on the pathway to advanced research training for students planning to pursue a PhD in Rehabilitation Science or related fields.

School of Graduate Studies
M.Sc. Computer Science

Virtually every discipline - practical, theoretical, or creative - experiences the influence of computers today. The ever-increasing dependence on computer technology in our daily lives presents rich opportunities for those interested in the design of new applications and systems.

M.Sc. Sustainability Management

The Master of Science in Sustainability Management (MScSM) program provides the training for our graduates to act outside the traditional disciplinary black boxes; integrate knowledge from management, social, and natural sciences to address sustainability issues; and make leading contributions and lasting advances in sustainability management.

School of Graduate Studies
M.Sc. Clinician Scientist

The academic objective of the program is to provide students interested in the profession of orthoptics/ophthalmic medical technology with a strong foundation in the vision sciences and in research techniques.

Graduate Studies
M.Sc. Computer Science

Develop your skills and experience in research and development in computing. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your employment options or advance towards a PhD program, Acadia's Master in Computer Science will help you achieve your goals.

M.Sc. Biostatistics

Biostatistics is the study of statistical techniques applied to medical, biological and agricultural data. Applications arise in areas such as public health, clinical medicine, veterinary medicine, health services, and occupational/environmental health.

M.Sc. Mathematics

Mathematicians use theoretical and computational methods to solve a wide range of problems from the most abstract to the very applied. UBC's mathematics graduate students work in many branches of pure and applied mathematics.

M.Sc. Applied Geomatics

Learn to manage information about the world around us, and how to use this information to solve real-world problems. Become a society and industry leader in mapping, planning, analysis, understanding and stewardship of the natural environment.

M.Sc. Finance

The Master of Science in Finance (MSc) is a research-based Master’s degree program. The MSc in Finance equips students with a solid understanding of financial theory and research methodology. Graduates are prepared to build successful careers in research or analysis in the financial sector or in government.

M.Sc. Chemistry

The Department provides facilities for students intending to work towards their Master's and/or Doctoral degrees in Chemistry. Faculty members specialize in Organic/Bio-organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Physical/Theoretical Chemistry.

M.Sc. Food Science

Food Science is the study of scientific and technological principles applied to the processing, preservation, packaging, distribution, handling, storage and evaluation of food products. It is an applied science, drawing heavily upon the principles of chemistry, engineering and microbiology.

M.Sc. Occupational Therapy

The Master of Science in Occupational Therapy (MScOT) degree program prepares students in advanced academic and professional knowledge and applied research skills for leadership in occupational therapy practice.

School of Graduate Studies
M.Sc. Environmental Practice

This Master of Science in Environmental Practice degree at Royal Roads University is one of a suite of programs offered through the Canadian Centre for Environmental Education (CCEE) which is a result of a partnership between Royal Roads University and the Environmental Careers Organization of Canada (ECO Canada).

Environment & Sustainability
M.Sc. Bioresource Engineering (Thesis) - Environment

Bioresource Engineering is an interdisciplinary program that integrates engineering, design and the biological sciences. It is a unique profession that applies engineering principles to the enhancement and sustainability of the world’s natural resources.

Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences
M.Sc. Chemistry - Science, Society and Policy

Established in 1981, the Ottawa-Carleton Chemistry Institute (OCCI) combines the research strengths of the University of Ottawa and Carleton University. The institute offers graduate programs leading to the master’s (MSc) and doctoral (PhD) degrees in Chemistry.

M.Sc. Genetic Counselling

The Master of Science program in Genetic Counselling is a full-time degree program that prepares students with the academic and clinical skills to provide genetic counselling.

School of Graduate Studies
M.Sc. Cellular and Molecular Medicine

The programs prepare candidates for a variety of careers in teaching and research both within and outside of academia. During training, the student will develop a critical approach to published work and to his own work.

M.Sc. Chemical Biology

Students in this program must follow the academic requirements for graduate students in the Chemistry Department, with a few changes designed to best meet the needs of students in this interdisciplinary program.

Faculty of Science
M.Sc. Pharmacology

The goal of the graduate program is to form scientists who have knowledge in pharmacology as well as fundamental understanding of biochemistry, physiology and molecular biology. 

Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry
M.Sc. Animal Science

The Animal Science Department offers graduate programs leading to the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in behaviour, animal breeding, nutrition or microbiology, biochemistry and environmental sciences. Research programs serve the animal industries by applying basic sciences to current problems in the industry. 

M.Sc. Geography

University of Guelph, Graduate Programs in Geography emphasize human-environment geography, environmental geoscience, and geomatics, with considerable strength in areas of environmental management and governance, biophysical systems and processes, and socioeconomic spaces and change.

M.Sc. Chemistry

We are an enthusiastic department with an international reputation and world-class research facilities. In addition to being one of Canada’s leading research-intensive universities, our graduate program is the largest east of Montreal.

Graduate Studies
M.Sc. Food Safety and Quality Assurance

The MSc FSQA program provides advanced training in food safety and quality and other aspects of food science and technology. FSQA students acquire knowledge of the fundamentals of food policy development, Canadian and international food law, applied aspects of total-quality management, food safety management systems, risk analysis, and detection and epidemiology of food borne pathogens

M.Sc. Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

This program is set within the framework of current interdisciplinary research conducted within Dalhousie. Students in this program will join a community of researchers in the fields of computational biology and bioinformatics. 

Graduate Studies
M.Sc. Computing and Software

McMaster’s Department of Computing and Software advances the field of computing through education and research. We focus on computing research problems that involve scientific theory, engineering practice, and the interface between the two. We seek to address society’s need for better methods of developing information systems and dependable, safe, secure, high-quality software systems.

M.Sc. Computer Science

Computer Science students engage in one of the most comprehensive programs of study in Canada, conducting research alongside internationally acclaimed faculty in all areas of computer science, as well as new interdisciplinary streams.

School of Graduate Studies
M.Sc. Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science offers a program leading to the Master of Science (MSc) degree. Graduate research undertaken in the department includes topics in computational logic and algebra, data mining, evolutionary computation, artificial intelligence, algorithms, parallelism, and combinatorics.

M.Sc. Chemistry

Program focuses on a wide range of study and research in all of the traditional areas of analytical, biological, inorganic, organic, physical and theoretical chemistry with specialization available in atmospheric chemistry, mass spectrometry, gas phase ion chemistry, materials science and medicinal chemistry.

M.Sc. Physics

The Physics program is offered by the University of Northern British Columbia. Mathematical, Computer, Physical and Molecular Sciences (MCPMS) is one stream of the Master of Science degree in the College of Science and Management. Thesis and project options are available.