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Studying Master of Arts

The Master of Arts (M.A., Magister Artium) is the most common Master's degree besides the Master of Science (M.Sc.) and nowadays awarded by most universities in Europe as well as world-wide. In combination with a 3-year or 4-year bachelor programme Master programmes replace old five-year programmes such as the German Magister and Diplom or the Dutch doctorandus. The study duration of a Master of Arts programme differs. There are 1-year as well as 2-year Master programmes offered.

According to the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) on average 30 credits each semester have to be achieved. A one-year programme has therefore typically 60 ECTS, a two-year programme 120 ECTS accordingly. The Master of Arts is typically awarded in fields such as languages, history, geography, philosophy, fine arts but also social sciences and has thus an overlap with the Master of Science.

In order to receive a Master of Arts, the completion of a dissertation based on independent research is usually required besides the completion of courses.

Studying in Switzerland

Switzerland is a federal Republic in western Europe. It comprises 26 cantons and has four official languages: German (predominant), French, Italian and Romansh. Switzerland is not member of the European Union and has the swiss franc as currency. It is the country with the highest wealth per adult in the world.

86 Master of Arts Master's degrees in Switzerland

M.A. Sociolinguistics

The unique master's program in Sociolinguistics in the German-speaking region offered at the University of Bern is a two-year program devoted to various aspects of the relationship between language and society and their reciprocal influence.

Philosophisch-historische Fakultät
M.A. Social Anthropology

The MASA program at the University of Bern addresses all the varied aspects of social anthropology. The program also focuses on innovative research in both traditional areas, such as kinship, social exchange, religious and ritual practices, ethnicity, material culture and the human-environment relationship, and new fields such as gender studies and the anthropology of climate change.

Philosophisch-historische Fakultät
M.A. English

Confront the complexities of English languages and literatures. Improve your methodological skills. Investigate your research interests. The MA Programme in Languages and Literatures in English offers a wide variety of topics, theoretical approaches and historical perspectives to explore.

Philosophisch-historische Fakultät
M.A. Central Asian Studies

The Central Asian Studies program addresses the languages and cultures of Central Asia. Central Asia encompasses both Islamic and Buddhist regions and cultures in inner Asia.

Philosophisch-historische Fakultät
M.A. Business and Economics: Banking and Finance

The Banking and Finance program comprises the four areas of finance, financial economics, quantitative finance and financial services. Corporate finance covers corporate financial and investment management, including subjects such as optimal capital structure, corporate taxation, company and stock valuation methods and analysis of investment decisions.

M.A. International Law (MIL)

The Master of Arts in International Law at the University of St. Gallen teaches students the necessary notions on legal issues and management, in order to help them find a balance between economic and state laws. The Master's degree prepares students for the realities of regulatory affairs, public and private sectors institutions, diplomatic relations, national and international organisations.

Law School
M.A. International and European Security

The Master of Advanced Studies in International and European Security responds to the changing needs of policy-practitioner participants and its inception and gestation itself reflects a transforming security landscape - benefiting from the exceptional academic resources of the University of Geneva and the internationally recognised training expertise of the Geneva Centre for Security Policy. 

M.A. Anthropology of Transnationalism and the State

The Master program in Anthropology of Transnationalism and the State (ATS) addresses topics that have become increasingly important in view of the ongoing process of globalization and increasing international interdependencies and interconnections. ATS focuses on a group of related issues that are brought together to create a complex field of study: The state, migration, law and politics.

Philosophisch-historische Fakultät
M.A. Translation and Specialised Multilingual Communication

This programme will help you develop your analytical, linguistic, intercultural and group work skills, providing you with the tools to successfully carry out projects in specialised multilingual communication.  Combines translation with skills in various different fields: a) corporate communication (multilingual finance and marketing); b) multimedia communication (web, localisation and audiovisual translation); and c) language mangement (Language Policy and Planning and diversity management).

M.A. Quantitative Economics and Finance (MiQE/F)

The Master's Programme in Quantitative Economics and Finance (MiQE/F) prepares students for ambitious careers where a solid understanding of the theoretical foundations of economics and finance, and a rigorous competence in quantitative methods are required. This combination provides graduates with a competitive advantage on the job market and direct access to highly selective Ph.D. programmes.

School of Economics and Political Science
M.A. Conservation-Restoration

The Master’s degree programme in Conservation-Restoration trains conservators and restorers who can understand art and cultural artefacts in their material, expressive and historical complexity and record them methodically, evaluate findings scientifically, and engage with them in a preventive or remedial way.

M.A. Politics: Comparative and Swiss Politics

This Master program is unique in Switzerland, with a focus on the comparative analysis of political and social developments in Switzerland. Along with an outstanding advisor system, the program also provides for a very inspiring atmosphere with internationally renowned and respected political scientists and Researchers.

Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaftliche Fakultät
M.A. Banking and Finance (MBF)

With a challenging curriculum, the Banking and Finance (MBF) programme at the University of St.Gallen (HSG) is one of the leading international finance programmes. The MBF is the ideal Master's programme for successfully starting your career in both the financial industry and in academia.

School of Finance
M.A. Standardization, Social Regulation and Sustainable Development

The goal of the Master in "Standardization, Social Regulation and Sustainable Development" is to combine in a single curriculum three thematic pillars: standardization, sustainable development and social regulation. This is achieved through a partnership between the University of Geneva and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

School of Social Sciences
M.A. Political Science

The Master's Degree Political Science major offers students a systematic examination of the topical questions and debated issues of political science and strengthens their analytical and methodological capacities.

M.A. English Linguistics

The Master's Degree major in English Linguistics expands knowledge gained at the Bachelor's level.The Master's major course provides students with a deep and engrossing academic education, and with the skills to conduct independent scholarly work.

M.A. Business and Economics: Economics

Economics deals with the complex interactions between the markets and investigates ways to apply this knowledge to corporate life, policy and research. The Master of Arts in Economics and Business Administration is the right choice for students who have a strong interest in the field economics, possess academic curiosity and enjoy exact analysis.

M.A. Public Opinion and Survey Methodology

Public opinion polls and surveys on social, political and consumer behaviour have grown in importance in recent years. In parallel, methods of data collection as well as techniques and tools for analysis and interpretation of this data have been developed and become more complex.

M.A. International Business

The BSL Master in International Business (MIB) takes you beyond the academic discovery of business. It enables you to discover your own way of making a difference, while forging an exciting path of professional development.

Business Education
M.A. Anthropology and Sociology

The Department of Anthropology and Sociology of Development (ANSO) offers cutting edge research and teaching in both disciplines on contemporary actors, institutions, processes and dynamics of transnationalization and localization. Critical of totalising views of globalisation and development, ANSO bridges the conventional North-South divide, and the worlds of academia and policy.

Anthropology and Sociology of Development
M.A. Eastern European Studies

Students in the program learn about the specific political and social problems in East European societies, which are still in the midst of a transformation. Students acquire knowledge and skills in the following areas: Ethnic minority issues, the management of ethnic diversity, questions of political and social transformation, democratization processes and institutional transformation.

Philosophisch-historische Fakultät
M.A. Management

This Master's programme in management finalises the foundations acquired during the Bachelor and looks at three specialised areas in depth.

Wirtschafts- und sozialwissenschaftliche Fakultät / Faculté des sciences économiques et sociales
M.A. European Global Studies

As a student of the European Global Studies master's program, you are dealing with European societies in their complex relationships with each other and their interrelationships with societies, especially in Asia and Africa.

Europainstitut - Institute for European Global Studies
M.A. Theater

The Master’s degree programme, with its Expanded Theater specialisation, is internationally unique. It is orientated towards the performing arts and gives students the opportunity to realise their own artistic projects in an international market.

M.A. English Literature

The Master's Degree major in English Literature expands knowledge gained at the Bachelor's level. The Master's major course provides students with a deep and engrossing academic education, and with the skills to conduct independent scholarly work.

M.A. Hotel Business Management

HTMi, by it's Hotel Business Management course provides high-quality education, training and work internships to all students.

M.A. Business and Law

The Master of Arts in Business and Law degree program is offered jointly by the Faculty of Law (RW) and the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences (WISO). It is a mono program earning 90 ECTS credits. Consequently, no subsidiaries (minors) are permitted.

Wirtschafts- und Sozialwissenschaftliche Fakultät
M.A. International Affairs and Governance (MIA)

The M.A. in International Affairs and Governance at the University of St. Gallen analyses international events from an interdisciplinary perspective in economic, political and legal contexts. The Master's programme includes courses like foreign policy strategies, criminal law, public policies in the Middle East, lectures taught by international experts as well as internship opportunities.

School of Economics and Political Science
M.A. Public Management and Policy

Studies in public administration and professional activity in this field both require knowledge in a wide variety of disciplines, such as, for example, Law, Political Sciences, Economics, Management and Sociology. This degree program offers interdisciplinary training with lectures and seminars and case studies focusing on methodology and subject area.

Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät
M.A. Chinese Studies

The Master's major degree program in Chinese Studies provides scientific training, specialist immersion and specialization, advanced Chinese language skills and the capacity for independent scientific work.

M.A. New American Studies

The Master of Arts allows students to acquire the knowledge and techniques required for a better grasp of contemporary realities, giving meaning to the intellectual wealth created by mankind over the centuries.

Faculty of Arts
M.A. Artistic Research

The Master in Artistic Research is an intensive three-semester degree (90 credits) aimed at performing artists and teachers within the performing arts as well as students from other artistic and scientific disciplines with a strong interest in the arts. It introduces students to a range of current methodologies and approaches in research in and on the arts.

M.A. Information Management

The Master of Arts in Information Management gives candidates with a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems or related domains the opportunity to advance their knowledge and skills in the application of information and communication technologies in the economy and society.

Wirtschafts- und sozialwissenschaftliche Fakultät / Faculté des sciences économiques et sociales
M.A. Biology - Chemical Ecology

Chemical signalling is the most ancient form of communication among living organisms. This multidisciplinary area explores how organisms, from bacteria to primates, use chemical substances to interact with each other and with their environment. 

M.A. General Linguistics

The goal of General Linguistics is to be able to explain human language communication in all of its complexity and the variety and variability of its structures, with particular consideration given to universal and regional developments. Since the variety of human forms of speech has decreased greatly as a result of globalization, 

M.A. English

The Master of Arts allows students to acquire the knowledge and techniques required for a better grasp of contemporary realities, giving meaning to the intellectual wealth created by mankind over the centuries.

Faculty of Arts
M.A. Political, Legal, and Economic Philosophy

Citizens of modern societies are faced with a vast variety of questions concerning the relationship between politics, economics, morality and law. The Master program in Political, Legal, and Economic Philosophy (PLEP) of the philosophical department at the University of Bern aims to provide a context in which students from different countries can address these questions systematically.

Philosophisch-historische Fakultät
M.A. Specialised Translation

The Master of Arts in Specialised Translation provides in-depth training in professional methods and approaches to translation. It covers a variety of specialised fields, including law and economics ("Legal and Institutional Translation" and "Economic and Financial Translation" concentrations). 

M.A. Architecture

The uniquely strong profile of the Joint Master of Arts in Architecture results from the proximity to the internationally known Wood division of Berne University of Applied Sciences and the distinctive research competencies in the field of urban development as well as the international recognition and accreditation that the course enjoys.

M.A. Computational Linguistics

This Master's Degree major in Computational Linguistics provides students with the skills to engage in independent academic work related to significant theories of the field, to identify practical and relevant problems in the area of the automatic processes and forms of linguistic information.

M.A. Public Management and Policy

The increasing complexity of the tasks carried out by the State and the manner in which it performs them require us to look at public service and the modernisation of public administrations in a new way. 

Social and Political Sciences
M.A. Film

The Lucerne School of Art and Design provides training for experts in animation and moving image productions. The foundation of the School’s practice-oriented training in film is image and storytelling proficiency in film.

M.A. Translation and Technologies

The aim of this branch is to train skilled translators who are specialised in translation technology and multilingual engineering, with a focus on translation software, terminology, localisation and project management.

M.A. World Literature

The World Literature degree program is about critically examining conventional definitions of "world literature" and redrawing the boundaries in view of the conditions prevailing in a globalized and media-driven world.

Philosophisch-historische Fakultät
M.A. Conference Interpreting

The Master in Conference Interpreting provides training in simultaneous and consecutive interpreting. This specialised programme also covers everything that budding interpreters need to know about parliamentary procedure, international organisations and interpretation theory. On-site learning is combined with online learning thanks to our state-of-the-art training portal. 

M.A. Economics (MEcon)

In the Master's Programme in Economics you acquire a broad knowledge of theories and methods that are useful for understanding the big social and economic challenges of our times and specifically train your ability to analyse economic problems and policy strategies.

School of Economics and Political Science