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The University of Lucerne is a young one. Although its roots reach back as far as 1600, it has only been one of Switzerland's twelve universities since 2000. 

Master's Programmes

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The University of Lucerne traces its historical roots to a theological school from the denominational age. It has therefore grown against the same historical background as the universities of Geneva, Lausanne, Bern and Zurich.


There are many good reasons as to why you might choose to study at the University of Lucerne: aside from the attractive range of study programmes on offer, the youngest university in Switzerland distinguishes itself by offering a more personal atmosphere for students, whilst also prioritising its international networks.


We are dedicated to scientific research and teaching, the promotion of young talent and academic training, and we provide services to the public. We strive for outstanding research and teaching, that is scientifically sound, solution-oriented, interdisciplinary and innovative. We specifically support our students by providing education and skills for today and tomorrow's world of work.


The Office of Equal Opportunity offers a variety of promotion mechanisms for doctoral and postdoctoral scholars.

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Student services

The Student Administration team manages processes related to the application, the enrollment and the final de-registration. Whilst the Admission Office verifies educational qualifcations and states the admissions. Additionally, the Student Administration Office is responsible for the disposition of rooms and administers various statistics of the University.

Housing services

Are you looking for a room, flatshare or apartment? The association for students's accomodation Lucerne (StuWo Luzern) ensures that there are a sufficient number of accommodation options in Lucerne which meet the needs of students.

From September 2012, the Student Mentor Foundation Lucerne is offering 280 accommodation units in one-bedroom studios and two to five bedroom apartments within a new-build housing development in the city of Lucerne. These rooms are available from CHF 480.-- per month.

Library services

  • Library stock for Studying, Teaching and Research at the University Lucerne
  • Library stock for the Teacher Education Lucerne (PH)
  • Open-Access Library with over 670 Learn- and Working Places
  • The large academic library for students, lecturers and interested members of the public in the Uni/PH Building.

ICT services

  • CampusCard
  • Printing, Photocopying and Scanning
  • StudMAIL (E-Mail System)
  • eduroam
  • Interner access to ZHB e-menu and Swisslex
  • External access to ZHB e-menu and Swisslex

Medical services

Health insurance is taken out on an individual basis. Adults must take the necessary steps by contacting a health insurance company of their choice. Each insured person pays an individual premium that is not dependent upon income. This premium varies depending upon the insurance provider, the place of residence and the form of insurance cover.

Student Life

Sports facilities

The University Sports Campus Lucerne (HSCL) offers a varied sports program on behalf of the Lucerne Universities (UniLU, HSLU, PH Luzern), in which you can learn and practice numerous sports. At HSCL, you can experience sport with friends, have fun and achieve your sporting goals. To enrich your studies and work, we enrich your everyday life.

  • Aikido
  • Archery
  • Basketball
  • Curling
  • Hockey
  • Soccer
  • Golf
  • Handball
  • Karate
  • Kickboxing
  • Parkour
  • Quidditch
  • Rugby
  • Salsa
  • Snowboarding
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball
  • Yoga
  • Zumba

Student clubs

  • Lucerne Students' Organisation
  • Students' Bodies
  • Associations
  • Various Organisations

Student Reviews

Anonymous rated 5 out of 5 stars

I think I?ve learnt more here in three months and a half than in three years of career in Spain. The quality of the education and the University is spectacular in my view. We have learnt many interesting things related with education, languages, pedagogy or psychology. I?m so glad of all the things we have done at class. Since I started my university in Girona I hadn?t...