Best Veterinary Schools in the World - University Rankings 2022 -

Best Veterinary Schools in the World - University Rankings 2022

If you love animals and enjoy looking after them, then becoming a veterinarian (vet) and taking care of them will probably be the most fulfilling and meaningful career path you can choose.

It all starts with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Veterinary Medicine. But if you want to study abroad, which are the best veterinary schools? Let’s discover together by taking a look at the latest global university rankings.

World University Rankings 2022 - Veterinary Science

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QS Rankings 2021: Veterinary Science

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Shanghai Rankings 2021: Veterinary Science

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Student reviews of the best veterinary schools in the world

If one university already looks like a great option, you can try and learn more by reading a few student reviews.

It’s a quick and easy way to get insights on the academic and social environment, and what you can expect from courses, professors, and life in that city. You’ll find student reviews on many university pages on our portals.

Student reviews of universities on Studyportals' websites

University of California, Davis

“Amazing experience overall. The professors are amazing and genuinely care about their students. I feel supported and know where to seek help if I need it. I feel completely at home and feel like I made the right decision about where to go to college. I couldn’t ask for a better school.”

Utrecht University

“My study experience is working excellent until now. The program is much more satisfying and radical than I was ever expected. I have gained so much knowledge, and I have broadened my critical thinking. All this experience is very intense, but in a positive way, and I am really glad that I had this opportunity. For these reasons, I am willing to go further with my education as this program made a great contribution to my knowledge and life as well.”

University of Guelph

“If you study at Guelph, it will become your new home. Take the time to know your Profs. in your department - especially in Sociology if you study it. All the profs. at Guelph truly want you to succeed. Take advantage of all the campus organizations there to make you feel welcomed and involved. Amazing bursary and scholarship opportunities. If you can, the study abroad opportunities are phenomenal - I participated in one myself. I love Guelph and miss it every day.”

Ghent University

“I completely loved my experience at Ghent University. The programme itself was at a high standard academically, and I felt I got a lot of support from the lecturers. They challenged me a lot. All my flatmates were lovely and all Erasmus or international students, so this gave it a very friendly and open vibe with everyone chatting away.

The city itself is gorgeous and very culturally active, with lots of museums, concerts and art events. The ESN of Ghent were amazing and had lots of events every week, so you couldn’t help but meet new people. I would highly recommend coming here. I don’t want to leave!”

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