How to Convert U.K. Grades For Master's Degrees In Other Countries

When you finish a Bachelor's degree in the U.K., you graduate it with Honours or without. But what does that Honour mean for your future Master's degree

Well, depending on the country you wish to study in afterwards, your grade will either be converted by your new university, or you will have to convert it by yourself.

Because we are so nice and helpful, we managed to create a quick and comprehensive conversion guide between Honours and Master's degrees grades in France, Spain, Netherlands, the U.S., and Canada.

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Converting British Classifications Into French Marks

France’s grades range from 0 to 20, with 20 being the highest. They are structured in the following categories:

  • 16 – 20: very good 
  • 14 – 15.9: good 
  • 12 – 13.9: satisfactory 
  • 10 – 11.9: correct 
  • 0 – 9.9: fail 

Study abroad French universities will ask you to submit your documents and then they will convert them. Some of the French universities that will convert your grades are:

Now, I see London, I see France, let’s compare grades at a first glance!

No, I will not apologise for that.

Grading systems in France.png

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Converting British Classifications Into Spanish Marks

Spain and Great Britain, when they’re not bickering over Scotland’s independence, have an easy conversion process. Spain has the usual 1 – 10 grading system, so transforming Honour classes into Spanish equivalencies is straight-forward.

Grading systems in Spain.png

When you are applying to a Master’s degree in Spain, you have to submit all your documents in Spanish, but your grades can be submitted without conversion. Some of the universities we recommend for our readers are:

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Converting British Classifications Into Dutch Marks

The Netherlands has the same grading system as Spain, with 10 marks in ascending order, 10 being the best. Besides having one of the best-named wars in our collective history (the Glorious Revolution), Netherlands and England have two different conversions for the ranks.

Grading systems in the Netherlands.png

It depends on the organisations what system they use, but, when submitting an application to a Dutch university, you won’t have to worry, because they will convert it for you. Some of the universities that automatically transform your grades are:

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Converting British Classifications Into American Marks

The U.S. grading system is letter-based, ordered from A to F, A being the best and F meaning you failed. They also keep track of all the “+”’s and “-”’s, as to make everything for the rest of the world as complicated as possible.

When taking into consideration American grades, you can’t forget the GPA, the score calculated by dividing the total grade points by the total credit hours. Yeah…

Just know that the highest GPA is 4.0, meaning straight A’s, while straight B’s is 3.0 and straight C’s is 2.0.

Grading systems in the U.S..png

Still, some universities managed to find a way of converting ranks into letters and numbers. The universities that will convert your grade are:

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Converting British Classifications Into Canadian Marks

Canada has the same grading system as the U.S., but, sometimes, there may be a difference in expectations, seeing how the equivalencies differ from the US GPA by up to 0.1 points.

Grading systems in Canada.png

Some of the Canadian universities you could apply to are:

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