Motivation Letter Example: Student Applying to a Master's in Food Safety

No matter what degree subject you plan to study during your Master’s abroad, you should be prepared to write a persuasive motivation letter that can convince the university officials that you are a correct fit for the institution and degree programme. 

Although not always a requirement for all graduate degree programmes, motivation letters are generally included in the application process so it’s important to know how to write a motivation letter for your Master’s degree and to be aware of as many useful tips as possible.

Make sure you include the right information and create a personal, sincere personal statement, that presents your ambitions, interests and goals.

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Find included below an example motivation letter written by a student from Indonesia applying for a Master in Food Safety at a university in the Netherlands.

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Motivation letter for a Master's in Food Safety

Dear Committee,

Allow me first, to express my deepest gratitude to [university name] for allowing me to take part in the selection process. I am [student name], a fresh graduate from [university name2], Indonesia. Herewith, I would like to request your kind permission as to request a review and further assessment for myself to be considered as a student for a Master’s degree in [university name]. Kindly allow me to briefly elaborate the reasoning of my request.

Since I want to deepen my previous education in Food Process Engineering, the perfect choice for my graduate study is at [university name]. I would like to conduct a Master of Food Safety as my first preference and Master Food Technology as my second preference. I’m interested in studying food production processes as an integrated system and their relation to the legal, economic, risk management and communication aspect of food safety. I consider that I can get valuable knowledge about the determinant factor of sustainable development. And I also believe the course will give me the opportunity to deepen my knowledge about legal and policy aspects.

This Master course offers everything I need to become an expert in food safety. The program is taught through collaboration between academics with world-class expertise in diverse aspects of food safety and gives students an opportunity to learn about a wide range of problems in food safety and their application. Furthermore, the outline of this program provides a balance between technical analysis including microbiology and toxicology, and food policy framework. Also, the master course offers broad specializations, such as applied food safety, food safety law, and supply chain safety.

In my university years, I was active in my program. I was an assistant for food processing engineering and agricultural product quality evaluation and learnt the basics of food processing along with skills to review and measure the properties and quality of food. I learnt further when I did an internship for one of Indonesia’s biggest research institutes, Indonesian Coffee and Cacao Research Institute, working in the product process and quality department. Working with this institution has given me many important insights on the importance of delivering high-quality food. This was very rewarding as it led me to gain a grant for my final research entitled “Process Analysis of Sorghum Crackers Drainage Using Hybrid Type Dryer with Energy Sourced From Solar Light and Biomass”. This research aimed to improve the quality of drainage food product properties and the potential to produce best quality food based on local resources.

I was involved in some experience such as supervisor in the program handling food-insecure areas in Seram Bagian Barat District, Moluccas, East Indonesia by Ministry of Rural, Development of Disadvantaged Areas, and Transmigration and was involved in some voluntary experiences such Green Village Klabanan (voluntary action to make a green environment based on organic farming), as a coordinator. By taking this Master’s course I hope I can deepen my knowledge, improve the quality of my work and continue my contribution for Indonesia.

[University name] is also known as one of the best for its specialisations in food safety, which means that I will be taught by top researchers and experts. Studying in [university name] also offers opportunities for professional networking, and will be my collaboration partner in the future. This will bring me to the greatness of Indonesia food safety development. Pursuing a Master’s degree in [university name] will not only help me to gain better knowledge, but also to open my vision more about developing food safety in a global perspective. I can fit with this program considering my background study, my life experiences, my maturity and my passion.

At the end of my study, I believe that I can contribute to the development of Indonesian food safety activities in academia. I will teach at the Department of Agricultural Engineering at [university name2]. At the same time, I have a dream to be a director of Indonesian Agriculture Consultant focusing on community-based sustainable agriculture and food safety. Finally, becoming a Ministry of Agricultural Affairs in the next 15 years is one of my long-term plans, so I am ready to take this place and get involved with my hard work and best efforts. Hopefully, with suitable courses that fit with my interest and prior education, my study in [university name] would lead me into a brighter future to give a valuable contribution to Indonesia.

Lastly, allow me to express that I do strongly believe that I deserve to be in the list of master degree student from this respectful institution to continue my study in Netherlands. I will be patiently waiting for a positive reply. Please accept my deepest appreciation and gratitude to your further assessment and consideration.

Yours sincerely,

[Candidate name]

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