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10 Top Reasons to Study an MBA Degree in Europe in 2023

Is your plan to mark your way up to the top and become a remarkably effective business leader or entrepreneur? If your answer is 'yes', you probably considered the idea of pursuing an MBA programme and learn the fundamental skills required to become a successful manager.

Over the years, business schools in Europe have built up a strong reputation in terms of excellent training. If you targeted a European country for your future management career, these prestigious institutions are the obvious choice for you.

Thanks to their extensive curricula focusing on global perspectives, MBA degrees in Europe have managed to teach future professionals how to plan, build and maintain a successful business, regardless of where you plan to develop professionally. You could say that a European MBA degree truly connects you to the entire business world.

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What are the benefits of studying an MBA degree at a Business school in Europe?

1. Graduate an MBA degree in just one year

Generally, if you decide to study full-time, an MBA in Europe may last only one year, as opposed to MBA degrees in the U.S. that are normally two years long. At some business schools or depending on the type of your MBA course, the programme could last around 18 months (some of the specialized MBA programmes can last longer than one year).

2. Choose from a wide and diverse range of MBA courses

Europe provides a larger number of MBA courses compared to American business schools, offering students a wide range of programmes to choose from. In addition, MBA programmes are more diverse in terms of content and specialisations and they continually strive to add new topics considering the latest changes in the international job market.

Have a look at some of the most popular MBAs we recommend:

3. Affordable MBA tuition fees

Although tuition fees for MBA degrees slightly increase each year, European business schools are still more affordable compared to American business schools. Tuition fees at business schools all over Europe range from 9,800 to around 35,600 EUR. Executive or international MBA courses can have higher fees. There are also good opportunities for students to finance their business studies in Europe.

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4. Develop an international business mindset

One of the biggest strengths of MBA programmes in Europe, even the ones that are specialised in a certain field, is that they provide a global perspective on business matters and the way you should manage any problem, business operation and ultimately help a company grow.

Whether you want to focus your career in Europe, the U.S., or Asia, the knowledge that you gain at a European MBA degree is bound to give you the proper skills to successfully achieve any goal on a professional level. Basically, a European MBA prepares you for successful business in any international destination.

Throughout Europe, business schools offer various types of MBA programmes, called specialist MBA courses such as:

5. Small number of students in MBA classes

Business schools in Europe usually have around 120 students in one year. Out of the 120 students, they are separated in groups of around 30-35, which could mean a lot, but this number is actually good enough for students to get personalised attention and at the same time, gain sufficient practical business knowledge.

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6. Build an international network

European business schools bring together a large diversity in terms of student nationalities. At a French business school for instance, you can find students that have come from Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, China and even the U.S. Between 10-15% of American students attend an MBA degree at a business school in Europe.

Pursuing an MBA in Europe allows you to study at some of the best Business schools and can only be viewed as a great advantage for future professionals who want to connect with business people from around the world.

You have the opportunity to build an international network that can later on, be transformed into a successful business partnership. In addition, you will also achieve a broader perspective on different cultures and the way they handle business.

7. Uniqueness of European MBA degrees

MBA degrees in France

If you’re interested in becoming an expert in some unique and interesting business fields such as fashion, luxury goods or even fine wines, you can find this opportunity in a European business school. As you can guess, French Business schools are specialised in these fields.

MBA degrees in Switzerland

In Switzerland, you can apply for MBA programmes that are targeted at international government and non-governmental organisations, such as the International Organizations MBA offered by University of Geneva.

MBA degrees in Spain

Business schools in Spain are well known for the innovative teaching style and for constantly launching new MBA programmes. Furthermore, Spanish business schools are known to be one of the few who introduced notions of social entrepreneurship in their programmes. Thus, training future managers not just to focus on gaining profit, but to also help the community.

MBA degrees in the UK

MBA programmes in the UK are mostly popular due to the fact that they follow the same academic excellence as the local universities. Many employers look for graduates from UK business schools and in fact, these schools state the employability rate for their MBA students usually exceeds 90 % in less than one year after completing their course.

Check out the experiences of these students who studied MBA in Europe:

8. The opportunity to learn a foreign language

Except for MBA courses in the UK, following an MBA degree in any other European country is not only a chance to learn more about a new culture, but it is also an opportunity to learn or brush up the skills in another foreign language.

Regardless if it will be French, Spanish, German, or any other language, in the ever-changing globalised business world, additional foreign language skills are definitely a great bonus.

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9. Study at the best business schools in Europe

Now that you know that an MBA in Europe can bring you a number of benefits, maybe you’d also like to check the list of the top 10 best business schools, according to Financial Times. However, treat this list as a simple informational guide and further your search and judge based on your own criteria before deciding for THE best business school for your future.

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10. Multinationals keep hiring MBA graduates from Europe

Generally, MBA programmes are a good guarantee of providing a high employability rate for their graduates. Since European MBAs offer a holistic view and training upon global business matters, they are bound to increase work opportunities not just anywhere in Europe, but in any location on any continent.

An MBA course completed at a business school in Europe can open the door to big international brands like Google, Accenture and KPMG, to name a few. According to data collected by Bloomberg, these companies, along with Deloitte, Ernst & Young, consulting companies like McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group and others hire the highest number of European MBA graduates.

Consulting companies, in particular, find MBA graduates from Oxford Said, IESE and IE as the most interesting. So if you target one of these companies for your future career, an MBA degree at a leading European business school should do the trick.

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